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SNEAK PEEK: Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, LaTocha Scott, Nicci Gilbert And Angie Stone TOGETHER AGAIN For The "R&B Divas" REUNION Taping

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The ladies of "R&B Divas: Atlanta" reunited to tape their reunion special this week and we have a sneak peek at the ladies on the set.  See Keke, Angie, Syleena, Nicci and LaTocha inside....

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Sparks flew during the R&B Divas Atlanta Season 2 Reunion taping on Tuesday night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.

Old fights were revisited and new friendships were solidified when Executive Producer Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, Keke Wyatt, Monifah Carter and LaTocha Scott all joined Joe Clair to dish on the past season.

On womane who was missing in action was Faith Evans, who chose to skip the reunion to celebrate her 40th birthday. Does this mean she won't be back next season?

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Singer Nicci Gilbert, who spent most of the season battling Syleena Johnson looked like an angel in white for the taping.

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 photo rbd14.jpg

We wonder if her outfit was a part of the "Curvato" collection?

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Nicci even blessed the reunion with a vocal selection.  Hmmm...we wonder if that "Brownstone" reunion ever happened?

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 photo rbd5.jpg

Syleena Johnson spent most of the season battling Nicci and dealing with family drama as her mother, a former addict, became the newest member of her household.

 photo rbd10.jpg

LaTocha Scott, who joined the cast earlier this season, did her best to avoid the on-screen drama.

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  photo rbd9.jpg  photo rbd7.jpg

Keke Wyatt was in pretty good spirits this season as she had a hit single on the radio with Avant, "You And I".

 photo rbd11.jpg

Monifah, shown with her partner Terez, often played peace-maker this season.

 photo rbd15.jpg    

DJ EQ keep the sounds flowing in between segments.

 photo rbd18.jpg

And tv personality Joe Clair played referee during the talks.

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The explosive TV One reunion taping airs in two parts on June 26 and July 10 .


Photos via TV One

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trixiecpkymosley's picture

I try to catch this show

I try to catch this show whenever they are actually singing because I love Keke's voice. That woman be SANGIN' her face off.
NinaM2012's picture

Nicci Gilbert is a DECEITFUL

Nicci Gilbert is a DECEITFUL HATEFULL BIG OLD KOOL-AID MAN SHAPED BODY TYPE, she had the NERVE to call Angie Stone BIG with her BAD BODY and BIG OLD GATOR MOUTH and HORSE FACE looking SELF! Keke is funny at times and other times very annoying, I see why she never made it BIG in the music business because she is so UNPROFESSIONAL until it's CRAZY! Professional people don't carry on like she does! Keke knows she has a nice voice and sometimes kinda shows it to the other women. Keke there are a lot of R&B chicks who can sing just like you SWEETIE! BLU CANTRELL and KELLY PRICE are just 2! Don't get ahead of yourself! Syleena is nice but other than her song with Kanye I can't name any song of hers I know! Monifah is nice but WHO RAISED HER DAUGHTER while she was on drugs! Monifah and that TERRELL are a TRIP! Tosh Scott is BORING and never really had a GREAT voice to me! Why is her face so BIG? Oh and why her and her sister look older than their mom?
Shay's picture

Even my hubby was like 'she's

Even my hubby was like 'she's bigger than Angie'. Ha! Nicci is a sneaky one. I can't believe she wanted them to perform for FREE for a bogus charity after the way she carried on about the tour. Tocha's hubby is right, she has control issues and wants to be the one bringing everything to the table. The Syleena/Musiq collabo sounds like it could be hot!
PacificGirl's picture

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carla15's picture

I was such a fan of this show

I was such a fan of this show when it started but it has slowly evolved into the usual mess of most reality shows with all the bickering & fakery that comes with it. Syleena & Monifa are my favs. Keke is like a big overgrown baby, she needs to grow the hell up & Nicci Gilbert is too uptight and needs a couple doses of chillax pills.
Realist's picture

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weilan's picture

i LOVE Keke--she is hilarious

i LOVE Keke--she is hilarious and brings some MUCH NEEDED humor to this show. No she isnt perfect but at least she's not a conniving bitch like Nicci. Nicci CLEARLY thinks she's the "Nene Leakes" of the show and has no problem throwing her weight around and contradicting herself. Ole fat ass horse face lookin bitch. This season is not as good as the previous season--waaaaaaay too much nicci & syleena and all their BS and not enough of everyone else. LaTocha needs to step it up cuz shes boring as f**k.
48DDs's picture

I loved this show! Monifah &

I loved this show! Monifah & KeKe were my favorites!
Beautyfulones's picture

I like Keke at least she is

I like Keke at least she is honest about her insecurities unlike some chicks, weight needs to be lost from all the divas. I hope they come back slimmer next season.
TeaNicole's picture

They are beautiful and could

They are beautiful and could get into better shape but that damn Keke is perfect how she is. Thick, sexy and crazy!!! If my weight hit all the right curves like her I'd pack on a few but that's nit the case so I stay a 6. But in my opinion juke is what grown and sexy women should look like
JSalsa's picture

I dont like that KeKe either.

I dont like that KeKe either. any time you are so insecure that a man cant leave your sight something is wrong with the relaionship. my man can go to china and back and i know he is always coming back to me. I LOVE all the other girls, and especially everyone has to love that sweet girl Angie Stone. Faith seems like a nice person but the woman cant sing even better than me LOL
cassandra29's picture

All I have to say is that

All I have to say is that Keke is one sandwich short of a picnic. She seems to have a mental illness (no jokes). Michael must be 'touched' too to put up with all of her antics. She is constantly belittling him, disrespecting him, and talking to him like he is her child. I don't know any husbands who would put up with that behind closed doors.... let alone have it filmed. SMH. Michael, please don't have another baby with that nut.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Nikki should have chosen a

Nikki should have chosen a different outfit to wear. This is the R&B Divas reunion NOT the LisaRaye birthday celebration! And yes, I think Keke is pretty but a very emotional person at times and she is obsessed with having kids. Maybe she wants to be the black version of the Duggar family! LOL. Can't wait for the reunion and the new season of R&B Divas in Los Angeles.

keke Wyatt is so effing

keke Wyatt is so effing annoying . and a attention getter everything she says is with a f***** up facial expression .. and what is her obsession with havin children? I can barely watch the show because I cannot stomach her! .. and homegirls girlfriends dreads are so cute
REd™'s picture

I like keke. She's just very

I like keke. She's just very unprofessional and that's what throws me off.
Silentkiller's picture

Damn Faith, you couldn't

Damn Faith, you couldn't celebrate the next day?? Or the day after that??
SkeeWee's picture

I absolutely love Joe Claire

I absolutely love Joe Claire and Syleena Johnson. Nicci Gilbert is dressed like she's 80 and about to give the church announcements.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Kee kee Wyatt looking mighty

Kee kee Wyatt looking mighty good in that dress tho. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

They all look nice: minus

They all look nice: minus that big ass BOW @ Nicci Gilbert's neck. Keke has a great voice & she's pretty but she is very immature.

Keke be real extra, trying to

Keke be real extra, trying to get a 7th child... and Nicci shady, horse mouth and all!
Haterate's picture

I thought I was the only

I thought I was the only person who thought she resembled a horse!! LOL!. And I had made a comment yesterday about her looking like a horse because she has a very long face. I need to find out how tall she is without heels. Going to google it now.........................

Syleena is really pretty in

Syleena is really pretty in person. Keke, no to the blonde. Hey Maxee I see you, always loved her voice the best in Brownstone. Nicci looks like a white horse.
PacificGirl's picture

Jesus would let the lady in

Jesus would let the lady in blue give him oral
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I noticed your comments on

I noticed your comments on the post and am disgusted every time I read them. You are entitled to think the way you do, but your utter disregard and disrespect of your avatar name is truly disappointing. Jesus is the epitome of love, grace, and kindness. The name "Jesus" is not a fad, a joke, or something that should be disrespected. You may not have a relationship with Him, but there are many people who have grown to know and love the same Jesus you mock. I trust you will allow Him into your heart and see what many others see and love about Him. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that even with your constant disregard, He loves you and cares about you. I trust that you consider the man you mock. For you it may be a joke, for many it is the reason we have LIFE. Be Blessed.
OneLove's picture

Total agreement. This

Total agreement. This individual is mentally unstable. Really needs Jesus but she doesn't know it. SAD.
LBA1's picture

I am also in agreement with

I am also in agreement with your post and have always found the comments to be lacking in class, moral and a true indication of just how attention starved that individual really is.
Realist's picture

I agree totally with your

I agree totally with your comment. To play with the Lord and Savior is the worst thing you can do but as you stated they can do whatever they like but its so disrespectful not to just use his name in vain but even the comments this person makes are disgusting and the up most disresptectful......I began to just skip over their comments and let God handle them.
sharing's picture

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