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YBF KIDS: Shannon Brown & Monica ATTEND Little Shannon's Graduation + Aoki Lee Simmons Graduates 5th Grade + Alicia Keys & Egypt IN Amsterdam + Justin Combs' "#DiddyJetDance"

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Graduation season is in full effect with NBA baller Shannon Brown and Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons watching their little ones walk down the aisle.  See pics inside and see Alicia Keys and son Egpyt in Amsterdam and Justin Combs doing the "#DiddyJetDance" inside....

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Phoenix Suns baller Shannon Brown watched his son Shannon Christopher Brown graduate recently.  

  photo 41e43c14cf0811e28d8c22000a1f9ad6_7.jpg

Little Shannon, aka Bam Bam, and Monica, his proud stepmom, tweeted a few pics and offered her congratulations.  "Congratulations to our Little Graduate #ShannonChristopher aka #MyBamBam u did an awesome job today.. Super proud of u... Looking forward to hanging with u... #SummerTimeFunTime".

   photo 0a3d4812cf0f11e2858a22000a1f9711_7.jpg

Monica said Bam claims the baby as "his own" because the baby is expected to arrive on his birthday. She also joked that she had to explain why the baby is in her belly.

"#FunniestThingEver Bam wants to know why did I eat his brother or sister LOL. Had to get creative explaining that one. #KidsSayTheDarndestThings"


In other graduations....

 photo aoki.jpg

Russell Simmons tweeted a pic from Aoki Lee Simmons' 5th grade graduation. With Aoki growing up to be such a stunning young lady, it's only a matter of time before she follows in Kimora's footsteps and becomes a spokesmodel!


And in Amsterdam.....

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdamKEt5OTVnKWCl.jpg

Alicia Keys and her son Egypt was spotted in Amsterdam.

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdampYt5fF3E5CRl.jpg

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdam14NJLtWtTqql.jpg

The "Fire We Make" singer seems very much in her element as she revealed to Marie Claire UK magazine that she loves to travel to other countries.  

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdam8zDz_3Wemhsl.jpg 

Alicia, who's overseas for her "Girl On Fire" tour, was asked to duet with Barbara Streisand last night.  She tweeted, "Woooow!!! #BarbaraStreisand just said she wanted 2 do a Duet w ME @ her show 2night!! u know how much I respect & love her! #kidnacandystore"


And somewhere on a private jet.....

Diddy showed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when he posted a new video of son Justin Combs doing the "#DiddyJetDance". Watch young Combs bust a move above....



Photos via Monica's Instagrams/Russell Simmons' Twitter/PCN

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only blk people graduate from

only blk people graduate from everything else except 12th grade and college. NEXT!
wildlife's picture

That pink Chanel is

That pink Chanel is EVERYTHING
cococaramel's picture

OK, Monica looks great, but

OK, Monica looks great, but much more importantly: I LOOOOOOOOOVE HER HOT PINK CHANEL BAG!!! lol OK, sorry. I just get excited when I see gorge bags, especially pink ones *takes a deep breath*. Aoki looks pretty, looks a bit older than a 5th grader. Justin is super foine Lol I know those lil girls are on it..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I hope she has a girl this

I hope she has a girl this time! Lovely family.
Martine's picture

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xcnxcngmyui6856's picture

Wow Monica! This is your

Wow Monica! This is your season, this is your time! Blessings to you and yours :D In other news, Serena Williams wins the 2013 French Open!
C2C's picture

Monica has really hit full

Monica has really hit full stride. Happy 4 that woman
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Wow, shannon's son is called

Wow, shannon's son is called Christopher Brown. that's so funny. i'm pretty sure Shannon Sr. and CB are related.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Justin is a cutie pie!!!

Justin is a cutie pie!!! Living the good life...I would love to fly on a private jet one day! That's definitely on my bucket list!
diamond2012's picture

Justin is so darn cute.

Justin is so darn cute. Anyways, very good post. Love the pics and vid.
sexe757's picture

Everybody looks great!

Everybody looks great!
cutethatsall56's picture

Cuteness overload!!!

Cuteness overload!!!

I don't know why Monica felt

I don't know why Monica felt the need to tweet to a little boy who not only can't read but doesn't have a twitter account either....but Ok. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lovely grad pics from both

Lovely grad pics from both parties & Mrs Beatz and her son look gorge as usual. Love how Monica just continues to glow.
Realist's picture


star's picture

So glad Egypt doesn't look

So glad Egypt doesn't look like his daddy.. Aoki is cute.. Justin Combs is fine with his pocket-sized self.. #thatisall
divine_brown's picture

Justin actually looks like

Justin actually looks like Diddy in that video.
Resse's picture

Looking good Monica! I think

Looking good Monica! I think every Mom is asked by a kid.....how did the baby get in there? I like this answer. "I prayed and asked God for a baby and He put it in there." Technically, that's true.....just leaving out the practical details. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. (~_~)
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Monica is gorgeous! And I

Monica is gorgeous! And I love me some A. Keys!
Beautyfulones's picture

Monica has a nice

Monica has a nice pregnancy-glow going. All of the kids are adorable. I would love to hear A. Keys & Barbara Streisand do a duet-my mom used to play all her music back in the day.

Monica looks really great!

Monica looks really great!
IslandVibez's picture

Loving Akoi she looks so

Loving Akoi she looks so pretty and her age. congrats sweetie , Congrats Bam, Bam. Praying for a girl Monica.
Cynthia Cole's picture

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