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Kanye Rocks The Stage With New YEEZUS Songs At Governors Ball--Has Some Words For The Crowd Again + Juicy J Had Miley Cyrus TWERKING On Stage

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Mr. West closed out the Governors Ball last night at Randall's Island in New York.  And even through the mud and damp weather, Yeezy caused an uproar with a energetic performance...including a few new tracks.  Check it inside, plus Miley Cyrus twerking it out with Juicy J....

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It's Yeezus' world and we're all just living in it.  Just one day after he celebrated his 36th birthday, Kanye West busted out his new songs from his upcoming Yeezus album on stage at the Governors Ball.  And he made it clear to the crowd his music is purely about his art and what he has to say.  He specifically said he doesn't give a damn about selling a million records.

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Mr. West rocked out with his new-age classics like "Stronger" and "Can't Tell Me Nothin".  Then he went into "Flashing Lights," "Clique," and hts from his debut album College Dropout.  And the set was sprinkled with his new songs from Yeezus--"New Slaves," "Black Skinheads," & "I Am a God".


In between though y'all know he had some words for the crowd:

"This is the part of the show where I start complaining about shit, justifying shit," he shouted. "You know how it is."

He went on to talk about why he didn't put out a major radio single for Yeezus because he didn't care about selling a million records:

"When I listen to radio, that ain't what I want to be anymore.  I don't really give a fuck about outside opinions!"

Obvi.  Check out some vids below:




 photo Screen-Shot-2013-06-09-at-23909-PM_zps65455767.png


And also over the weekend, over in L.A., Juicy J had a concert at the House of Blues and Miley Cyrus popped up on stage during "Bandz A Make Her Dance."  All so she could show off her attempt at twerking and the skills she's apparently been practicing.  Loves some Miley.  But homegirl is doing THE MOST these days. Check it: 

E for effort.


Photos: Team Kanye Daily's Twitter, @waldoe's twitter


The Randomness:

1. Ex-"Basketball Wives" co-star Eric Williams has a warrant out for his arrest.  STORY

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So JayZ is calling himself

So JayZ is calling himself Hova which is a play on Jehovah and Kanye is calling himself Yeesus which is a play on Jesus--im coo on these 2. Like fo real. Aint got to neva worry about me supportin this mess. Heaven help any beleiver who is.
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tom022's picture

Funny how he's says that now

Funny how he's says that now after he's made a fortune from selling millions of records. Anyone can release garbage after banking the paper he has. He really thinks his fans are stupid. GTFOH fake ass!
PacificGirl's picture

kanye is such a fucking liar.

kanye is such a fucking liar. the moment he stops caring about selling a million records is the moment he will be without a multimillion dollar record deal.
wildlife's picture

Miley's twerking is

Miley's twerking is reminiscent of Vivica Fox's dropping like it's hot during that award show-not a good look.
BlackDiva's picture

Oh plz.. Miley twerkin like

Oh plz.. Miley twerkin like she got scoliosis..aint nothing popping but her boney lil' spine! Smdhlol..*sips spritzer 
Like Really's picture


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Hilda_Sat3's picture

Um Miley... yea, anyway....No

Um Miley... yea, anyway....No matter how old she is, if that was my daughter #AssKicked .....You know back in the day, Juicy J would've been strung up on a Tree for this.....On another note- The cool thing about living so close to Randall's Island, is getting a chance to hear Kanye and his ranting last night, lol
Grown Man Ish's picture

She's rebelling because her

She's rebelling because her engagement didn't work out. She's human and she's young. Your supposed to make mistakes at this age.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Oh Miley, Now you're a

Oh Miley, Now you're a Twerker, and you make news, when our hard working strippers been Twerking, forever. The Media always showing folks stealing our shit. I like Miley, but slow yo role
Cynthia Cole's picture

you ain't neva lied...black

you ain't neva lied...black women been droppin it like it hot for years...and that William Hung or whatever his name is gang man style; Morris Day & the Time--was doing that in the 80's..
ladydiinpa's picture

LMAO @ Morris Day...you ain't

LMAO @ Morris Day...you ain't neva lied!
NinaM2012's picture

Speak. On. It.

Speak. On. It.

his only good song is "All of

his only good song is "All of the Lights" with Teyana Taylor singing the intro (YouTube).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

@Jesus H. . .

@Jesus H. . . Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?¿↕ ~ You bugging ~ That's the only song I can't stand from him. Too many people on it ~ can't tell who is who. Luvv me some Kanye ~ (sips water ~ ♪♫ attempts to sing Runaway . . . ♪♫ & I always find & I always find somethin' wrong ~ you been putting up with my sh*t for way too long♪♫ . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Jesus can't argue with U too

Jesus can't argue with U too much........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Miley is trying so hard to

Miley is trying so hard to shake that Disney title off of her. I'm sure the white hoes of America be in their rooms practicing this extra hard. smhlol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Slow yourself down Miley. You

Slow yourself down Miley. You ain't bout that life! Lol LOL @ Yeez! "This is where I start complaining about sh*t". Lmao
cutethatsall56's picture

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