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Kanye West is officially a daddy...just in time for Father's Day!  His girlfriend Kim Kardashian just gave the heavily anticipated birth to their brand new baby girl.   Deets inside...

Baby West is in the building!  The "New Slaves" rapper and Kim K. are brand new parents as of today.  TMZ reports Kim and the baby are in good health...despite the birth happening 5 weeks earlier than planned.

Kim booked it to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. this morning after telling Kanye she "felt a little off" reportedly.  Lucklily, 'Ye happened to be in town for his album release party and was there for the whole shebang.

 photo 20130507151914272_zps2e5b2b40.jpg

Kanye has cancelled his Yeezus album release festivities and is all about his baby girl.   No word yet on if there is an exact cause for the premature birth, but we're sure all the latest stresses Kim's been going through--wrapping up her divorce, dealing with Kanye's recent alleged cheating scandal, pregnancy fashion criticism and so on--haven't helped.

Mom and baby are reportedly doing just fine though, so all is well.

CONGRATS to Kanye & Kim!


Photos: Wenn/Getty

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of course Reggie Bush posted

of course Reggie Bush posted a picture of his baby girl on IG today. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with Kim, he's just a first time dad. But I'm sure now people will be trying to say "who's baby is cuter". lol will be interesting and sad at the same d@m(n) time.
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The black blogs have been so

The black blogs have been so positive towards Kim K. Everyone is so happy she had Kanye's baby. You all are wishing they marry. Wow.
sexe757's picture

They're probably just so

They're probably just so happy he didnt marry a decent black american girl. Ethnic haters are always happy when black american girls lose out, and our wealth is transferred to whites when they cant get it. REAL TALK
cassandra29's picture

Congrats to them can't wait

Congrats to them can't wait for the wedding.
Twila's picture

C-section....Kanye might

C-section....Kanye might wanna stick around cuz she still gotta Tight Twat!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I think it's wrong to wish

I think it's wrong to wish ill will on to the new born child.....Honestly I'm gonna pray for that baby cause she will need it. While I don't care for Kim or Kanye I wish the best for that baby girl growing up in that lifestyle and that world they are in will already be tough enough.

Good comment. I wish for the

Good comment. I wish for the best for the baby.
Tren's picture

At least he'll be around for

At least he'll be around for 1 Fathers Day.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I highly doubt the baby

I highly doubt the baby wasn't full term (i.e. 37+ weeks). If you do the math, she announced filming KUWTK on 2/13 and although Seacrest said she would be 4.5 months when filming started, her ultrasound put her at 5 months, to which she responded, " I'm further along than I thought" -- B.S. That was 4 months ago. So, if she was 5 months in mid February, then she was just over 3 months on NYE when Kanye announced the pregnancy -- which is the "right" time to do so and also explains why that "bump" popped out of nowhere a month later. Most people don't pop until they're in their 2nd trimester (not their first).
Nikkie's picture

That's why he needs a DNA

That's why he needs a DNA test. But if it is his Congrats Kanye! Many women have induced labor for selfish reasons.
cassandra29's picture

Congrats!! Happy, mom, and

Congrats!! Happy, mom, and baby are fine, if I just had a child and read all these nasty ass posts especially from folks who know nothing about me, my baby, my man, wow!! Sad...
Cynthia Cole's picture

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cvnsyweyewy347's picture

ZZzzzZZZzz There's Baby's

ZZzzzZZZzz There's Baby's Bein born Every Day!ZZzzzzZZZ
REd™'s picture

Congrats to Kanye and Kim for

Congrats to Kanye and Kim for having a baby girl that alot of you black women wished yall looked like. Which is why the "Dark Girl Documentary" got so much hell because it's showing that dirty side of yall and how yall think about yourselves. I mean most black females claim they mixed with something but get mad when a TRUELY MIXED BIRACIAL CHICKS GETS LOVE. NOT ALLLLLLLLLLL NOT ALLLL but tooo damn manyyy!!!! I only said what i said because yall hating on a NEW BORN CHILDDDD!!!BUT IT'S STILL THE TRUTH.
LetsGetIt's picture

folks don't give a flying

folks don't give a flying fuck that the child is biracial. it's the simple fact that kim k. is a WHORE. kanye yelling (not rapping) about 'the system' and this 'new slave' bullshit yet he is the very one who habitually ONLY dates/fucks white and light. his colorism issue have absolutely, unequivocally nothing to do with us (blk women).
wildlife's picture

Kanye's and other rappers

Kanye's and other rappers change of attitude occurred after old negroes marched against BET for promoting rap, and dirty oprah tried to put them out of business for so called mysogny of black women in videos. The video girls should have been smart enough to speak up for the rappers that made it possible for them to have entertainment jobs instead of low classing stripping jobs, and they DID NOT. Intelligent rappers knew they had to align with powerful whites to save their industry and then the hiring of whites in the videos began, and marrying whites too, but they started out totally devoted to the uplifting of black women and black babies. So I dont blame them.
cassandra29's picture

Im proud of you sista

Im proud of you sista cassandra lol. Black men have always tried to put black women on but they too stupid to realize it.We had nothing but love for black women. Even the brotha tupac went from KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MY BLACK QUEEEN!!! TO "I GET AROUND" AND "BITCHES AINT SHIT" BECAUSE black women don't appreciate it when we uplift them or try to put them on. IF THE WHITE MAN "whom black women are more flattered by" then they don't give a fuck
LetsGetIt's picture

stop trolling you ignorant

stop trolling you ignorant nigger,not nigga but nigger ,find a new gimmick the one you have is getting old
sonya.f.baby's picture

i wouldnt respond. aint no

i wouldnt respond. aint no body got time that (sh!t)
Tren's picture

i really wish people would

i really wish people would stop biting the bait and just not respond to this trolling bullshit
litebrite's picture

true lol

true lol
sonya.f.baby's picture

true lol

true lol
sonya.f.baby's picture

daily mail uk,

daily mail uk, hollywoodlife.com, page six (and probably a few other sites) wrote a few months ago that kim was overheard telling a friend that she was due in mid-june not july. folks, it's exactly mid-june.
wildlife's picture

I just hope the baby looks

I just hope the baby looks like Kim and not kanye. that would be one ugly child to stare at for the rest of her life.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

I cannot understand why

I cannot understand why people are so negative. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. Regardless what one may think of the mother or father, you should never allow yourselves to say something hurtful on behalf of an innocent child. I wish Kanye and Kim the best! Happy Father's Day Kanye, and I can't wait to see the little Angel. So many people had so many negative things to say about whether Kanye would be there for Kim. Well I guess he showed you all something. People should stop speculating about something they know nothing about!. Again Congratulations on the birth of your little princess.
Miss D's picture

well if he was really there

well if he was really there for her, he would've wifed her as soon as her divorce was final, I see the baby will have two parents with different last names on her birth certificate smh
sonya.f.baby's picture

Girl shut the fuck up and

Girl shut the fuck up and look in your own refrigerator because I am sure you got some spoiled milk too. I'm tired of bitches singing the shoulda woulda couldas for everyone else, but meanwhile back at the ranch you the same hoes playin the single mom role, not having a father, raising hoes that will be single moms. Girl boo. They're rich, they're fab, they cando what they want and FYI you slow ass hoe the parents could be married and STILL have different last names on their birth certificates.
girlboom's picture

are you mad bitch??? lmfao by

are you mad bitch??? lmfao by the way I have no kids i'm 28 and waiting to get married to do that,i don't believe in bringing bastard babies into the world
sonya.f.baby's picture

You are the definition of a

You are the definition of a bastard. Almost 30 years old and no kids or marriage because no nigga is stupid enough to fuck your ugly fat black ass without a rubber. Poor that.
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and I assume you're 19 with 3

and I assume you're 19 with 3 baby daddies lol see what happens when you make assumptions abt ppl don't be mad you're an illegitimate child,and I only say that because you are going TOO hard in the paint over my comment calm down INTERNET THUG smfh
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girlboom's picture

touchy touchy lol why are you

touchy touchy lol why are you so upset my dear did you forget to take your Prozac today???btw have you ever heard of birth control? with that and a faithful partner you can have all the unprotected sex you want and not get pregnant like I do, but your parents failed at using it and that's why you're here, and you dirty hoodrat you wish I was fat i'm 115 pounds and 5'2" and far from ugly, can't say that about the whore that birthed you good day
sonya.f.baby's picture

Regardless of the inception,

Regardless of the inception, this child has a purpose. I trust she will walk in it. Congrats to Kim and Kanye.
OneLove's picture

So happy for them. Why are

So happy for them. Why are you people so bitter.
SkeeWee's picture

The most important question

The most important question is , why are you SOOO HAPPY for them?.......CREEPY!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Actually... it's more creepy

Actually... it's more creepy to be bitter about a baby being born. Babies are a gift so it makes sense for non-bitter people to be happy for others who receive it.
Mama Mia's picture

Girl ain't nobody bitter

Girl ain't nobody bitter about that damn baby being born. You sound stupid..... smdh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Actually... you sound stupid.

Actually... you sound stupid. But what's new about that? You always manage to say something stupid.
Mama Mia's picture

Oh go f--k yourself mama mia!

Oh go f--k yourself mama mia!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i know u aint talkin ho.

i know u aint talkin ho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I can

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I can hardly wait to see her, bet she's soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL and getting plenty of kisses!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I bet she's a beautiful baby!

I bet she's a beautiful baby!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Awhh congrats to them! I hope

Awhh congrats to them! I hope the best for the two.
Monae's picture

Congrats, Kim and Kanye are

Congrats, Kim and Kanye are parents! Priceless Father's Day Gift.
saHTC12's picture

Wasn't a fan of them but I

Wasn't a fan of them but I respect Kanye's music and new life should be celebrated! Congrats to these two
Girl's picture

If you don't like these two

If you don't like these two thats fine but you should not say anything horrible or wish harm on an innocent baby...you ignorant fools should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
Andthom5's picture

oh bitch shutup.

oh bitch shutup.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


wildlife's picture

Kim May Have Lied About Her

Kim May Have Lied About Her Due Date To Throw Off The Paps Or Perhaps She May Have Honestly Delivered Early.Whatever The Case May Be Congrats Are Still In Order.
Keyths'Girl's picture

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