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Beyonce, Jay-Z, Khaled & More Hit Up Kanye West's Listening Party

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 photo BMczOpECcAEE9y5jpg_large_zpsfdce5525.jpg

Beyonce and Jay-Z headed to the homie Kanye West's listening party at Milk Studios in Manhattan Monday night.  Check out folks braving the torrential downpour in the city to check out what Yeezus has to offer....

With a drink her her hand, Beyonce rocked her shades inside the loading dock at Milk Studios Monday.  The Carters were on hand to support Kanye West and his brand new album Yeezus.  Also spotted: DJ Khaled, Knicks baller Tyson Chandler, Busta, Timbaland and Q-Tip.

 photo BMcyoLICUAA45efjpg_large_zps0ee2f10a.jpg

Bey and a raincoat-rocking Jay were spotted dancing it up with each other to Kanye's new dance-heavy tracks, all before they jetted out the door at the end.  Peep the video below:


More pics from the listening party:

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-11at125623AM_zps4af11487.png

Kanye was sweating it up while dancing hard to his own music.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-11at124850AM_zps8c7a11b5.png

 photo BMczf_2CQAA6WS4jpg_large_zpse54ea283.jpg

Rapper Theophilus London snapped a pic in front the see-thru bathroom door at Milk Studios.

 photo BMcr1XSCAAIuoMKjpg_large_zps6d266dea.jpg

Kanye kept up the theme of Anti-corporation with this vaguely planned event that was open to anyone....and red tape covering all logos on water, equipment and more.

His designer Virgil posted the below pics of the red tape and new DONDA laminates saying, "NOT FOR SALE. BRANDS MUST PAY.":

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-11at122304AM_zps83dec0a3.png photo ScreenShot2013-06-11at122327AM_zpsfaabb6ac.png

As for why Kanye skipped the corporate machines hosting his listening party, he and his designer are gung-ho about turning their back on corporations who simply use artists for cash opportunities.  So he's going rogue and doing this ish by himself.  Kanye also told crowdgoers he doesn't care if the whole album leaks.  He's dropping this music his way.


 photo spl559495_002_zps119aa8b0.jpg

Kanye was also spotted leaving his hotel earlier in the night before hitting up Milk Studios.  Fun times.


BONUS: Another pic from Bey's instagram


 photo ScreenShot2013-06-11at13010PM_zpsd3316567.png


Photos: Nigel D.'s Instagram/Shaheem Reid's Instagram/@Bey_Exclusive's Instagram/@Beyonce's IG/@G_Coppo's Instagam/Splash Pictures/MILK Studios' Instagram

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cassandra29's picture

Love the anti-corporation

Love the anti-corporation message even though he's a hypocrite. And he seems much happier when kim is not around...
Silentkiller's picture

I don't see any major brands

I don't see any major brands scrambling to have him endorse their products. Especially after the Taylor Swift incident so Kanye you are again stating the obvious! Doesn't take a genius to say "hmm, they ain't calling anyway so lets not fk with the brands"! DUH!
PacificGirl's picture

Really?..Lol so

Really?..Lol so Unimpressed..anyhoo Jay n Bey look just as stupid as Kanye fakin' that blah of a mosh pit!!! *sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

I guess this is the 2 sided

I guess this is the 2 sided Gemini in him...you are against corporations but are involved with a woman who makes all her money from endorsement deals...hypocrisy has a new name and face: Yeezus

I just don't buy it anymore

I just don't buy it anymore Kanye..this lamenting of "anti corporation/anti-media" .. yet you decide to procreate with the very person who symbolizes everything wrong with America. Your brand will not recover from this. Point blank period.
jexy66's picture

Agreed. He continues to

Agreed. He continues to spiral and will hit rock bottom and it will be interesting to see if Kim 'stands by her man'. *rolling eyes*
PacificGirl's picture

Good point but trust me- she

Good point but trust me- she ain't going nowhere- she needs him for that "A-list" status being the social climber that she is. She knows very well that when people look at her they see a no talent socialite who became famous due to a sex tape. I think he will be the one to go running and it won't be long...trust.
jexy66's picture

shouldn't he be at home with

shouldn't he be at home with his new born or about to be born. good grief welcome to single parenthood Kim but then again the Nannies were always going to raise your kids anyway. The kid is already an Orphan
lola69's picture


PacificGirl's picture

looks more like a Black

looks more like a Black Panther meeting to Jesus.....
Jesus H. Christ's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Beyonce and Jay-Z look cute

Beyonce and Jay-Z look cute dancing together. I heard the album leaked but i guess Kanye doesn't care?
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Kanye album is about to sell

Kanye album is about to sell like crazy. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have good reads and videos on there as well
V's picture

This anti-corporation theme

This anti-corporation theme that Kanye has been on with this album is simply a gimmick to me. He's already made his money and won plenty of accolades and is himself a corporation, so he's good no matter what happens with the album. But still, the reality is artist have to constantly come up with new ways to generate buzz and publicity for their work and with the anti-corp and anti-1% started the OWM that's so prevalent right now is a perfect vehicle to promote his album.
BlackDiva's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

congrats kanye

congrats kanye

a couple of years ago, lady

a couple of years ago, lady gaga said she didn't care if her album leaked. money is made on touring and not so much on album sales as in the past. so when kanye says it he may have a point. however, i'm not believing for one second that he has turned his back on corporations. you cannot produce mainstream music without corporate involvement. it's simply impossible. even kanye's name is incorporated and is a registered trademark. don't believe me? try using it and see if you will not get a cease and desist letter in a matter of hours. silly man.
wildlife's picture

Jay and Bey look so cute

Jay and Bey look so cute dancing together! LOVE IT!
mchelle's picture

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