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THIS GUY: Kirk Frost Explains His Issues With Rasheeda, The Baby Drama, And If HE'S The One Cheating

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Since Kirk Frost became one of the most hated men in reality TV recently after saying his WIFE and "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" co-star, Rasheeda, should have an abortion and the baby may not even be his...he's speaking out to explain his side.


If you care, Kirk addresses everything you've been wondering about inside....

It's been rumored "LAHH: ATL" stars Kirk & Rasheeda have split and are an inch away from an official divorce.  And who would blame Rasheeda for wanting the marriage to be over after her husband of umpteen years tells her she should have an abortion when she gets a pregnancy surprise.  AND follows that up wit telling her the baby may not even be his.  You know, since wives don't take kindly to being called hoes by their own husbands.

Both Kirk & Rasheeda popped up at this weekend's 10th Anniversary of V103's Car & Bike Show at the Georgia World Congress Center.  But they rolled separately, furthering speculation the two have split.  Kirk showed off his passive agressive "Almost Single" tee.  And Rasheeda attended with her sharp tongued mama.

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Kirk called in to WGCI's Morning Riot show yesterday to tell what's really going on.  He cconfirmed he and Rasheeda have one child together, 12-year-old Ky, and Kirk has 4 other kids.  Interestingly, he doesn't confirm ages which would probably prove he's cheated on Rasheeda at some point during their many years of marriage. 

And you would think that this far into a marriage and all these kids, why would he say such cruel things to his own wife.  Kirk says "we do argue and have these problems" and "it's just blown up because the cameras are there."  He also ended the interview saying he DOES want this child....now.

Here are the highlights from his interview:

On why he made the abortion comment and said the baby may not be his: "I did say it because [having a baby] was messing with our business.  I was really pissed off.  This is my thing--A baby comes out a woman, it doesn't come out a guy.  You don't know where that woman's privates been."

On if he REALLY thinks Rasheeda cheats on him: "Not that I know of, but she's a rapper....I see how many people try to get at Rasheeda 24/7 and it's been like that for years.  I see people sending bags and offers and asking if she's still with her husband...I don't know if she would do that though.  But there's not a perfect person walking this earth."

On if he's the one cheating and that's why he's accusing Rasheeda of cheating: "At that point in time, no.  (When asked if he is now) That remains to be seen."

On if he regrets saying Rasheeda should get an abortion: "I definitely do.  I wouldn't have said [the abortion thing]."

On the gay rumors: "I am nowhere near gay." 

On the status of his & Rasheeda's marriage: "We're friends.  We're still husband and wife.  But do we still have some problems to work out, yes we do."

Sounds like he's being technical with the "we're still husband and wife" statement.  And it seems Kirk is extra insecure about his marriage as he constantly says he never knows what Rasheeda COULD be doing...because he's not with her 24/7.  Hmmm....

Check out the full interview below.



1.  Today marks the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing.

Photos: Paras Griffin/G Paras Photos




TEAM KIRK ALL-DAY... This is why men "LIE" to women because when a person/man is "HONEST" this happens, angry women everywhere! On the shirt ya'll know damn well someone gave dude that shirt to promote their product. Would you rather a person play with your emotions or come out in tell you how they really feel? The TRUTH RIGHT! No matter how it comes out, I honor anyone who can do this in-person in better off on television NO EDIT'S. Don't get man just think about my comment.
@CSULB Grad's picture

This is foolish, and besides

This is foolish, and besides this BS story about how he is acting like a female in a male body, wasnt he accused of raping his own daughter?!?!?! Clearly this dude has more issues other than acting like his estrogen levels are higher than any overly feminine woman Ive ever met in my life

Kirk's attitude about the

Kirk's attitude about the whole situation speaks to when marriage and manager collides in the worst way. Let this be a lesson to women in the industry that having your spouse manage you can be a mismanagement, and a total disregard to your marriage. I don't know either party personally, but let my husband attempt to disrespect me like that the instagram will say DIVORCE! Rasheeda is an attractive woman, and I feel her husband is VERY jealous of her....you can do better Rasheeda.

SMH this fool...

SMH this fool...
Peace Silas's picture

what a disgusting excuse for

what a disgusting excuse for a man
leesh's picture

I don't usually say stuff

I don't usually say stuff like this but Kirk that is "gay" (and I put it in quotation marks but I am not in any way relating it to true homosexuality). Come on now seriously...an "almost single" t-shirt on top of all the things he has said on camera to his wife...this dude can not be serious. I do believe that when one is married that all should be done to work through problems/issues but this dude right here I don't think I would want her to even try. What a waste...just another hood negro! #SMH
ladydennecia's picture

Kirk I can kick U R so

Kirk I can kick U R so FUGLY. Rasheeda could of done way better then u she is 2pretty 4 u dog face
miSSyCatsss's picture

wow he is sooo ugly!

wow he is sooo ugly!
ZenLea's picture

This whole situation is just

This whole situation is just sad. Imagine being pregnant and wanting people to feel happy or at least excited, and your baby gets no love from hardly anyone, not even the "father". It's all about money. My inner mama bear would really need to let loose on a few people.
Josiee's picture

Kirk is looking real thirsty

Kirk is looking real thirsty with that t-shirt. Rasheeda should have taken Deb's advice last year.
getyourlife33's picture

Indeed he does. #Fool!

Indeed he does. #Fool!
ladydennecia's picture

I'm still keeping my fingers

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this whole thing is fake. Who puts their wife through this kinda mess when she's preggers? And why couldn't he get his point across like Deb did? I think they are too close for him to manage Rasheeda. She does't respect him as a manager and he doesn't respect her as a client because of the marriage.
Bird's picture

It's not fake. I know someone

It's not fake. I know someone that's linked to her (can't say how) but they are not together anymore. Her mama no longer speaks to him.
JJFad's picture

Dude is SUCH a douche-bag.

Dude is SUCH a douche-bag. Clearly he's cheated in the past (anytime you say 'I'm not cheating *right now*) which is why he's paranoid that his wife might have done the same thing. Typical dog. The hurtful things he said to her...he could have been MAN ENOUGH not to say them on camera. I don't know about Rasheeda's rap game but she's very pretty & stylish & can do better than his bitchass. She better start singing Usher & sign those papers.

Kirk is an insecure LOSER.

Kirk is an insecure LOSER. You would think Rasheeda is the one with 4 other kids! Negro PLEASE! Really not feeling him at all this season. He's acting like a spoiled beeyatch. I like Deb Atney. She's actually a good manager and was giving Rasheeda great advice. She should've been concentrating on other things and not doing videos titled 'hit it from the back' at 4 months pregnant! SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Rasheeda is beautiful,

Rasheeda is beautiful, she's her mother's twin and as far as her marriage to Kirk, I pray they can work it out. Reality shows do ruin marriages.
MarshayH's picture

Seems like once those reality

Seems like once those reality checks started rolling in the fool started smelling himself and got brand new with his wife. Maybe this is why the success(in this case he wanted alot of money) he was seeking wasn't blessed upon him...he CANNOT handle it. This reality tv has been a curse for many. He's asked his wife to get an abortion but she has raised their child plus assisted with his other 4 children and any grandchildren...What jerk!!!
Missy's picture

SOME "men" can be Bigger

SOME "men" can be Bigger BITCHES than Some women.
GetUrLife's picture

Reality TV causes divorces.

Reality TV causes divorces. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

He's an ass. You can tell

He's an ass. You can tell he's been talking ugly to Rasheeda like that for years. All he talks about is the business more than about her as a woman or wife. I felt sorry for Rasheeda last night because she had to face the fact that she needs to move on from this rap dream. Deb Antney told her nothing but the truth.
Keys's picture

Jesus knows none of these

Jesus knows none of these assholes (is your personal agenda to bore the death outta everyone??????).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

He does not know what it

He does not know what it means to be a husband. Who tells their wife to have an abortion because it's "messing with our business."

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