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FIRST LOOK: Oprah's Next Chapter On "African American Women In Hollywood" + Mariah Carey REVEALS Her Album TITLE + Drake ANNOUNCES 41-City North American Tour

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Oprah Winfrey sat down with some of Hollywood's leading Black actresses for an "Oprah's Next Chapter" episode on "African-American Women In Hollywood".  Watch the trailer inside and see what Mariah Carey named her 15th studio album and where Drake will be performing when his tour kicks off.

On the next episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter", Oprah sat with Alfre Woodard, Viola Davis, Phylicia Rashad and Gabrielle Union for an in-depth conversation about the challenges, criticism and competition they face as African-American women in the entertainment industry.

The episode will air on Sunday, June 23, at 9/8c on the same night as the anticipated documentary Dark Girls at 10/9c.

Watch the trailer here:


And in new music....

 photo maraich42.png

"#Beautiful" singer, Mariah Carey, has revealed that her 15th studio album will be called The Art of Letting Go. The album will be available for all the lambs on July 23.  Mimi has been working on this project for a very long time (three years) and she over the weekend, she tweeted her followers about how personal it was for her to give it to the fans.  "Melancholic moment letting go of something this personal to me yet I couldn't be more excited to give three years of my soul to the fans."

And in celebration of Father's Day (atop), Mariah posted a picture in tribute to husband Nick Cannon with Dem Babies saying "Happy Father's Day everyone and especially to my amazing husband".


And coming to a concert hall near you....

 photo drake3254.png

"Started From The Bottom" rapper Drake has announced that he'll be striking out across North America on a 41-city tour with Miguel and Future.  The tour, dubbed "WOULD YOU LIKE A TOUR?" will be in support of Drake's upcoming album NOTHING WAS THE SAME, which will come out later this year. The tour starts Wednesday, September 25th at Portland's Rose Garden Arena and tickets for the Live Nation produced tour go on sale beginning Friday, June 21st at LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.com.

See the list or tour dates here:

 photo cdates.png

For more tour dates and additional information, see Drake's website.


Photos  Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America/Mariah Carey's IG

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looks interesting Oprah, I

looks interesting Oprah, I will watch
IslandGyal's picture

Love Viola Davis. A talented

Love Viola Davis. A talented and beautifully chocolate kissed sister with a good man at home...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

congrats to drake's tour &

congrats to drake's tour & the black women in hollywood

Loving the celeb ladies at

Loving the celeb ladies at Oprah. Mariah, and those cuties. I wonder, did Gabby leave a huge turd in Oprah's toilet, and take plates home, or bring a gift, flowers.. Like " she" stated in a Sway interview. Bad house guest, her and Dwayne wade lol if so Tacky
Cynthia Cole's picture

What makes Gabby Union a

What makes Gabby Union a groundbreaking actress in Hollywood? I can't remember that last movie she was in or what her breakout role was.
bamboo's picture

Where is Halle Berry?! Gabby

Where is Halle Berry?! Gabby was in "Think Like A Man" recently, and she's also starring in a new movie "Being Mary Jane". She has a few movies under her belt.
C2C's picture

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weilan's picture

every since mariah let

every since mariah let jennifer lopez kick her butt and now junior member entertainer nicki minaj, i lost all respect for her. i have no interest in seeing her flabby cellulite on videos. we should be supporting our young female entertainers and she should be retired. if she doesnt have enough money by now, she needs to take some finance classes and take several seats. i guess old rihanna will be coming after her weak azz next.
cassandra29's picture

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xcnxcnerueru568's picture

The show is called 'OPRAH's

The show is called 'OPRAH's next chapter' so I would think who SHE thinks qualifies as guests to share their views on the Hollywood experience as black women should be all that matters. Maybe she was trying to mix it up with Mz Rashad & Mz Woodard being@ the top, Viola in the middle and Gabby at the bottom trying to get to where they all are.
Realist's picture

Viola Davis is a rare gem !!

Viola Davis is a rare gem !!

Yea the sista Gabrielle can't

Yea the sista Gabrielle can't act for shittt!!So what...!! Atleast support your fellow sista damn black women yall down each other!!!But get mad when a brotha like LETSGETIT tell's you the truth!!!!!!THE SISTA OPRAH IS A BILLIONAIRE AND I SEE YOU BLACK WOMEN ARE MAD AT HER AS WELL. She's even putting documentaries like "Dark Girls" to show the pain that Melanated sistas GO THROUGH IN THE COMMUNITY and ya still diss her.
LetsGetIt's picture

Those Hippos are better at

Those Hippos are better at eating....The Billion Calories Club <-----//////
Jesus H. Christ's picture

what are you about, majority

what are you about, majority are middle aged & look fine, you expect 40 & 50 something you old to be a size two. gtfoh, healthy does not equate stick bone-ness

Those are black women

Those are black women characteristics. Eating like pigs in the mud! If you dare to wife one of them, your pockets will run dry as a desert. All the money will go in the eating departement! While she'll get bigger, you 'll get sicker and sicker Because of their loudness and angryness!
CROCO BOY's picture

Somebody pulled some strings.

Somebody pulled some strings. There's no way Gabrielle fits with that group of accomplished women! NONE.
PacificGirl's picture

I think u guys are all on

I think u guys are all on CRAZY PILLS right now. Gabby is highly educated, a RAPE at GunPoint survivor and no bad kids outta wedlock...........always happy too!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

That has nothing to do with

That has nothing to do with her acting ability. C list at best. She is holding court with Oscar nominees and Tony Award winners. Not in their league.
PacificGirl's picture

oh girl, please sit down and

oh girl, please sit down and shut the hell up. We understand your position. No need to keep staing it 23 times.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Gabby is better at

Gabby is better at Homewrecking than Acting. She is more sucessful in stealing husbands and being a Mistress
lola69's picture

Yeah Gabby looks very odd up

Yeah Gabby looks very odd up there. She had quite a few roles but that doesn't = great actress......and I hate that she talks through her teeth.....UUUUUGH!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I phucking hate the talking

I phucking hate the talking through the teeth shit! UGH.
PacificGirl's picture

most of her roles were Black

most of her roles were Black B-list low budget movies except for Bring it On. She can't even score a Tyler Perry Gig. she does better hosting BET burnt up shit.
lola69's picture

She scored a couple of Tyler

She scored a couple of Tyler gigs and Daddy's Little Girl's was the WORST!!! (squeezes face with both hands and screams at the thought of that movie)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

okkkk, she is so NOT in their

okkkk, she is so NOT in their league!!! ugh
Reign's picture

*powders hand..then pimp

*powders hand..then pimp slaps the shit out DAT O'prune! Uh yea Anyhoo.. Nice 2c Mimi n' Fam lookin lik the norm...smhlol! *sip sip
Like Really's picture

lol.....Double back and smack

lol.....Double back and smack that b-tch again.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Oprah love her some moolah.

Oprah love her some moolah. She would do anything to get some. Now because of dough she downgrading her reputation In inviting rapers and trash people as guests!? OPRAH YOU'RE RICH ENOUGH TO RETIRE. DON'T DOWNGRADE YOURSELF FOR MORE MOOLAH !!! Black woman actions indeed.....
CROCO BOY's picture

i agree. oprah so old, ugly,

i agree. oprah so old, ugly, dumb and sick looking it hurts my eyes to look at her. this bish needs to retire bad and why is it that we rarely see other tv execs like debra lee, the tv one owner, abc owner, etc., IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA??? real TV EXECS ARE in the office, making deals, picking winning shows. THIS COTTON PICKING HEFFA IS STILL TO DUMB TO RUN A NETWORK AFTER 40 PLUS YEARS ON TV AND WHITE FOLKS ARE RUNNING THE BUSINESS. HOW DUMB CAN U BE?
cassandra29's picture

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Love It!........New Page on Facebook called (Daily Black Beauty Exclusives)...Highlighting the Beauty Needs of Black Women from (Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Health Products, Clothes, The Latest Trends and Inspirational Messages uplifting the Glorious Black Woman...Check It Out Here DAILY BLACK BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES.......... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-Black-Beauty-Exclusives/33521128993...

Oprah has really FALLEN OFF!

Oprah has really FALLEN OFF! Why in the world would Z LIST GABBY have anything to add about being a REAL SUCCESSFUL AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE in HOLLYWOOD! Gabby CAN NOT ACT A LICK! Where are the women that are actually getting acting roles here and there like: Kerry W, Jurnee Smollett, Nicole Baharie, Paula Patton, Meagan Goode, Thandie Newton, Naomi Harris and so on!
Shay's picture

Ummm... not being funny but

Ummm... not being funny but everyone you named (except for Kerry Washington) are getting the same amount of work as Gabby. I mean she's filming a movie now and she has a show coming out in the next week or so (even if it is BET) she's still working.
Mama Mia's picture

The point is she's UNWORTHLY

The point is she's UNWORTHLY to be up there with that group of women and SHE CAN'T ACT, not to mention her BAD HOMEWRECKER IMAGE! Really in TRULY the top women of color still getting the better roles are: Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry and Kerri Washington. Halle just filmed X Men in her early pregnant stage. The other women I named still have more going on then Gabby on their IMDb all act circles around her including Paula Patton who's not that great but still BETTER than Gabby! Hello she got lucky with Steve Harvey's movie they all did and Becoming Mary Jane is on BET ENOUGH SAID!
Shay's picture

Gabrielle is real cute, but

Gabrielle is real cute, but uhhh she hasn't been working in films too heavy for the past few years? Where's Kerry?! Even Meagan Good would have been a better addition for the younger generation.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Not sure how much C-list

Not sure how much C-list Gabby could add to the conversation. She looks out of place with those real Hollywood actresses. Two Can Play That Game and Think Like A Man doesn't quite put her in the same category as these women she is picture with.
Child Please's picture

EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **crashes into a telephone pole then folds arms**.......Gabby"s 23 Movies have grossed $915,000,000 Million Worldwide......not to mention her TV & Endorsements!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NO LONGER Highly Favored.................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

See now Oprah showing

See now Oprah showing something positive about black women YAAA HAPPY???
LetsGetIt's picture

Brotha these women right

Brotha these women right there don't exude any positivity at all. Now if these women were white or latina, there would be positivity and love all over oprah talk show.COS THOSE BLACK WOMEN ARE KNOWN TO BE ILL TALKERS. THEY WOULD TRASH AND DESTROY A BLACK MAN ON HIS WAY TO THE WORK, TO THE BANK. ESPECIALLY ON HIS WAY TO THE REDEMPTION!!!
CROCO BOY's picture

Since yall hate black women

Since yall hate black women so much,,,,why don't both of yall go out and get to know each other better?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Hey i don't hate black women

Hey i don't hate black women I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU SISTA BEEMA. I say what i say BECAUSE I LOVE BLACK WOMEN AND PREFER TO BE WITH BLACK WOMEN AND WANT A FAMILY WITH A BLACK WOMAN!!!It's hurt your brotha letsgetit moreeeee than it hurts you black women to say the realllllll shit that i say sistaaaaa.
LetsGetIt's picture

BWAHAHAHA! You call your hate

BWAHAHAHA! You call your hate filled, misogynistic, black women bashing and white/latina women glorifying rant love?!?!?! HILARIOUS! No wonder our community is fucked up if that's passing for love. Slap me silly 'cause that is funniest shit I've read all day.
BlackDiva's picture

Yes sista i love you enough

Yes sista i love you enough to tell your ass the truth so yall can act right. It's funny cause i know it actually makes sense to you. I never spread hate amongst black women i just see you as apart of my TRIBE and i want you to do better as women, so i say what i have to say to get yall to think. Yall reply to letsgetit because YOU KNOW IT'S TRUTHHH TO WHAT I SAYYYYYYY!!!! Yaaa just tooo prouddddd and silly to admit ittttttt just like most black women!!
LetsGetIt's picture

You know what your problem

You know what your problem is? You have delusion of grandeur. You think you're dropping knowledge and gems on this YBF board to us poor black women who don't know any better. What you are talking about is ALREADY WELL KNOWN. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME SHIT when I can see it with my own damn eyes. You are not enlightening the masses, what you're doing is what black people continue to do best, complain, complain, complain, complain, but offer NO DAMN SOLUTION. And the reason why you can't, is because you are MENTALLY POISONED (self-hate, contradicting, blameless). If nothing else, you are the master of complaining about the same shit over and over again, but continue to have NO SOLUTION. If there were giving out Phd's for complaining, you would have earned a 1000 of them by now.
BlackDiva's picture

The solution is the black

The solution is the black woman..... IF SHE GETS HER SHIT TOGTHER THE WHOLE BLACK COMMUNITY WOULD LOOK LIKE PARADISE!!!!!!!!!Guaranteed!!!!The first transmitter of culture in our community act like shit THEREFORE ANYTHING SHE BRINGS FORTH INTO THIS WORLD ACTS THE SAME FUCKING WAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Every culture have women that stand with their man.Black women are the only one that don't!!!Because for one they LIKE WEAK MEN so when you ask them why they don't stand by their man , they'll point out LIL MAN MAN , TERRELL, JOHN JOHN AND NEM and say that's why as an excuseeeeeee BUT THE REAL BLACK MEN WHO ARE OUT THERE MOST BLACK WOMEN WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, BECAUSE IT GOES AGAINST THEIR TRAIN OF THOUGHT AND POWER FORCE WITHIN A HOME. Black women want to be head THEREFORE THEY deal with men who doesn't care about being the head at allllllll!!! They deal clown ass men and weak minded negros just so they can still have the feeling of "I don't need this nigga" even though i got kids by him "I don't need this nigga"and when i get rid of him i'll put his ass on child support and in the system. A real black man SEE'S THROUGH ALOT OF YOU BLACK WOMEN DIRTY TACTICS SISTAAAAAA DIVAAAAA!!!Black women want to live A COMFORTABLE VICIOUS CYCLEEEE THAT'S BEING LIVED OUT EACH GENERATION!!!The weak ass men , thugs, and clown only act this way because they came out of black women single household and they seen that NIGGERISH BEHAVIOUR IS REWARDED WITH SOME GOOD PUSSY!!!That's been previous tapped and camed on by some other clown which is why she have a kid or 2 already before messing with another clown ass negro. LET MEEEEE HIT YOU WITH A GEM REAL QUICK and this is exclusivelyyyyyyyyy from your boy letsgetitttt , listen up sista diva........"Black women only deal with men that has been heavily influence by their broken home" -Letsgetit
LetsGetIt's picture

Let me clue you in

Let me clue you in brother--THAT'S THE BLACK WOMEN YOU DEALT WITH, because none of the ones I surround myself with are this way--NOT ONE. You know the difference between me and you even though I don't deal with women ghetto women like that, that doesn't mean that I THINK ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE like the women I deal with. ALL THOSE THINGS YOU TALKED ABOUT, I'VE SEEN IT with my own eyes, SO AGAIN, YOU'RE RANTING ABOUT NOTHING NEW--So you wasted your precious gems. Everyone has eyes like you, walk in the same communities, talk to the same people, SO WE ALL SEE IT, NOT JUST YOU TRYING TO BE SOME DAMN ORACLE. Everyone of us KNOW THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS FUCKED UP AND IS IN DIRE NEED OF RESTRUCTURING, but ranting and raving about your hatred for these dumb ass ghetto women is NOT A SOLUTION. YOU STILL HAVE NOT OFFERED A SOLUTION, JUST MORE RANTING THAT IT'S THE BLACK WOMEN'S FAULT. You are very good at COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SAME SHIT AND OFFERING NO FUCKING SOLUTION--As usual!
BlackDiva's picture

Sista diva i told you the

Sista diva i told you the solution it's BLACK WOMEN AKA "THE NUCLEUS", "THE SOURCE", "THE QUEEN", THAT'S THE SOLUTION she needs to get in order and everything else will follow. Now diva u know damn well i never say ALLLL BLACK WOMEN i just say it's MOST OF THEM that are the way that i described and you said you've seen it yourself sista SO WHY YOU SO ANGRY AT ME FOR SHOWING THE OBVIOUS that alot of you black women claim you never seen or been around and when i say HEY THIS SHIT NEEDS TO STOPPPPP!!! YALL MAD AT ME LOL!!!And it's not just ghetto women , it's black women from all walks of life that act just the way i described ITS THE CULTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
LetsGetIt's picture

Sweetie, saying the black

Sweetie, saying the black women is the problem, is not a solution. Pointing out the faucet is broken and saying once it's fixed everything will be good is not a solution. You're just pointing out the obvious in your rants, not offering a solution. And my anger is at your delusion of grandeur, not you pointing out the obvious. To think that you are the only one who is aware of issues in the black community and that black women or anyone else for that matter is not aware is HIGHLY DELUSIONAL on your part and you judge ALL BLACK WOMEN in your very limited exposure (mississippi or whatever rat hole you're in)--You've even said this YOURSELF. So your scope of ALL BLACK WOMEN is already limited both socially and educationally. And your issues go DEEPER than black women. You are a walking contradiction and with varying degrees of self-hate. And there's a difference between associating with and seeing ghetto black women. Just because I don't associate with ghetto black women that does not mean I don't see it--erroneous on your part to think that the two equated. And NO, not all black women in all walks of life act just the way you describe, GHETTO BLACK WOMEN in all walks of life act the way you described. The ghetto mentality is NOT restricted to the hood. It's a far reaching since it's MENTALITY--know the difference.
BlackDiva's picture


cassandra29's picture

Sista cassandra i've been

Sista cassandra i've been around both poor whites and rich whites , and the thing about whites is THEY SEPARATE THEMSELVES FROM TRASH!!!! I've also been around rich blacks and poor blacks AND THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME FUCKING MENTALITY!!!!!!!Both love materialistic shit and have their lives revolved around that shit!! They don't pass THE WEALTH TO THEIR CHILDREN , they don't teach their kids how to beat the american system. IT'S ALL ABOUT "I GOT MORE THAN THE NEXT NIGGA!!!" Whereas whites look out for their fellow man and try to network with each other, I'VE SEEN ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!And i seen a few, a small few amount of white men that let their women run over them BUT NOT THE WAY I HAVE SEEN BLACK MEN BE RAN OVER AND TALK TO BY BLACK WOMEN SHITTTTTTTTT DON'T COME CLOSEEEEEEE. White men work hard for they shit and they not going to come to a house THEY BOUGHT AND HAVE THE WOMEN JUST TALK MAD SHIT TO THEM AND DISRESPECT THEM I HAVEN'T SEEN ITTTTTT. Now if he fucked up cheated or something yeah his ass is sleeping on the porch or in the doghouse that day. But just outright disrespect fuckkkkkk nooooo. But i've seen black women talk to brothas like shit , tell them how they got more education than them, talk about their dick size, DEMAND THAT THEIR MAN BUY THEM SOME HIGH PRICED SHIT IN THE STORE, FIGHT AND TALK DIRTY TO THEM INNNNNNNN PUBLICCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!I RARELY SEEN A WHITE WOMANNNN TALKKK TO THEIR HUSBANDDDDD THE WAY BLACK WOMEN DO IN PUBLICCC!!! Now one thing i can agree with you on is ALOT OF WHITE WOMEN ARE ALCOHOLICS AND DRUGGIES. I don't know to many black women who are just out right alcoholics like that. Now as far as drug i know a few who smoke weed here and there that's it tho. But i can agree white women be on some hard ass drugs and alcohol. And yea they are taught to sacrafice because they SEEN THEIR FATHER SACRAFISE AND BE A MAN FOR THE SAKE OF THE FAMILY. Black folks don't really have that model anymore WE DID IN THE 20'S-70'S but not anymoreee because the women wanted out and wanted to suck the system dick instead of building and staying behind their mannnnnn!!!Black people were going to PROGRESS but the community was giving over to black women and we been ON A DECLINE EVERY SINCE THENNNNNNNNN!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

"suck the system dick" LOL

"suck the system dick" LOL LOL I needed that LOL that is so funny I had to write it down for future reference. What can I say, but that I am ashamed to say that many many black women do act the way you say toward men with really bitter tongues. Personally I get rid of A-holes who make me act out of character, and bring out the worse in me, but some do stay around and dog the man out, but the woman I knew who did that (I have only known one) was getting whiskey thrown in her face right in front of everyone at the club. I really really detest negroes being too superficial and doing any dirty thing for money too, and one had the nerve to say to me that it is the white man's fault and that is the only way they can get the white man's money!!!! How ignorant is that? We all have choices to make between good/evil and right/wrong, and we all know money is the root of all evil, so why would you blame someone else because YOU chose to do wrong. And you are right that white women dont PUBLICLY humiliate their husbands but behind close doors they humiliate the heck out of them by f8cking their brother or best friend, and forcing the husband out and moving the new man in HIS house. I even witness one of them with 5 kids having her black boyf over while he was at work, and when discovered she left the white husband and all 5 kids to go live with the black man and even leaving her young baby. I have saw them heffas treat a black man's child like dirt when the black d8ck and money are gone. They were cussing the toddlers like they were grown up and had nothing but mean words for them. White women aint sh8t to be glorified believe me.
cassandra29's picture

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