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Lil Kim Hits The Studio With Diane Warren, Parties With Wiz & Amber + Rasheeda's "Hit It From The Back" Video + Future's "Sh!t"

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Lil Kim is back in the lab cooking up some music...but this time it's with a legend.  Check out what the Queen Bee's up to, plus videos & music from Rasheeda the self proclaimed "Boss Chick" and Future....

Kimmy is back in the studio.  And this time, with some certified music we hope.  Based on the Instagram pic posted, she's in the studio with songwriting legend Diane Warren.

She also was spotted partying it up with Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose last night:

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-26at15839PM_zps97af92ea.png  photo ScreenShot2013-06-26at15905PM_zps35100696.png

Amber went nuts about meeting her and tweeted, "I touched @LilKim's boob (on purpose) tonight and Wiz let me.....that was awesome! #QueenBee :-)"  Ha!


Speaking of rap chicks:

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-26at123433PM_zps3ebbf028.png

"Love & Hip Hop: ATL" star Rasheeda really went and released this "Hit It From The Back" video.  Yep, the same vid she argued up and down with folks about that she wanted to get out the way before she was showing.  Even though, she's already showing.

Why we're in a club talking about hitting it from the back when we have a big pregnant belly on display is beyond me.  But do you boo.


 photo future-shit_zpsfe418bd5.jpg


And Future is giving folks a lil something to hold them over till his studio album release of Future Hendrix.  He dropped a Mike Will Made It-produced track today...and it's called "Sh!t."  For reals. We would say that's exactly what it sounds like....but we don't want no drama.   Check out Future's autotuned speaking below that we're sure some folks will love:



The Randomness:

1.  Frank Ocean will reportedly be featured on Jay-Z's upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album, after already previously appearing on Jay & Kanye's Watch The Throne album.  STORY

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Both songs are garbage.

Both songs are garbage. Rasheeda, you are soooo hard headed. Didn't Deb tell you this looked crazy. You are a beautiful girl, relax with the music for now and focus on endorsements like hair and makeup, hell maybe even a pregnancy workout video or something.
getyourlife33's picture

Uh Future, NO! And why

Uh Future, NO! And why does his voice sound hoarse all the time?
I_love_laughing's picture

Exaaaaaaaactly omg this guy

Exaaaaaaaactly omg this guy sounds awful
truthHurts's picture

Why are people being so hard

Why are people being so hard on Rasheeda? Her music sounds like ALL the rap music that's out nowadays. Just listen to your local rap station and you will see what I mean. Rasheeda is a gorgeous woman. The doctor that performed the surgeries on Lil Kim should be prosecuted; why didn't he refuse to operate on her?
I_love_laughing's picture

because "ALL" the other

because "ALL" the other rappers arent 9 months pregnant talking about being so hot that fire is shooting out of their ass hole. even The Soup clowned her. this whole production is trifling.
shuga honey's picture


Rasheeda...my goodness....please... how long have you been in "the game" and not really gotten on with your music? Now, take a look at legitimate talent like K. Michelle and see how long it took her once she got the right platform...please Rasheeda give it up doll. I would buy your cosmetics, jewelry and even some clothing choices but never your "rap music". You're a 30-40ish looking fool.
Mrs. Wilson's picture

If Lil-Kim went to heaven

If Lil-Kim went to heaven biggie would say thats not u Kim what happen 2 your face.
miSSyCatsss's picture

Future's song IS stinky azz

Future's song IS stinky azz sh!t! Rasheeda's video is real ratchet! And as for kim.......poor kim she lost herself when she lost big.
I Am Anonymous's picture

Well I see she Rasheeda

Well I see she Rasheeda hasn't gotten any better at the rap game. It just seems that she could focus on so many other business ventures. She is def a beautiful woman but this right here it ain't hot!!
ladydennecia's picture

Kim has lost all things

Kim has lost all things humane n' that video wasnt any better.., but Dam Amber face look like its been flour bombed twice!! Smhlol...sips watermelon Martini
Like Really's picture

Only one thing Rasheeda had

Only one thing Rasheeda had right in this song... Sheen talkin' bout nuthin....
Grown Man Ish's picture

The 2nd single on that video

The 2nd single on that video Rasheeda should have just focused on that one because it sounds better and the hook is tight....Also, on a side note...I hate to be insensitive but if you want to keep poppin' out babies please leave the rap career alone! Honestly, the male fan base you are partially targeting doesn't want to keep hearing and/or seeing that 'ish...**These are not my sentiments I am just honest about how the game works!!!
Money First's picture

Kim's Face is jacked!

Kim's Face is jacked! Checkout thegrandreport for some cool entertainment news and videos
V's picture

i wish Biggie was still alive

i wish Biggie was still alive to write her shh & that she was about 15yrs younger!!! please stop this basic bish shhh Rasheeda! phaedra tiny kandi & toya please come get your girl & have a baby shower!

shiiiiiit, its some chicks in

shiiiiiit, its some chicks in the club with BIG PREGNANT BELLIES that aint even pregnant!! but yeah, whoever this Rasheeda is, she's a mess.
shuga honey's picture

Everytime I look at Lil Kim ~

Everytime I look at Lil Kim ~ I throw up in my mouth. And Rasheeda . . . blank stare ~ doing waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. A big belly performing "Hit It From the Back" outside the home in leather pum pum shorts is just tasteless.
GetUrLife's picture

Rasheeda is ratchet in a nice

Rasheeda is ratchet in a nice kind of way!
ZenLea's picture

Rasheeda, sound like mickey

Rasheeda, sound like mickey mouse. I actually never heard of her before till LHH.

LMBO!!! Well one...Rasheeda

LMBO!!! Well one...Rasheeda Deb was right. Worry about rapping until after the baby and focus on more attainable avenues for yourself. Not to say you can't be pregnant and successful I just don't think anyone is here for a pregnant rapper. There's nothing sexy or enticing about that (love u Sheeda!) And Future never makes good solo tracks EVER --he'll make a song with a catchy hook/chorus and all the talented rappers hop on it and make it hot. Love you too Future but stick to cameos.....
RossyGirl's picture


miSSyCatsss's picture

Rasheeda is wack. And I hope

Rasheeda is wack. And I hope Lil Kim goes back in that studio and comes out with a monster hit. I'm rooting for you Lil Kim.
BEEMA ETHEL's picture

Lil- Kim u my girl and all

Lil- Kim u my girl and all and u been i the game 4a while but, sister Girl u R lookin like tila tequila 4 real OMG.
miSSyCatsss's picture

I hate to be a dream killer

I hate to be a dream killer but Rasheeda should give up trying to be relevant in rap, she corny,old and wack! Umm if u got fire coming out ya A**hole u may want to seek the department of health. no fux
SlowNeckBecky's picture


Grown Man Ish's picture

Kim looks bad: but Diane

Kim looks bad: but Diane Warren is awesome. Their collabo sh/be interesting. Rasheeda needs a Plan B cuz rapping is NOT for her. Pretty-yes. Rapper-no.

Rasheeda is a beautiful girl

Rasheeda is a beautiful girl and I hate to tell a woman just to rest on pretty but boo rest on pretty use that face to get ahead because this crap is embarrassing
Mouse's picture

Well, ya don't

Well, ya don't say......follow me on Twitter @......Instagram @.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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