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BESTIE BIRTHDAY: A Midriff Baring Beyonce, Jay-Z & Nas Celebrate Kanye West's Birthday In NYC

 photo floanthony1_zpsbe7c0610.jpg

Kanye's besties didn't let his birthday pass by without a celebration.  So in NYC last night, the homies Jay-Z, Nas and Beyonce hit up Miss Lily's for some Caribbean food and fun.  Pics inside...


The sexy Nasir Jones posted the above pic last night of the "three gods" as he called them--Yeezus, Hov and Gods' Son--partying it up in New York for Mr. West's 36th birthday.

It's rare we see all three of them together at once, but this party must have been pure reminiscent fun.

 photo hellob1_zps11af42ac.jpg

 photo stripesb2_zpsf46ed746.jpg

Beyonce made a Parisian chic appearance in a striped crop top & matching pencil skirt, both from TopShop as she kissed it up with her man.  Chick showed off her hot curves and put pregnancy rumors to rest once and for all with this look.  Her camp also recently told Gayle King on "This Morning" that she was absolutely not pregnant.

Loving these coral pumps and the matching coral lip as well.

   photo stripesb4_zpsbe0b350d.jpg photo stripesb1_zps79d8fd90.jpg


 photo stripesb3_zps11743731.jpg

Her husband Jay was there still reppin' for the Brooklyn Nets, despite having to sell his minority ownership in the team recently to pursue his Roc Nation Sports Agency.

'Ye's girlfriend Kim K. wasn't there, but she posted a collage of images of them together and dedicated it to "the love of her life."  She said, 'Happy Birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!'

Her best friend Jonathan Cheban and sister Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick were indeed at Kanye's party though.  Interesting.


Photos: Splash/Nas' Instagram/Beyonce's Instagram




I think Kanye purposely had

I think Kanye purposely had is bday party in NY because he knew Kim can't fly. Ha! I'm sure he needs a fking break from the Kardashian clan. I see you Kanye! But of course Kim sent Kourtney to make sure he was behaving. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Umph ~ NAS ~ I see you baby ~

Umph ~ NAS ~ I see you baby ~ ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

Yes Miss Lily's has some good

Yes Miss Lily's has some good food and a great summer sangria....Yum
star's picture

(swooning)@NAS sighting!! How

(swooning)@NAS sighting!! How does that man stay so foine??? Oh & Bey looks great as well.
Realist's picture

Nas is sexy as fukkkkk!!!!

Nas is sexy as fukkkkk!!!!
Silentkiller's picture

bey looks great in that

bey looks great in that outfit.
wildlife's picture

It's Beyoncé...don't forget

It's Beyoncé...don't forget the é. That is a very cute outfit on Beyoncé, and that first picture of B & J could be an early 2000s throwback picture. :)
C2C's picture

Love NASIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love NASIR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yas's picture

beyonce is such a beauty

beyonce is such a beauty
litebrite's picture

I do like Bey's outfit,

I do like Bey's outfit, that's cute.
Peace Silas's picture

Interesting..her brother

Interesting..her brother wasnt invited..just her PR friend and Scott the rich Jewish ones were there no one who isnt making an honest living..nd i say honest very loosely!

You know it could be that Kim

You know it could be that Kim decided not to go to Kanye's party b/c she is pregnant, but I highly doubt that. She's too absorbed in herself to think logically. I think she knows she's an outcast around Kanye's friends and they are probably civil to her for the sake of being courteous, but prob make snide remarks behind her back. That's why Kim and Kanye's friends don't mix. You think Beyonce showed up at Kim's baby shower? I think not. She's a laughing stock.
myopinioncounts's picture

I totally agree!

I totally agree!
Shawnta.Nicole's picture

I agree she is the butt of

I agree she is the butt of all jokes! Even if Kim couldn't travel it seems like the father of her child would have had his bday celebration in LA this year to accommodate the mother of his unborn child. But CLEARLY he's just trying to avoid the awkwardness drama between her and his "friends." Leaving your pregnant gf when she's so close to her due date to go party in another state is beyond foolish and selfish if you ask me. Not that I care for the heaux anyways.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Kim isn't there because she

Kim isn't there because she can't fly anymore. How ridiculous are you??

Beyonce looks cute!! as

Beyonce looks cute!! as always!
BritJackson's picture

Beyonce looks so pretty and

Beyonce looks so pretty and RICH!
sexe757's picture

kanye really had a party

kanye really had a party without his boo.
Somerknight's picture

It's ashamed that 3 middle

It's ashamed that 3 middle age rich black men still dress like teenagers....SMDH RICH OR POOR, BLACK MEN REFUSE TO GROW THE PHUCK UP
Somerknight's picture

They're wearing t-shirts and

They're wearing t-shirts and jeans, what do you want them to wear?
Peace Silas's picture

If u don't know I won't

If u don't know I won't explain cause you're obviously 15 or younger.
Somerknight's picture

Beyonce hot...the guys hot!

Beyonce hot...the guys hot! Black star power baby!
cutethatsall56's picture

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cvmcvmvmttri56965's picture

Beyonce could have been put

Beyonce could have been put these rumors to rest had she shown her midriff before, just like she could have shown her bare pregnant belly before her due date. Sh!t like that is why people say she's a media whore that seeks unnecessary attention (her and kim are one in the same, Kim just has a sex tape and sleazier image). I find it extremely odd the Carters couldn't make it to Kanye's baby shower but could make it to his bday and Kim couldn't make it to his bday, but her brother in law and friend could. Something is very fishy about that...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

The Carters going to Kim baby

The Carters going to Kim baby shower... You do realise that Jay & Bey is Kanye friends not Kim Kardashian... she just came around what... like a yr ago! U ppl act like they r super super close or something they r in the same industry they will run into eachother being tht their mates r good friends. Would Kim Kardashian be envited to Beyonces baby shower??? Hell no!!! Lets be real here & not ignorant....
Educateddiva's picture

She doesn't owe the media

She doesn't owe the media anything but an album and a concert. That's nobodies business. She doesn't have time to put out every rumor started. That's for basic people with no life hun.
cutethatsall56's picture

OH PLEASE!! Have you ever

OH PLEASE!! Have you ever heard "there's no such thing as bad press," beyonce knows exactly what she's doing. Whether the rumors are false or accurate she takes great pleasure in the fact that people are talking about her, she's as vain as they come. She doesn't have time to refute every rumor you say? Yet when weeks and months have gone by she finally makes an official statement stating whether the rumor was true or not. If she didn't care and wanted people to mind their business she would never release a statement and would just let people find out the truth on their own. But she doesn't do that, instead she milks the cow for all its worth and then speaks up when it's convenient for her to do so.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

how does she milk the cow? by

how does she milk the cow? by nottt saying nothing? no you idoits like to milk it! makin up all that bs in ya head! save that long ass paragraph who are you or the media to address anything? beyonce could wake up get read the paper and it makes news. have a seat
BritJackson's picture


No FACTS just ATTACKS! It's ok though that's what I expect from her BASIC fans.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

yeah you another "just

yeah you another "just stating my opinion" AKA beyonce ass biting hater. go sit down
BritJackson's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

you're wasting your time. she

you're wasting your time. she could have literally done everything these bitter chics said and they would have cried the opposite. Honestly there never anything positive out of any of these birds. Ever. But they keep coming back for more Bey..
TrueThinker's picture

It's funny you said bird b/c

It's funny you said bird b/c that's your exact profile pic. I'm not on every beyonce post spreading "negativity" like some ppl but I do occasionally state my opinion. You could have ignored what I said like I do when I see comments I don't like on this blog, but instead you chose to comment, because you're obviously PRESSED over someone you don't know. It's funny how us "CHICKS are BITTER (pathetic)," but you STAN for someone you don't know, which is really what's PATHETIC!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

haha..I do have bird up there

haha..I do have bird up there huh? ..actually I was commenting to the person under you, but yeah..don't mind me..I just find it amusing that some people stay ripping on this chic without so much as one good thing to say. Truth be told I don't love everything this woman does. Like she can't act worth a damn...and she's too damn uptight..but you can't knock her hustle or her voice. For that, I do feel inclined to back her up from time to time. And we all stan for someone. Let's be real. I know I love me some Anita Baker. Now I'd cut a bitch for that woman.
TrueThinker's picture

And that right there, is the

And that right there, is the difference between non-objective critics/viewers/commentators and a "hater" (for a lack of better word, but it fits). Beyonce's music is ok to me (I like some, don't care for others, ) and her acting as you mentioned, is bad (cringe worthy at times). Her performances, although entertaining, are not unique or progressive; she tends to stay in her comfort zone (image wise as well). But the reality is, she does have a good voice. It's not unique or spectacular, but it is strong and does have range. The comparisons between her voice and the likes of Mariah, Christina, Whitney is ridiculous. Only a fraction of singers have those types of voices and on top of that many of those women don't have the look (unfortunately) to have a successful music career in our hyper sexualized female music video era (thanks Madonna!). That's just the way it is; all you need in this day and age to be successful in the music industry (especially women) is: 1) Be hot/sexy (makes no difference if it's real or not), 2) Have good/great songs (99% of the worst singers/performers have the best/most popular songs), and 3) And lastly, the X factor (especially if you want to be huge)--Beyonce has all three. The voice is of no significance, if it was (all mariah's), the music industry would not exist. So for that; I don't knock her or any other singer/actor (talented or not) hustle. And I admire her drive and determination; not all of her tactics, but the reality is, that's how the entertainment industry operates. If a singer/actor or what have you, is not there to make money (for themselves and the execs) and become famous (the whole point going in the industry), then they'e in the wrong business.
BlackDiva's picture

Well I respect your honesty

Well I respect your honesty and humility truly I do! I don't mind people disagreeing with me on this blog as long as it's done in a respectable manner and they state facts that refute what I say. And I never said Beyonce isn't talented. She is a great singer and performer, I've never questioned that except when they compare her to MJ or Whitney. No hater could admit to that. But like you I don't agree with everything she does. I strongly question her ethics and morals but hey it's her life! I'm just an outsider looking in and in my opinion she's a shady person. I admire a lot of people too, but I'm not biased when it comes to their bullsh!t. But I do understand how passionate people can get over others they truly admire.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Love these dudes. Truly three

Love these dudes. Truly three hip-hop greats! Bey is lookin like a tall glass of sexy as usual.
TrueThinker's picture

Her abs looks unnatural and

Her abs looks unnatural and you can tell she's uncomfortable with her outfit....trying to be like Rih.... and in the 3rd pic, her lips looks like she had something done.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

her abs look unnatural you

her abs look unnatural you sound fat and ugly get off the KING! tryna look like who? what? you focusing wayy to much on bey you should do the same for ya self. join a gym and stop the hate
BritJackson's picture

lol....I'm nowhere near fat

lol....I'm nowhere near fat or ugly, so try again BritBrit.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

she looks more retarded than

she looks more retarded than usual.....smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Camel will do Felony Prison

Camel will do Felony Prison time as soon as Republican Party investigates him....he is DONE!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

for what? what did he do?

for what? what did he do? *grabs popcorn*

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