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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Rihanna Hit A Grabby Fan In The Head With Her Mic!

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Rihanna is back in the news for her Birmingham, UK concert Tuesday night during her Diamonds World Tour.  And this time, it's because she appears to have possibly hit a grabby fan in the face with her microphone.  Video inside...

Obviously, many celebs don't like when fans aggressively pull on their expensive stage clothes or fans who slap their asses during a performance. 

And Rihanna made it known she doesn't have time for folks pulling on her aggressively and holding her back from moving on with her performance.

A video has surfaced, that is labeled as a clip from her Birmingham, UK stop Tuesday night, and it shows Rih Rih taking her mic and hitting an extra grabby fan on the front row.  It all happened when she walked past the front row--with a barricade in between them and with her bodyguards--during one of her songs in order to get closer to the crowd.  But apparently, she wasn't trying to get THAT close.

In the below vid, you can see the "We Found Love" singer pull back and swing her mic at a fan...and reportedly, she aggressively hit the fan in the face:

Some folks say physically aggressive behavior by Rihanna was unnecessary. While others say the fan got what he or she deserved after they got too handsy with the bajan bad gal.


*UPDATE* If there was any doubt if whether she hit someone, chick confirmed it herself on Instagram saying she did it on purpose because they wouldn't let her go.


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Photos: Youtube/RihPlies' Instagram

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That one incident did not

That one incident did not show she was aggressive at all. She is an entertainer and performer. That does not give anyone a right to reach out and touch or grab. If another entertainer handled it differntly good for them, but the person better be glad all they got was a bop by the microphone. People need to keep their hands to themselves and there would be no problems, thanks and good bye.

RiRi is real

RiRi is real
ravishinb's picture

YEAH!!!! Real STUPID!!!!!

YEAH!!!! Real STUPID!!!!! some of you brainwashed idiots idolize this b-tch like lunatics
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matchwealthy's picture

This was worse than when

This was worse than when Kanye had an entire section removed because someone threw a business card on stage and he was afraid he might fall on it so he got mad and had the entire section removed. Beyoncé has been slapped on the behind, had her hair pulled and I imaging quite a few other things. No, that's not nice but she handled it very well. Alicia Keys was approached by an overzealous fan who tried to grab her and kiss her. She handled it very well by dodging him and then there were apologies and all was fine. Many artists go through this kind of thing. Rihanna needs some major help because she doesn't even see she has done anything wrong.
rosa's picture

She probably really wanted to

She probably really wanted to bust them like she did Michael Cera in "This Is the End" -- **FWAP!** "Don't fucking touch my bumper bitch!"
Peace Silas's picture

riri needs a therapist.

riri needs a therapist.
wildlife's picture

Seriously, it is true. She

Seriously, it is true. She probably was out of her head and didn't even realize what she was doing and no, I'm not taking up for her. It was totally wrong. She had bodyguards right there so she was in NO danger. She was two hours late and evidently had problems with being there. No need to take anger out on the people who love you and pay outrageously to see you. (front row seats) Wow. She really needs help
rosa's picture

cmon RiRi that was

cmon RiRi that was unnecessary lol

About to b sued.....LOL

About to b sued.....LOL
star's picture

Some of you defending this

Some of you defending this marginally talented twit, she could of handled it better and not strike the fan who mind you paid her hard earned money to see her stupid azz, Rihanna has a bad tude, there is an old saying " your attitude will affect your altitude" this dummy probably never heard of that adage. She better remember that " no one stays on top forever"
sweetpea1989's picture

(-_ -)Riri just "rail up" and

(-_ -)Riri just "rail up" and clunked that person - so funny.
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adfadsfasdf's picture

Rihanna is rude as FUCK! i;m

Rihanna is rude as FUCK! i;m so sick and tired of this bitch! all the poor fan was saying is to be careful and go into the crowd at your own risk! she told them to "shut up"???? WTF, is wrong with this idiot?
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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xbxcneryuwey548's picture

What a B!tch! That was

What a B!tch! That was completely unnecessary. I've seen celebs get slapped in the face and grabbed (remember Keri Hilson on stage) b/c their fans were overly aggressive. Now that would warrant aggression back. But this? The fan just pulled her arm/jacket off. No harm done. She's going thru something I can tell... I heard on the radio she's going to a rehabilation center similar to detox to get over her issues of drug addiction/ stress with CB.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

First off, there's nothing

First off, there's nothing wrong with interacting w/ your fans. Celebs do it all the time. That still doesn't give anyone them the right to do any harm to them (even if it's a simple tug). You can obviously tell she was being pulled for quite some time............ Her Bodyguard should've stopped it, clearly he wasn't paying attention. SMH. I think she probably could've handled it differently (like motion for her security to stop it.......I mean he was right there) Or do like Bey did and blast the fan on the micorphone. But hey she's only human right haha
MsFiFi's picture

No, she does not look like

No, she does not look like she's being pulled for some time. She has been touched by several fans before the one she hit. She's a big girl and knows very well how excited the fans get. She should have stayed away if she didn't want to be touched or tugged on. Security could have handled it, evidently they saw nothing unordinary. Just because she is a celebrity is no reason to try and prove she had a right. She attacked the fan and she should have apologized not only for that but for being late too.
rosa's picture

Lol..Boi that Ri can act so

Lol..Boi that Ri can act so gutterish..The bodyguard Kinda paused n' looked back like Dam..was it that serious! Smhlol..*sips spritzer
Like Really's picture

she already knew that fans

she already knew that fans were going to grab on her, So why even go into the crowd. She should have never hit her fan. Your fans are the ones that made you become this big pop star today smh.
SH's picture

Thank you. I agree 100%

Thank you. I agree 100% Nobody should ever treat their fans like that.

I kind of see why Chris Brown

I kind of see why Chris Brown is leaving her alone.
ZenLea's picture

i know right. just wow

i know right. just wow
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Lol RIGHT! This proves that

Lol RIGHT! This proves that she is an aggressive person. Chris probably saw that their old pattern of abusing each other was on the horizon and decided to bounce before she ruined his career AGAIN...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

When you are a pop star like

When you are a pop star like RiRi and decides to walk among the crowd - you are taking a big risk and it an't calculated....these celebs better know and be prepared for the reaction of some of these crazy ass fans...in the meantime she should fire the bodyguard - clearly he was not on top of the situation - it could have been worse!
lifeisgood's picture

Was she not singing live?

Was she not singing live? What happened to that sound the mic makes when it comes in contact with something? Anywho...... I think they go in the audience because they know that the people are gonna act a plum fool over them and it feeds their ego. I guess Rih needed to find something constructive to do with the mic, instead of howling through it like an injured dog. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

good point

good point
Peace Silas's picture

Lol.. Exactly that mic wasn't

Lol.. Exactly that mic wasn't on not even a lil' bit..Smhlol
Like Really's picture

she defending herself while

she defending herself while the bodyguards stand around collecting her checks....
divine_brown's picture

Exactly!! Like umm she had to

Exactly!! Like umm she had to do something, they were just standing there watching. Like umm.. do your job.
Monae's picture

Rihanna needs to fire that

Rihanna needs to fire that bodyguard. He legit didn't do anything, and from the video you can see she was being tugged on for a lil minute before she hit whoever with the microphone. But she definitely hit them, lol. She didn't even continue to sing after she bust them up.

she said the bitch wouldn't

she said the bitch wouldn't let her go. all the said "bitch" was doing is grabbing her. she really didn't need to hit her. her bodyguard just stood there and watched.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

This bitch think she can do

This bitch think she can do whatever the fukk she wanna do.... I used to like her but she doesnt kno how to fukkn chill. Its no reason for her to be such a fukkn douche bag all the time....there will be a law suit in the am..
REd™'s picture

i feel the same way. she has

i feel the same way. she has gotten too full of herself.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

NO star should be in close

NO star should be in close proximity to fans. keep your azz on stage AT ALL TIMES. you never heard of this garbage when mj was touring around the world.
wildlife's picture

Beyonce should have done the

Beyonce should have done the same, but she'd never do that... go rih rih !
buttons's picture

Bey would let the entire

Bey would let the entire Front Row finger bang the BeJesus outta her.....then go do a Woman's Empowerment Concert the next day.....phony slut!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jesus wouldve had passionate

Jesus wouldve had passionate sex with her right there for about 4 seconds b/c the security guard wasnt doing his damn job............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Wtf, Hell naw I would have

Wtf, Hell naw I would have done that too. Some people are just to overly excited and need to come the hell down.
Monae's picture

LOL! @ Rihanna. "She about

LOL! @ Rihanna. "She about that life"

She's practically a Golden

She's practically a Golden Gloves Boxer after dating Chris Brown
Jesus H. Christ's picture

She didn't have to hit the

She didn't have to hit the fan with her mic. If you go out into the crowd expect to get grabbed. Plus her bodyguard was there with her so she should have let him handle that.

Exactly her bodyguards a

Exactly her bodyguards a right there "That Girl was not in any Danger" -_- .. glad to see somebody else thats not sooo ((((Brainwashed))))
REd™'s picture

Same here...lol

Same here...lol

That's right sista rihanna

That's right sista rihanna HIT THEM CRAKKKAS RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THAT MIC!!!!!Don't be like that creole french lady.
LetsGetIt's picture

RiRi would beat the dog piss

RiRi would beat the dog piss outta Cray Bey (that is why Bey dont say shit when Jay gets busy with RiRi)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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