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D-LIST RATCHETRY: Claudia Jordan ACCUSES Omarosa's 65-Year-Old MOTHER Of PUNCHING HER At The BET Awards! Police Report Filed.....

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Apparently all the action was OUTSIDE of the 2013 BET Awards as D-list "Celebrity Apprentice" star Claudia Jordan had a fight with the 65-mother of Omarosa!  Deets inside....


We're sorta used to rappers getting into altercations at awards shows....but there were a few female "stars" (and we use that term VERY loosely) showing their ratchetness tonight. Out on the red carpet, "Celebrity Apprentice" alum Claudia Jordan filed a police report alleging that the mother of her frenemy Omarosa, punched her!

TMZ reports that Omarosa and Claudia had an all out war of words on the red carpet and the "B" word was thrown around a lot.  Following the verbal fight, sources claims that Omarosa's mom jumped in and punched Claudia in the arm!  Of course...security stepped in and Claudia filed a police report!   She later tweeted, "Wow, that awkward moment when you're assaulted on the red carpet."

But, Omarosa told TMZ that Claudia started the incident by pushing her 65-year-old mother!

“I am deeply saddened by Claudia Jordan actions at the BET Awards. After all that my family and I been through this year. She should show at least an ounce of decency and respect “

We'll let you know if they met up in the parking lot after the awards let out! #ratchetbehavior

If y'all ask "Who?" after reading this....hilar.


Photos via TMZ


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sdgbzeweyyew's picture

Omarosa's mother is probably

Omarosa's mother is probably as mean and ratchet as Omarosa is! I guess she thought she'd get a free pass for punching someone because she is 65. I hope she has a huge fine to pay. I believe Claudia's stories about how Omarosa got that man to change his will after he got sick. Omarosa has always shown herself to be a conniving money snake slithering leech. She hates Claudia because she exposed Omarosa on The Apprentice.

Hope Omarosa's mother didnt

Hope Omarosa's mother didnt do that and I also hope tha t they end t he fued.
MarshayH's picture

My thing is Claudia why are

My thing is Claudia why are you even engaged in any kind of conflict with someone's mother? If she did punch you it wasn't on random. You did something to provoke that kind of reaction.
cutethatsall56's picture

Damn why is Claudia looking

Damn why is Claudia looking like a 65yr old woman in this pic?
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