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 photo chesticles.jpg

Guess which sangria-sipping music mogul lays claim to the chesticles above.  The reveal is inside...

We love a man who can work hard and drink hard.  And who can make a mean sangria.  So whose bod is this being displayed all on his Instagram?






Wait for it.....






 photo article-0-1A3F75A5000005DC-197_634x801.jpg

The sexy pecs belong to the consummate Bad Boy himself, Diddy!  Mr. Combs posted the shirtless pics of himself pouring up a glass of sangria yesterday as he relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful life he's created for himself.  He tweeted his 8 Million+ followers,

"To whom it may concern:I decided 2 take the day off.Takin some time for myself.So whatever needs 2 b handled will have to wait. God Bless :)"

And his day of relaxation included a little "recreation" that Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Lion would surely approve of...

"I'm having a medical marijuana break thru today and I'm loving it!!!! Join me if your of age!!!! This is FUN! Lol haaa"


But he wasn't alone.....

 photo mamac.jpg

Mama Combs was right by Diddy's side for their day of relaxation.  So what did they do?  Diddy tweeted, "Chillin by the pool with my Moms listening to 70s classics #Godisgreat :)"


Hmm...we wonder if Ms. Janice puffed on some her son's "medicine" as well?


Diddy guest stars in the latest video from The Lonely Island which also features funny cameos from Sarah Chalke and Paul Rudd. Watch Diddy punch his bff AND deliver a baby above!



Photos via Diddy's IG

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Ugh well that was

Ugh well that was disappointing!!
Realist's picture

That looks freaking

That looks freaking refreshing. O and Diddy looks good too.
Chicknchips's picture

Ms. Combs is pretty flexible

Ms. Combs is pretty flexible for a woman of a certain age. Go mama!
Say What Nah's picture

Well...she is a retired

Well...she is a retired Stripper...and Sex Toy for the White Man
Jesus H. Christ's picture

OuuuuWeeeee! I would Actually

OuuuuWeeeee! I would Actually Bite On Diddy's Nipples. I Shol Would. *Big Smile*
Keyths'Girl's picture

NEWS FLASH!!! "Your" is a

NEWS FLASH!!! "Your" is a pronoun. Like "your sangria" or "your cheesy twitter". YOU'RE is a contraction of "YOU ARE", as in "You're a douchbag for tweeting corny pics". Please take notes. Class is over. Goodbye.
allnatural's picture

The Grammar Police.....it

The Grammar Police.....it must be an angst-ridden & anxiety-induced life.........??????? No??????.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No. Just educating the

No. Just educating the ignorant one word at a time.
allnatural's picture

LoLoLoL! *gag reflex..n sips

LoLoLoL! *gag reflex..n sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Diddy put the glass

Diddy put the glass down...then drank the entire pitcher *sip sip*
Jesus H. Christ's picture

He lost the stomach. Looking

He lost the stomach. Looking good!
PacificGirl's picture

Are yall shittin me? Diddy

Are yall shittin me? Diddy looks gwood!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The sangria looks so

The sangria looks so refreshing, Diddy's chest /body not so much.
sweetpea1989's picture

...soooooooo...did Janice

...soooooooo...did Janice Combs go swimming with her plastic yellow hat?
TrueThinker's picture

i guessed it.....Sangria

i guessed it.....Sangria gives Jesus headaches **mixes vodka on the rocks**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Diddy don't ever do this to

Diddy don't ever do this to us again!!!! Did his momma take these pics? Cause that's not healthy!
cutethatsall56's picture

Some body need to buy Diddy a

Some body need to buy Diddy a bird cage for that bird chest. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool stuff on there too
V's picture

Getting prepped for his

Getting prepped for his upcoming wedding?
Twila's picture

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