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FIRST LOOK: Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, & Jeannie Mai's Daytime Talk Show "The Real"

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Daytime television may be getting its most diverse panel of opinionated women ever when "The Real" hits airwaves starring Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai.  And we're loving it already.  Watch the trailer inside....

We previously reported on Telepix has teaing up with several FOX affiliates to announce a younger, hipper version of "The View". And now, the first preview has hit the net.

Starring singer/reality star Tamar Braxton, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, TV personality Adrienne Bailon, comedian Loni Love and fashion expert Jeannie Mai, the new chatfest, "The Real" is set to debut in several select cities on July 15.

The roundtable style show will feature the five busy career ladies dishing on everything from the latest celeb gossip to their views on love, sex and relationships.

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In her cast bio, "The One" singer, Tamar Braxton, said she hopes fans will get to see a different side of her when the show kicks off on July 17th.

 "A lot of people think, because they see me on ‘Braxton Family Values’ as the youngest of five sisters, that I’m this brat and I’m just spoiled, but on this show I get to be a woman. I get to give you my real opinion about life, about pop culture, and finally be identified as just a regular lady."

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And actress Tamera Mowry-Housley thinks the show's diverse cast is what will really distinguish them from other programs on television.  

"I love to be traditional and just because you are conservative or a traditional person doesn’t mean you have to be boring! …The greatest thing about America is its diversity and this show reflects that diversity. No matter who you are, there is someone at this table that will be speaking for you."

Agreed Tamera!

Watch the first "The Real" trailer here:

Starting July 15, fans in New York, LA, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston and Tampa will be the first TV viewers to catch "The Real" in these markets:

New York WNYW FOX5 at 12:00pm
Los Angeles KTTV FOX11 at 1:00pm
Washington D.C. WTTG FOX5 at 11:00am
Philadelphia WTXF FOX29 at 11:00am
Phoenix KSAZ FOX10 at 1:00pm
Houston KRIV FOX26 at 1:00pm
Tampa WTVT FOX13 at 1:00pm



Photos via Telepix/The Real

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Someone actually gave that

Someone actually gave that loser Adrienne a job? I won't watch the show because of her.
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trixiecpkymosley's picture

I dont know if this show will

I dont know if this show will last but I'll watch it


WHY THIS SHOW WON'T LAST OR WORK! Loni is not funny and is acting like the typical overweight female who makes fun of herself! I never liked when smart women like Loni who by the way was an Electrical Engineer have to be the Tom and Jerry acting big black woman with the broom chasing and stomping Tom and Jerry, she is a BIG BUFFOON and a typical stereotype for being the big loud black woman! Really? I would rather see Kim Coles in her spot as the older big heavy funny woman role! Anyway! TAMAR/will be typical Tamar over the top funny at times but nevertheless annoying! TAMARA/ will be the weak one, making every topic about race or being bi-racial or being black/biracial married to a white man, and raising a bi-racial baby. Typical WEAK TAMARA! You would think her being biracial she should be over the BIRACIAL TALK but she's NOT! ADRIENNE/ Loud over-the top, DOING THE MOST ADRIENNE, her and Tamar will clash being that they both would prefer having successful music careers over being on a talk show! JEANNIE/ Another annoying personality, PHONY TYPICAL ASIAN that wants to be WHITE! This is only a few reason this show won't work! Kimora Lee is funny, Jada Smith is always TWITTING she would be good. This group is 2 mismatched to work!
Shay's picture

Wow, such negativity! I'm

Wow, such negativity! I'm thinking this is exactly why the show will work, the world is not perfect and at times we all have to work with people who are different personalities. It shows vulnerabilities and strengths!
Mylkey's picture

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carla15's picture

They made an error, the

They made an error, the show's really called: 'This is really the Tamar Braxton show'
Realist's picture

So you name the show 'THE

So you name the show 'THE REAL' and they are all sitting there with fake hair and wigs.. Come on!!
hideitinabook's picture

But they're made with real

But they're made with real hair! lol

Tamar u will never ever make

Tamar u will never ever make it u r nothing but a mouth brat STUPID fool Im so over your ugly FUGLY face go and raise your child and get your life cartoon face Why do u even think u fit in with these Lady what,have u done besides being the,loudest month,ever sitting at that table with u is like scratching a person nails on a chalk board loud and annoying NO LOVING THE IDEA AT AT ALL GO GET ANOTHER FACE U R SMUGLY AKA FUGLY.
MissYcAT.'s picture

Why don't you take all that

Why don't you take all that energy you've used to hate on and make stupid, ugly comments about Tamar and learn to read and write!!!You sound like a complete idiot. NEXT...
Burself's picture


nish's picture

Yeah Tamar, tell her how u

Yeah Tamar, tell her how u feel........LOL
star's picture

(squints eyes) WTH!!!

(squints eyes) WTH!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


cassandra29's picture

Word! She has always been

Word! She has always been funny! I love her on Chelsea Lately etc. This looks like it's going to be good. I will be watching!!
Burself's picture

WOW! just listened to the

WOW! just listened to the video, and it really sounds like a fun show. I have always been curious about chinese marriages, but somehow the chinese girl doesnt seem like the type to marry within her race but i hope so.
cassandra29's picture

I really like Loni Love added

I really like Loni Love added to the cast. She'll lighten up the drama and make it fun. I pray they dont let Tamar's silly comments take over. However, I do like her. I hope it isnt just hot topics. We have enough of that. Seems to me this is the first talk show of young black women, so I'm anxious to watch it. I hope they have guest hosts like Kelly Row, Ciara, Brandy and other young girls from time to time.
cassandra29's picture

It Will Be Canceled The First

It Will Be Canceled The First Season, If It Last That Long. I Won't Be Watching
Keyths'Girl's picture

So this is Wendy William's

So this is Wendy William's Hot Topic segment stretched across an hour with 5 women? Love Tamara, Jeannie and even Adrienne but Tamar may be too much. Not sure about Loni although I do like her.
Denise2007's picture

with the exception of tamera,

with the exception of tamera, this is 'HOOD TV. will not last. NEXT!
wildlife's picture

Sorry, but this show is too

Sorry, but this show is too stereotypical; the name alone show cases this. You need to have a more universal appeal to have the kind of success that The View and the likes have. And how is it diverse when you don't have one white person on the panel?!?!?
BlackDiva's picture

Yeah, I don't like the name.

Yeah, I don't like the name.
Sunshine's picture

Tamar might be team too much

Tamar might be team too much on this show. I see her overpowering the other hosts opinion.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Yeah she's a little too much.

Yeah she's a little too much. I can't take her. I stopped watching The Braxtons because of her. Hopefully, she doesn't over power the hostess and the others.
Sunshine's picture

Some replacements for the

Some replacements for the loudmouth: Sanaa Lathan (I always feel like she's creepin in the background of every party) Cynthia Bailey (let's keep it one hunnit..she ain't really doin anything fo'real) Angela Bassett (cuz she's plateaued in her acting career) Keri Hilson (career is donzo..and I wanna see what she says when she speaks on Bey lol) Keisha Knight Pulliam (she's just..here) Jada Pinkett (you might hear more about what really goes on in the Smith's dwelling place) Gabby Union (no job) Regina King (voice of reason)
TrueThinker's picture

They dont pay enuff 4 those

They dont pay enuff 4 those chix to want to join..except Keisha Knight
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Really "I won't be watching"

Really "I won't be watching" ZZZzzzZZ
REd™'s picture

This isn't diverse? Where's

This isn't diverse? Where's the educated person, where's the business woman, where???? Nevermind. This show may last 2 seasons, but the formula is all wrong. There View works because of its diversity. Everybody brings something different. I will continue watching The View.
SkeeWee's picture

Looks like it could be good

Looks like it could be good
SHE TRIED IT.COM's picture

Why on all these stupid talk

Why on all these stupid talk shows is the darkest chic ALWAYS loud, and so very GOTdamn basic??? Of ALL the chocolate ladies struggling for face time, THIS is the one they choose. Why not put a fat single loudmouth white woman on the panel???
TrueThinker's picture

Fat White chix are too busy

Fat White chix are too busy sucking Black Dicks
Jesus H. Christ's picture


Burself's picture

We will see how the show goes

We will see how the show goes hopefully, they will be gracious and not interrupt and talk over each other like the ladies of The View do so often.
sweetpea1989's picture

I see Loni is going to play

I see Loni is going to play the loudmouth, plus sized, stereotype throwing, aggressive black woman. (rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

So stereotypical... UGH!

So stereotypical... UGH!
Sunshine's picture

Nobody complains about the

Nobody complains about the zillions of night time talk shows that have been going on forever (Jimmy Kimmel, Late Night David Letterman, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson and on, and on). Give these ladies a chance, it might be good!
Agape's picture

You can't be serious? These

You can't be serious? These shows work because they have the right mix of comedy, light heartedness as well and intelligent rhetoric which is why they have longevity. This rachet mess is comprised of people that you would be hard pressed to find any footage of them having an intellectual conversation or anything not centered around celebrity gossip. I will bet money that they don't tackle any real topics like The View.
PacificGirl's picture

Exactly! Loni Love is funny

Exactly! Loni Love is funny as hell too.I work from home so I'll try to tune in when the show airs in my city. I hope their voices don't annoy me.

I guess they are trying to

I guess they are trying to prove you can have a successful show with only minority women on the panel. *rolls eyes*
PacificGirl's picture

Which reminds me... what

Which reminds me... what happened to Tiny's show???
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Adrienne Bailon????Tamara can

Adrienne Bailon????Tamara can carry this show alone...
Missy's picture

Loni Love - IGNORANT...I like

Loni Love - IGNORANT...I like the diversity but I don't do Black stereotyping (chicken and waffle in a bag, that's like Black folks in a bag, effing NO Loni Love)...Ugh. It has potential but I think they may have the wrong Black women. And all that weave, yuck!!! I'll tune in to check it out but I don't think I'm feeling it
Reign's picture

"All that weave" omg I was

"All that weave" omg I was thinking the same thing. Tamar and that blonde weave and fake nose. Loni is just loud and ignorant. I'm only going to give it a shot because I've been a fan of Tamara for a while but we'll see....
Sunshine's picture

they already have the view &

they already have the view & the talk, now the real. come on t.v. be more original

I know..where is the

I know..where is the creativity?
PacificGirl's picture

should they juggle midgets or

should they juggle midgets or stray cats...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

yeah..screw Adrienne....i'll

yeah..screw Adrienne....i'll be watching tho
Jesus H. Christ's picture

They lost me with Adrienne

They lost me with Adrienne Bailon. Who the fk wants to listen to anything she has to say? She is zzzzzzz list!
PacificGirl's picture

For some reason, I don't see

For some reason, I don't see this show lasting long. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

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