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MUSIC ROUNDUP: Michelle Williams RELEASES "If We Had Your Eyes" (SINGLE) + Blac Chyna, Tyga & King Cairo BACKSTAGE At Powerhouse...

 photo michelle-williams-if-we-had-your-eyes.jpg

Michelle Williams has released the full-length version of her uplifting single "If We Had Your Eyes."  Listen to the track inside and watch Nicki Minaj perform with Chris Brown, as Blac Chyna, Tyga and son King Cairo chill backstage.   Also, watch Wale's new "LoveHate Thing" video and see Drake doing shots of liquor from his Grammy! 

After wetting fans' appetites with a few teasers, Michelle Williams has released the full-length version of her Harmony Samuels-produced gospel song, "If We Had Your Eyes." The song will be appearing on Michelle's fourth solo album which is due later this year.  Also, Michelle will be starring in a new reality show called "My Sister's Keeper", produced by Entertainment One Television.  The series is expected to debut this summer.  

In the meantime, Michelle thanked her fans for their support and patience. 

 photo michelle-williams-if-we-had-your-eyes-2.jpg

Also, Michelle Williams will chat with fan on her live Ustream Q&A, Tuesday, June 25. Submit questions using the hashtag #MichelleOnUstream.

Listen to "If We Had You Eyes" here:


In new music videos.....

On the heels of the mega-hit "Bad" featuring Tiara Thomas and/or Rihanna, Wale picked Sam Dew for The Gifted's second single, Love Hate Thing."  In the video for the R&B-inspired song, Wale gets suited up in some dapper evening attire and reflects on his success.  Going from a small apartment in a walk-up building, to a house in the sky, he wonders why former friends are jealous of his success.  

The Gifted hits stores tomorrow, June 25.

And on stage.....

Chris Brown took the stage for Power 106′s PowerHouse 2013 concert in Los Angeles on Saturday. Held at Anaheim’s Honda Center, Breezy danced through a string of hits with other performances from Big Sean, A$AP Rocky and Future. The crowd also got a surprise performance from Nicki Minaj who did DJ Khaled’s “Take It to the Head” before going into her own hits, “Beez in the Trap” and “High School.” After the performance, he tweeted, “thx for showing love at powerhouse!!! Means a lot to me. Thank you.” Chris' album X, hits stores on July 16.


 photo tumblr_moub5vsLNl1qmqsmno1_500.png

Tyga hit the stage to perform with Breezy.

 photo 8652e82adbbd11e295d322000aa80060_7-1.jpg

Backstage, Tyga's baby momma Blac Chyna  posed with their son King Cairo.  

 photo tumblr_mou2guSABo1rfp9slo1_1280.jpg 

 photo tumblr_mou2eej60g1rfp9slo1_1280.jpg

Blac Chyna also posed with a few of her friends.

Watch Blac Chyna backstage here:


And in other music news....

 photo drake-grammyl.jpg

OVO's Drake recently received his Take Care Grammy for Best Rap Album 2013 and you'll never guess what he did with it!  After pouring a shot of liquor inside and taking it to the head, he revealed that he'll leave the award at his mom's house.  He added,   

“My vision always included a speech, that’s the only thing that wasn’t accurate, but other than that, I always said I’d get one of these and I got it, and it’s like, when does it stop? Does it stop? Why is it happening? It’s crazy, it’s surreal."

Watch the toast here:



1.  Blues pioneer Bobby (Blue) Bland, died at the age of 83 on Sunday in Memphis, TN.

Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America/Blac Chyna IG





This black chyna chick looks

This black chyna chick looks like lambchop with a blond weave. When is this ratchet fucktaciousness going to stop? Black women need to do better!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I'm happy for michelle. All

I'm happy for michelle. All of these other women tho in the pic with Blac Chyna all look the same. Long weaves, makeup, and designer bags and heels.... sigh.
Mrs. Wilson's picture

Oh and lashes lol

Oh and lashes lol
Mrs. Wilson's picture

Will the world just accept it

Will the world just accept it that Michelle can't sing so stop putting her out there to get embarassed. Let her spend her Destiny Child money and stop the Dellusional thinking
lola69's picture

I thought it was just me and

I thought it was just me and I didn't wanna be the one to say it so thank you. That voice is like nails across a chalk board.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Ok, so this article is off.

Ok, so this article is off. Big Sean, Tyga, A$AP Rocky, Problem, Future, Trinidad James and Drop City were not surprise performances. They were scheduled and pre-announced by Power 106. I was there...Nicki Minaj, Sean Kingston, Jhene, Derek Fisher, Tank, Game and Russel Westbrook were the surprise guests/performances.
Mo_Love's picture

That dude in the white looks

That dude in the white looks like a major fool with that expression and pose.....smh
MissThangfromthe5thflr's picture

If I had His eyes...I Love

If I had His eyes...I Love you Lord!
Knowledge's picture

.....and the good Lord loves

.....and the good Lord loves you.
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Who on God's green earth is

Who on God's green earth is that chick in the blue Chicago Cubs jersey!!!!!!! Jesus might force her to marry him........
Jesus H. Christ's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

Her name is India Westbrooks,

Her name is India Westbrooks, but she goes by _indialove on instagram
tb75081's picture

thank you. god bless

thank you. god bless
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I am so happy Michelle is

I am so happy Michelle is back at with Gospel music! I can't wait for the album! Woohoo!

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