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YBF Chicks Celebrate Kim Kimble's Season 2 Premiere Of "L.A. Hair" -- Brandy, Sanaa Lathan, Kelly Price & More!

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 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarLmmAqJA4yDRl_zps664db192.jpg

The fab chicks of Hollywood took over West Hollywood last night for the "L.A. Hair" season 2 premiere party.  And we've got celeb stylist Kim Kimble's celebrity friends who came out to celebrate inside....

Gorgeous The Best Man Holiday stars Sanaa Lathan and Melissa De Sousa made their way to the  party for the premiere of "L.A. Hair" season 2.  The perfectly coiffed gals were on hand to help celeb stylist Kim Kimble celebrate another year of hair salon highs and woes on the new season of her reality show.

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarg1qgkxBSDX1l_zps7a1c505b.jpg

Can this chick get any more perfect in this Halston Heritage dress?

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStardq4x6423PWXl_zpsdc5457b7.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarf10Z5bKqccIl_zps350a25af.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStars10Yqj7x7EZl_zps0cce25bf.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarsFDr85beSczl_zps68fcc2db.jpg

Speaking of fabulousness, a short haired Brandy rocked cut up jeans and strappy black Louboutin Zoulou platform sandals as she put on a brave face after the recent death of her grandmother.  And singer Kelly Price kept it fab as well.

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarCBb49ArC5dZl_zps14ab284d.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStargheTVxqn1vrl_zpsb2f857ff.jpg

Kelly and Brandy were close to Whitney Houston and were two of the last people to spend time with her in her last days.  So it's no surprise they've become close themselves.

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStare29-7tvjg7Sl_zps0c3c76e3.jpg

 photo wehair1_zps6440b38f.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarXkE2rNr0pxSl_zpsfa082d40.jpg

Jackie Christie slapped on her curly wig for the occasion.

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarKl6jMRK13cjl_zpsce602440.jpg

Actress Joyful Drake made a curly appearance.


 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStargoDunpw5ql2l_zps2045657c.jpg

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarWhJnPtyy5LFl_zps986c6e96.jpg

And it was a "Moesha" reunion as Brandy and former co-star Shar Jackson posed it up at the party with Shar's daughter Cassi.  Cute!

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarW4oguv-nHYsl_zps48ad0638.jpg  

Wonder what she's been up to lately as she cares for her and Kevin Federline's kids.


 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStar_yTBNvDspLll_zps09daf2ba.jpg

Former "LAHH" star and rapper Somaya Reece showed off her extra fab new body.  Loving the hair and her overall vibe these days.  Keep up the great work Somaya!

 photo SingerBrandyNorwoodattendsLAHairStarbg-3WU8yZ-gl_zps3c94ab7e.jpg

And the cast of "L.A. Hair" was all there to celebrate.  Did you watch last night's premiere?


Photo credit: PictureGroup, Courtesy of WE tv/Koi Sojer, Pacific Coast News


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Kim is fabulous! Hate that

Kim is fabulous! Hate that hair color on Melissa. Yikes Shar!
Denise2007's picture

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hairtastichair's picture

Shar Jackson found the weight

Shar Jackson found the weight that Somaya Reece lost...didn't even recognize either of them.
C2C's picture

Sanaa looks fab fab fav!

Sanaa looks fab fab fav! She's stunning. Don't understand how she's never been married or had kids. That's where the fabulous ends. Kelly Price does not look good. Her outfit is horrible. But Shar's is even worse. She couldn't get Kim to do her hair? Ugh. Brady's alien pie face is trying hard as always. First she steals Bey's choreographer and now her hair stylist smh. And Jackie Christie with those tacky ass cheap satin heels. Anyway, I love this show!
Elle's picture

love kelly price-she lost

love kelly price-she lost much weight since the 90s yet still kept her full figure & she looks happy, healthy, & great. i like brandy too

I love Kelly too. She's one

I love Kelly too. She's one of my fave vocalists. But she still has a little more ways to go weight-wise. I don't want her to be a stick figure, but those tree trunks don't equate to "full-figured" in my opinion.
CheyPie's picture

*deep Barry White voice* Mmmm

*deep Barry White voice* Mmmm mmm mm! Sanna Sanna Sanna☺ *my regular voice" Oh, excuse me! I didn't know my lady wood went so deep. LOL
Peace Silas's picture

Jackie n' her curly Mo wig,

Jackie n' her curly Mo wig, poor bike it's leaning extra low lololol!! Smh..*sips wine
Like Really's picture

Brandy looks so happy and

Brandy looks so happy and cute. I'm happy for her... don't know why. She just makes me smile.
brownlace's picture

Sanaa is so perfect but she

Sanaa is so perfect but she can't keep a man. Somaya please go back to black hair! So tired of everyone and that damn Clorox Blonde! Shar, sweetie noooooooooooooooo!
PacificGirl's picture

cuz she trying 2 find the

cuz she trying 2 find the perfect black man...but will need to go White (like Serena, Halle....and on & on......)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Sanaa has Jesus walking

Sanaa has Jesus walking around with a boner......the hair Brandy has below her Belly Button is GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shar Jackson"s big cans............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I don't like Brandy's belly

I don't like Brandy's belly exposed like that. I see her scar and it's just not classy.
star's picture

Aww I thought she looked

Aww I thought she looked great. I could see where some might think it look sloppy or undone but she's casual chic; what wrong with a little mid-drift action? Is it the best, no but it ain't harming nobody. Let 'er out! Anyway, I really lo♥e her hair.
Peace Silas's picture

Actually after looking at

Actually after looking at these pics again, I agree with you regarding Brandy's tummy area. It's not that bad as part of that blazer/jacket. I've seen worse on older chicks like JLo, Lala, others
star's picture

Lol. I was thinking the same

Lol. I was thinking the same thing. In fact, the whole outfit looks tacky.
CheyPie's picture

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