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Kanye's Alleged Jump Off Leyla Creates A Twitter Page...To Expose More "Proof"

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Leyla Ghobadi caused some ruckus today when her major accusations (as told to Star magazine) of cheating with Kanye West since his girlfriend Kim K. has been pregnant heated up the internet streets.


Now, the Canadian model has gone and gotten her own Twitter page (two actually) to talk some more.  Deets inside...

Earlier today, the Leyla chick created a Twitter page and defended herself against Kanye & Kim's PR teams calling her a liar.  Here's some snapshots from the first account she created:


 photo article-2340575-1A494C22000005DC-355_634x513_zps4c147aba.jpg

Then later on today, she deleted that account and created a new one (that we haven't 100% verified is her but it seems that way).  She said "My old one hate too much hatred coming in!"  Shocker.


While Leyla says she's not revealing her cheating sexcapades with Kanye for fame, she says she revealed it because she "started to feel guilty."  And she's also requesting people to pretty much make her Twitter account blow up:

Listen up everyone! If you want to know what really happened! Tag my name in your tweet!

Yes, that doesn't sound like you're doing this for social media fame or anything?  But it gets better.  She tweeted this a couple hours ago:

I have made a very huge mistake. I am very sorry @KimKardashian

The basicness of it all....

With all that said, we can't help but actually believe this chick's story to a certain extent (wouldn't be surprised if she embellished for fame purposes).  It definitely wouldn't be the first time Kanye cheated on anyone, and stories like this are pretty much the norm in the industry. 

Meanwhile, Kanye just posted a mini video of himself recording "I Am A God" on his website to promote his upcoming album, Yeezus.

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A Jump off, is a Jump off!!

A Jump off, is a Jump off!! Know yo place, cause that is as far as you will get with these artist, who have wife's, pregnant girlfriends, or live in, mama loves them girlfriends. Know yo place B's
Cynthia Cole's picture

lol.....i hope this is true.

lol.....i hope this is true. kimmy fakes with all her plastic surgery, hermes bags and christian louboutin shoes doesnt make her better or immune to all the bullshit. her pussy bleeds every month just like the rest of us. dumb azz bitch.
sianna1's picture

seriuously look at her she

seriuously look at her she aint nothing but a thirsty hoe putting herself outhere for fame, Kim aint perfect but everything came to her naturally talking bout fame cuz she already had money..she didn’t mean to leak the homemade video, but she is so beautiful that she got famous out of it..this hoe she saying she fucked kanye just to get famous…like really and you proud of it so you put it on twitter…the type of bitch to kiss and tell..EWWW and on top of it you a fucking wanna be KIM K LMAO and she fucking ugly (in my honey cocaine voice) LOL
BABY 6URL's picture

Kanye is mental and Kim is


I don't like Kanye or Kim and

I don't like Kanye or Kim and I think this chick is thirsty and Classless...If she really felt bad about the situation she would have went to Kim quietly, not blast it on twitter.
BChoice82's picture

Why is it that whenever a guy

Why is it that whenever a guy dates Kim, they run right out and gets someone who looks just like her? I wish i would try & get somebody that look just like the n*gga that cheated on me!!
48DDs's picture

What can Kim be really mad

What can Kim be really mad about she was married when she got knocked up by Kanye...she knew she wasn't the only piece of candy in Kanye's candy dish...glad he's not whipped like I thought he was...
Lola's picture

Waiting for her to release

Waiting for her to release the text messages........
PacificGirl's picture

If she wanted "to get through

If she wanted "to get through to her" on a woman-to-woman tip she could have contacted Kim's management and provided them with her evidence. Her timing and her motives are clearly driven by that unquenchable thirst. I'm not saying she's lying, but I am saying she's seeing stars and looking real curbside with this messiness. #desperateheaux
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

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bangforyourbuck's picture

I believe ol' girl. She has

I believe ol' girl. She has nothing to lose. Let's not forget that Kim used to cheat on Reggie WITH Kanye. Kim was cheating on her husband WITH Kanye. Kanye was cheating on Amber Rose WITH KIM! Both Kanye and Kim has cheated either on or with each other, so what makes this woman's story sound unauthentic? I agree with some of the other comments that people have said in regards to the public back-lashing on Leyla because she IS the other woman in this scenario. Kanye is JUST as guilty and I'm pretty sure Kim either knew or had a hunch Kanye was cheating. I mean think about it. There were hardly ever together throughout Kim's entire pregnancy and when they were photoed together, BOTH of them ESPECIALLY Kanye looked extremely miserable! Leyla's encounter really solidifies Kanye's & Kim's synthetic relationship. Leyla's encounter with Kayne also VALIDATES the fact that Kaynyes LOVES HOES and he said that in his own words. But guess what? You can't turn a hoe into a housewife! Sorry KIM!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

Why is she trying it so hard?

Why is she trying it so hard? She knew she would have backlash once Star Mag signed that check. Girl go take a nap, wake up, then have a seat.
cutethatsall56's picture

Whatever......Anything to

Whatever......Anything to keep away those "Kanye is gay" rumors.
Evie's picture


REd™'s picture

setting up a twitter to try

setting up a twitter to try and prove that you are a hoe? where they do that at?!?!?!?!? girl, where is yo mama! you embarrassing the family name. I blame Monica Lewinsky for all this "I wanna be a hoe as a career choice" messiness. Imagine how Mr. Lewinsky feels everytime he introduces himself and his last name.
shugastyles's picture

I believe ol' girl, but she

I believe ol' girl, but she went about this all wrong. It was a waste of time. Exposing Kanye to Kim won't make any difference. She is carrying his seed and desperately wants this to work. Kim (like many other women) probablly already knows that her man is a cheat, but she's accustomed to dating men in entertainment and expects it to come with the territory. Plus, her mama taught her to turn a blind eye in order to live comfortably. And yes, ol' girl was right. The woman will always get the majority of the blame because unfortunately, most women within our society are fickle followers who are too lazy to think for themselves and too cowardly to deal with the real issue. THEIR TRIFLING ASS MEN! I personally think that only basic bitches blame and go after the other woman. And if you know that your man is a lying cheat and you choose to stay with him, HE WILL CONTINUE TO LIE AND CHEAT and you deserve what you get! Kim can't say shit! She cheated on her husband and then got cheated on! Now do that ugly cry that you do and carry on.
CoCo's picture

"Well Said" I'm pretty sure

"Well Said" I'm pretty sure that Kim desperate ass already knows Kanye is bisexual .. which is a shame because I have to admit the girl is pretty (But) so insecure to want to be with ¿Kanye West¿
REd™'s picture

Regardless of Kim and Kanye's

Regardless of Kim and Kanye's shady past, why are all of these broke tricks coming out of the forest claiming to have slept w/Kanye? Who cares, you did'nt get anything out of it, and if you were a bad b*tch you would be the one Kanye was with (not Kim) Try again you buck tooth trick. You just made yourself look like a heaux even more so. I love how tramps claim "Oh , I feel so bad for her" You wasn't saying that when your legs was over his shoulder. #Tacky
Velocity's picture

A dumb move on her part..how

A dumb move on her part..how to out trick a trick like kim...keep it hush hush till you get something out of it!!!!

Jump offs ~hos~

Jump offs ~hos~ slores~mistresses are a part of Everyday life. Unless Kim beats Kanye down with a golf club ~ causing him to crash into a tree (i.e. Tiger Woods) and there's a small country of side pieces that start talking, then this story ain't worth sh*t. Just another DIRTY bitch getting extra money for NOTHING¡¡!!. Good day.
GetUrLife's picture

Wasn't Kanye' a

Wasn't Kanye' a jumpoff/slore/ho/side nigga as well? I mean he WAS cheating with Kim while she was married right? Now he's cheating on his pregnant girlfriend so doesn't that make him a DIRTY bitch as well? Or is your comment only reserved for the women? Just curious.
CoCo's picture

@CoCo ~ my comment(s) are

@CoCo ~ my comment(s) are reserved for whomever it applies. If the shoe fits ~ Wear it.
GetUrLife's picture

I am sure everyone remembers

I am sure everyone remembers pics from a few months ago when most were saying that Kanye looked disconnected, maybe this chick is the reason why. LOL
srenitamoore's picture

I actually believe the

I actually believe the jumpoff! She still super ratchet for kissin and tellin'. but hey, #kanyeluvthemhoes
shylibra's picture

It's interesting that this

It's interesting that this story comes out just, hmmmmmmm, less than a week before Kanye's new album drops. Kim and Kanye are such fame whores and attention seekers that I wouldn't be surprised if they paid this chick to make these allegations just to keep his name in the news in order to increase 1st week album sales. I think they're both just that sick and depraved.
The Real Thing's picture

You know what?! DING DING

You know what?! DING DING DING DING DING! Yes boo!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

well. She should have done

well. She should have done her research and figure out this can ruin a relationship, especially with a child on the way. She could have waited, and she could have shown proof with pictures. otherwise she is making a fool of herself.
Tren's picture

Jesus immediately dismisses

Jesus immediately dismisses anyone who uses the word "haters" <----- morons!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Hmph. The Kris Humphries

Hmph. The Kris Humphries roots box seems to be working. Ole girl probably only came out because Kanye kept the charade going by saying he loves his girlfriend in that NYTimes interview. Jumpoff hat being played now a days. None of us are surprised by this. That relationship was doomed from the start and Kim and Kanye will be co-parenting.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

If she's telling the truth or

If she's telling the truth or not, what is it to us??? it doesn't affect our lives.... Kim is no stranger to cheating whether she's the cheater or being cheated on , they will sort their mess out best way they see fit, and still be millionaires at the end of the day........

why is this even news???????

why is this even news???????
wildlife's picture

Because Kanye wants to sell

Because Kanye wants to sell that new album next week. That's all this nonsense is about. Paid publicity.
The Real Thing's picture

Kanye's nasty looking smelly

Kanye's nasty looking smelly @ss has to take some responsibility as well. I am not on the ho's side, but he just need to admit the fact, he got caught slippin! When a Ho comes at you she got some proof! It might have been a one night stand but it was a night she will not forget, because he is a celebrity. She's taking a chance on her 15 minutes of fame. I must say, she is milking it for what its worth only seeing him 2 times! In the past year and a half. Get a grip ma!

These basic bitches keep

These basic bitches keep popping up because they're getting Twitter fame and reality shows. Blame yourselves for watching that dumb ish.
whatev's picture

Well You Getta *TRUUUU

Well You Getta *TRUUUU too..now keep on promoting what NOT to do!! *sip sip
Like Really's picture

A ho is a ho is a ho is a ho

A ho is a ho is a ho is a ho is a ho. This applies to all three but I'm mainly referring to Kim.
Sandieho's picture

*TRUUUU!...smdhlol *sip sip

*TRUUUU!...smdhlol *sip sip
Like Really's picture

Hahaha..I see the IG models

Hahaha..I see the IG models dont give up either, guess they need their cut too! Whatta life for all their sad arses! Smdh ...*sips Last martini
Like Really's picture

Stupid azz side ho. Don't you

Stupid azz side ho. Don't you know bitches like you are a dime a dozen? No shit he stuck his dick in you. You probably ain't the only one. NO ONE CARES. Da hell you think was gunna happen?? You fukked rapper dummy. You don't even have 15 min of fame with this bullshit. 5 minutes and counting ho. 5 minutes and counting..hmph!
TrueThinker's picture

at least the model girl felt

at least the model girl felt guilty and tried to reveal to kim what was going on. because she doesnt have access to kim, i guess she went about it publicly, the only way she could reach kim. the person with more power and the person that created the ruckus is at fault. this would be kanye. if you want to be promiscuous, stay out of a relationship and damn well dont get anybody pregnant...jeez

Damn, if this is true, Kim

Damn, if this is true, Kim about to go back to Ray J and cheat. Chexkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

Kanye's ego is so huge that I

Kanye's ego is so huge that I don't think he could ever be a one-woman man. That ego is the driving force in all he does, so he gets very bored when he's "conquered" that person and it's on to the next conquest. He was obsessed with Amber for a while, got bored...saw KK, got her, now is bored, what's next? Ye is just messed up and a "God" he is not!
Coffy's picture

Kim was a married woman when

Kim was a married woman when she got preggers by Ye..He was messing around with a single woman on the side? Sounds about right. Kim cannot say ONE damn word...He just played her better...She really thinks Ye is stupid huh?
Missy's picture

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