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WOMP: Kenya Moore OFFICIALLY EVICTED After Judge Rules in Favor Of Landlord....And Kenya Didn't Show Up To Court

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Well this wasn't one of Kenya's smartest moves.  Instead of showing up to her mandatory court date yesterday (Tuesday) to defend herself against her landlord's eviction lawsuit.....the "RHOA" diva skipped out on it.  And now, she's homeless in Georgia.


Deets inside on the judge's final eviction ruling....

After Conya Weems, the landlord of the $4,000/month McMansion Kenya Moore's been renting while filming Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," received a ruling in her favor Tuesday saying she could officially evict Ms. Moore, Conya issued a statement to Radar Online.

“I am making this statement as a result of the eviction order and judgment made against my former tenant, Kenya Moore, on June 18, 2013 in the Magistrate Court of Fulton County.

The decision to file this eviction notice regarding Ms. Moore was reached after pursuing every possible amicable way to settle this matter privately. I am grateful that the judicial system has brought finality to this eviction process and I look forward to regaining possession of my home.”

As we previously reported, Conya filed an eviction lawsuit against Kenya when she was sort $848 of her May rent.  Conya also says Kenya "defaulted on the terms of the lease."  We still don't know EXACTLY which terms of the lease she "defaulted" on, but we do know the landlord mentioned that the home received too much unwarranted attention from the filming fo the show.  And it sounds like the landlord used this $848 shortage as technical ammunition to get Kenya out of the home.

Neighbors also told multiple entertainment news outlets that Kenya was "the neighbor from hell" since she moved into the Roswell neighborhood.  A source told Radar:

“Owners are concerned that the value of their properties are going down because she has not maintained the landscaping, nor the pool, has even storied furniture outside and her dog is always on the loose.”

Sigh.  Reportedly, the landlord is out of town at this moment so Kenya will have a few days to make some plans and pack her ish since many sheriff departments require the landlord to be present on eviction day.

And by the way, Kenya's counter-lawsuit claiming wrongful eviction and other things...it was dropped according to Conya's lawyer.  It probably would have helped had Kenya actually shown up to court on Tuesday.  Guess she's too freakin' fabulous to twirl herself into anybody's courtroom.

Womps all around.  Chick is officially gone with the wind evicted....


P.S.  We hear this is all happening right before Kenya's co-star NeNe Leakes' wedding, which is set to happen soon.  Oh the drama!


Photos: Merritt/Getty Images


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matchwealthy's picture

SPELL CHECK please..."Sort"

SPELL CHECK please..."Sort" $848....?!?

Oooo that's embarrassing.

Oooo that's embarrassing.
brownlace's picture

Kenya get a life and stop

Kenya get a life and stop paying $1,000 for shoes. Your gone with the wind life is over and you made yourself look like a real fool on TV.
blackgirl60's picture

Lmao Bitch! hahahaha

Lmao Bitch! hahahaha
REd™'s picture

Well at least this is a Great

Well at least this is a Great pic!
star's picture

Reportedly the rent was

Reportedly the rent was $4,000.00/month. She was crazy as hell for paying that for rent in Atlanta, New York maybe, Los Angeles maybe but in Atlanta - hell naw. She could have rented a NICE home for much less. Based on other reports, the house had 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, pool, etc. She didn't need that much space just to set-up a 'pretend' residence in Atlanta in order to be on the show. She is always playing the victim with Walter and Phaedra but truth be told she is the instigator and originator of the drama. I guess she thinks that they will secure her spot on the show. Back in the old days, people cared about their reputation. SMH...
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Getting evicted is never a

Getting evicted is never a good look especially in Atlanta where the cost of living is so much lower there than it is in Los Angeles or New York. Her dumb ass should have been paying a mortgage instead of renting and if it was just temporary, then she definitely should have found a nice apartment for way less money. Nigga shit!
Suga Bear's picture

I almost feel bad for this

I almost feel bad for this unstable chick SMH but live within your means girl and if you had just reasoning for not paying the money you should have shown in court just messy. Menopause must be a b*tch
Mouse's picture

Wonder what Wendy Williams

Wonder what Wendy Williams got to say about this since she defended her. Kenya is certifiably a nut case and pathological liar.
JewelryLover's picture

Wow!! Ms. " Gone with the

Wow!! Ms. " Gone with the wind" is homeless?? Shame on you Kenya, just get what you can afford. Hope she gets a place sad :(
Cynthia Cole's picture

Kenya hon, I hope the reason

Kenya hon, I hope the reason you didn't show up for court was because you were house hunting.
Chicknchips's picture

not "gone with the wind

not "gone with the wind evicted"..lol
TrueThinker's picture


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xbxcneryuwey548's picture

For $848.00 phucking

For $848.00 phucking dollars?¿ This chick's bag and shoes cost more than that. AGAIN ~ NiggerRich nonsense. What a disappointment Miss USA.
GetUrLife's picture

Yep, like I said before

Yep, like I said before DELUSIONAL. I knew the Landlord was right. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

And are we suppose to feel

And are we suppose to feel sorry for this chick?? whatever....I am sure being 40, Fabulous and with a Gone with the wind twirl - she will twirl her ass to another season to collect...
lifeisgood's picture

Kenya Moore is just all kinds

Kenya Moore is just all kinds of hot mess. Smh. I feel bad for her though, her business being blasted the way it is. But at the same time, she brings a lot of negative attention on herself. Welp, I'm sure she'll find somewhere else to stay.

I don't like to kick a sista

I don't like to kick a sista when she's down........but damn she got what she deserved!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

you don't like to "kick a

you don't like to "kick a sista when she's down", but yet you kicked her anyway..
ZenLea's picture

She can stay with Jesus for

She can stay with Jesus for "Free" ;-)
Jesus H. Christ's picture



Man, RHOA gonna be a good

Man, RHOA gonna be a good watch next season lol. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there as well
V's picture

She bragged about selling all

She bragged about selling all those DVDs but nothing to show for it...twirl your ass to an apartment you can actually afford boo.

LMAO!!!! My sentiments

LMAO!!!! My sentiments exactly!!!!
JewelryLover's picture

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