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Is BET Looking To Replace Paigion, Shorty Da Prince & Miss Mykie On "106 & Park"....For Angela Simmons Or Others?

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A one week vacay for co-hosts of a daily show won't raise any eyebrows.  But we're going on several weeks now since "106 & Park hosts Shorty da Prince, Paigion and Miss Mykie have appeared on their show.  And tongues are wagging about BET possibly replacing the three newbies with one or more new co-hosts.  And Angela Simmons is possibly the front runner.


Deets inside...

Last fall, BET introduced new co-hosts Bow Wow, Shorty Da Prince, Miss Mykie & Paigion once Terrence J. and Rocsi said their good-byes.  And less than a year later, things have already taken a mysterious turn.

We always thought it would interesting to see how a 2-co-hosts format could flip into a multi co-host format.  And it seems BET wasn't that pleased with how the new setup is working out.

Our source who works on the set of "106 & Park" tells us that last month when Angela Simmons did her first co-hosting stint, it was BET's idea to bring her back (after she was a recent guest) to test out her co-hosting skills with Bow Wow.  Allegedly, they wanted to see if ratings spiked while Angela, Bow's ex, was on the show.

Things must have gone well, because she returned for the rest of the week.  And has appeared a few times since then.  And in the TV world, when you see a celeb turning up more than once on a talk show to "guest host," it's almost always a situation where they are being tested out for a possible new slot on the show.

And while we've barely seen Shorty, Mykie & P since last month, BET sent out a press release stating that celebs would be taking over as co-hosts with Bow all this week--from Angela to Adrienne Bailon to Draya Michele.  Looks like everybody wants to be a co-host.

We reached out to couple Shawty & Paigion's publicist to see what was going on, and have yet to receive a response.  But their fans have been blowing up their instagrams asking where they are....and if Angela Simmons is taking their spot.  They've also been Retweeting fans who are begging BET to bring them back.

The couple has avoided speaking on the situation, but continue to post cutesy photos of themselves chillin' at home in Jersey and back in P's hometown of Detroit.

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They've also been making appearances at schools and shooting for The Source magazine.

We're not going to use the words "They're fired" just yet.....but things are looking iffy at best...


Photos: Dennis Byron/Paigion's Instagram

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what they should do is do

what they should do is do another search for 106 & park hosts with someone who wants to be famous they kept saying how they want a new one oh six and park hosts but they choose people with money so yeah they need to do a whole fresh out the box hosts with 106 and park i like angela simmons but not bow wo why is he even on the show

I never like them or that

I never like them or that many people. Angela is educated but she is boring to the third degree, if I had to watch her id be asleep! good call on letting them go, use that extra money to invest in some good ideas!

You know something everybody

You know something everybody can say what they want about Terrence and Rocsi but those two hosted that show good ass hell. And Bow wow is the wrong person to host it, he's washed up and ghetto just like Pagion and shorty the prince. People don't like miss Mikey and Angela Simmons because their the only ones who talk like they have some since. They are educated and the ghetto kids who watch the show can't related to there mature level of the way they speak flat out.
lildaddyy's picture

To be honest I think Rocsi

To be honest I think Rocsi and Terrance shoud come back. Bow wow and Paigion were doing to much and Miss Mykie and Shorty The Prince was ok. They could of stayed but not Paigion and Bow wow.
Alexia's picture

They should keep Bow Wow. He

They should keep Bow Wow. He has been a good host for 106 and park. I am sad that the others left the show. If they can't find anyone else to host the show, they should get rid of the show completely. The show is not that too nice anymore.

I like Angela Simmons but she

I like Angela Simmons but she is not entertaining. Its geared towards teens and young adults. Its supposed to be fun and she is a dull talk show host. Bow Wow is a natural and he actually did better with Adrienne. BUT! Keep Shorty and Paigon for sure...she vibed with both guys and Shorty can fill in when Bow Wow is away performing. Ms Mykie was pretty much like Angela.......

That's because Angela is

That's because Angela is educated and you can't related to the way she talks.
lildaddyy's picture

Paigion, you either choose to

Paigion, you either choose to host 106 & Park or your BFF Shorty, and I think that's your dilemma!!!

Anybody talking about cutting

Anybody talking about cutting 106 & Park is jealous and lame! Most MTV music videos show white artists repeatedly!!! Thanks BET for using BET to showcase Black music artists super talents!!!

Keep Bow Wow and Paigion!!!

Keep Bow Wow and Paigion!!!

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xcnxcngmyui6856's picture

106 & Park is a corny show

106 & Park is a corny show now and it's geared towards kids and young adults. I thought the 4 host ppl thing sucked and Bow Wow is just annoying af. Time to re-vamp BET.
myopinioncounts's picture

I have been rooting for BET

I have been rooting for BET to cancel 106 & Park and call it quits since AJ and Free left. However, I accepted Rocsi and Terrance because not only did Rocsi go to my high school and grew up in New Orleans like me, but because Terrance is cute though I found him annoying on the show. As far as these new hosts on the show, it seems like BET is wasting money by polluting too many people on the stage. Not just that but their personalities are wack af. I didn't even know Paigon and Shorty da Prince were a couple. The chemistry was never there and honestly, I thought he'd go for Miss Mykie, tbh. But it's time for them to cut the show altogether. It's a wrap.
dimples876's picture


Beautyfulones's picture

those 106 characters are

those 106 characters are corny! I want Angela back, her and Bow Wow are too cute together and are a great host.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

True enough bow have it live

True enough bow have it live but hes an asshole and for some reason i never was too fund of him even when he was a lil boy so.i rather have shorty back! with his good looks, good personality and humble spirit he the total package now the women...pagion a better host than angela in her damn sleep!!! Angela stand there like a fucking robot trying to pose but really dont have a clue What to do with herself she has no personality at all and shes boring shes a pastors daughter so she just need to stay in her lane go back to the little simmons mansion and find herself and give pagion this chance! Now mikey can stay wherever she is and go to bed some damn where....ctfu!!!! I dont like how she dress and her raggedy ass mohawk...what the hell was that any way...bahawahaha!
born reddy's picture

They should have gotten rid

They should have gotten rid of bow wow instead. He's extra corny everytime somebody comes up there he always brings up how long he's been "rocking" with them. Shorty and Paigion were a great fit especially Paigion she always kept it professional.
ADP's picture

I never understood why they

I never understood why they need 4 ppl to do a 2 person job. Those girls suck. Leave Bow Wow & Shorty Tha Prince.
IslandGyal's picture

That was way too many people

That was way too many people on the set! I think Angela and Bow Wow would do well.
Negrita14's picture

Lol I hated all those wack

Lol I hated all those wack ppl on stage except Bow Wow.. Angela is a great choice their chemistry ROCKS! I like a variety of the diff hosts like Adrienne and Draya ratings will go up no other shows like this are around reminds me of 106 & TRL old days! ***In Fired News they are a cute couple Shawty p
Dgabbaba_'s picture

That's so fucked UP! BET did

That's so fucked UP! BET did that whole publicity stunt like they were looking for new people, they already had the people they wanted chosen and THEN to just let them go like that. That is why BET is a FUCKING TRASHY ASS NETWORK NOW! Still in the fuckin 90's. Its time for new leadership @ BET. Time for a shake up. Can we get someone under 40 running this thing. #irkd2themax
SkeeWee's picture

This is off of the subject

This is off of the subject but......where is Vanessa Simmons? I haven't seen any pics of her anywhere. Who's got the 411?
SpeakingMyMind's picture

She has been acting. She's on

She has been acting. She's on this show that comes on GMC (gospel music channel) and it's actually pretty good.
ADP's picture

Who idea was it to have so

Who idea was it to have so many hosts? It works better with one male and one female. Personally, I haven't watched the show since AJ and Free left.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Good luck to them with their

Good luck to them with their careers, but I'd be glad to see them go. Bow Wow is too many levels above them to share a hosting gig with them. By now I'm sure BET knows don't nobody want to see Draya's azz on a regular basis. I hope Angela gets it just because her and Bow have great chemistry and look really hot together.
Bird's picture

Never liked them anyway. I

Never liked them anyway. I actually watch now that Angela is one. Keep her! Noooo to Draya.
PacificGirl's picture

i would hope so because all

i would hope so because all those ppl on the stage is corny. i could never get with ms. mikie even after she cut the poodle off of her head. just too lame.
steezo's picture

Angela would be perfect! I

Angela would be perfect! I think the idea of having all those hosts was weird. The couple concept has worked for all these years, so find another girl and guy and that's it.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

On a very side note, what's

On a very side note, what's with these American Apparel ads lately on the side of the page here? That picture is very dark and Charles Manson-ish. Am I supposed to be looking at the skirt?
GG Boo 4 U's picture

I cannot believe people still

I cannot believe people still watch this show, let it go away now.
sweetpea1989's picture

I didn't know Shawty was

I didn't know Shawty was hitting That! fML!!!!! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

They're young ~ find another

They're young ~ find another hustle ~ because 106 & Park ISN'T it.
GetUrLife's picture

I've enjoyed watching Angela

I've enjoyed watching Angela and I haven't watched in years, but I have tuned in I enjoy Bow wow to!
Ckali Star's picture

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peekaboo's picture

I actually like Angela on the

I actually like Angela on the show. I always thought having 4 co-hosts wouldn't work out well. Keep Bow Wow (the original Mr. 106) and put his ex on there with him. We get a music video show and soap opera at the same da*n time! (Future's voice)
C2C's picture

(on a side note) just heard

(on a side note) just heard the Tamar Braxton song she ripped-off from Biggie...smh........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

And Biggie borrowed it from

And Biggie borrowed it from Mtume who sang it back in '89. "Inspiration" makes the world go round lol. Don't hang me, but I LOVE Tamar's version too. #noshame
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Thanks for droppin' knowledge

Thanks for droppin' knowledge on Jesus.....Didnt P. Diddy Produce that song??? I should have know it was stolen....i mean borrowed!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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