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Ne-Yo Announces BREAK-UP With Fiancee' Monyetta?

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 photo c0243208e10711e2bb5122000a9e2955_7_zps5d0c04f0.jpg

Looks like there won't be a wedding for Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw, the mother of his two kids.  Or is it just a marketing ploy?  Check out how the singer announced their alleged break up inside...

This could all be part of a big marketing ploy for his upcoming album.  Or it could be very real.  Ne-Yo posted the above image on Saturday saying that he and his fiancee Monyetta have split ways romantically.  But he professed how much he will always love and be there for her.  Awww (we think).

Seems like an odd move by Ne-Yo since he rarely, if ever, would even acknowledge he had a fiancee.  So now he's posting such a personal image like this to announce something to the world?  Seems a bit odd.

Even more odd:

 photo b7c97d80e11011e2bd8822000a9d0df8_7_zps629e2b84.jpg  photo 2997d7f0e10611e29c2922000a9e48da_7_zpsec932ebc.jpg

Saturday, Monyetta was all over L.A. for the BET Awards weekend festivities with her girls, reality stars Toya Wright, Malaysia Pargo and others.  And she posted these pics around the same time Ne-Yo posted the "break up" pic.  And she's still rocking her engagement ring.

She posted a comment that seemed to be a response to Ne-Yo saying, "No worries! Got a gang of bad chick!!!! #girlpower #betweekend #letsgo #goodtimes".

Just last week, Mo posted pics and video (check it here) of her and Ne-Yo at home playing with the kids before bedtime.  And they indeed were partying together just a few days ago.

So we're not sure if they have actually split...or if it's all part of a bigger ploy.

Time will tell....


Photos: Monyetta's Instagram/Ne-Yo's Instagram

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I hope it isn't true. Call it

I hope it isn't true. Call it old fashion or not, she had two kids for the this negro and got no ring or marriage certificate. Now she's out on her ass, no spousal support or alimony just the child support check which is probably what she's going to live on until the children turn 21. SMH @ these chicks that think because they have a celebrity lover they must have babies with them and give up their lives to live that of the man. I hope she stacked some cash for herself along the way. SMDH
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david237's picture

He's career is drying up he's

He's career is drying up he's looking for an upgrade to make him feel better but 'm starting to think hes either gay or likes vanilla..time will tell..time will tell..

Oh please that ugly ass

Oh please that ugly ass nigger BEEN GAY...Some diude got him wide open right about now. His Hole is wide open so he's tired of faking the funk with that stupid babies Mama!
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jerryamilie1256's picture

I still think he is gay. My

I still think he is gay. My gaydar is never wrong.
BEEMA ETHEL's picture

Niether is mine!.And he's a

Niether is mine!.And he's a typical closet case Gay Ass Libra like Will Smith, J.Dupri, Usher, The Dream, Russell Simmons and the rest who will fuck a woman, string her along but Really Love the Dick!..........nasty fuck
star's picture

Damn sure right!! You named

Damn sure right!! You named all the biggest closet cases!! That Libra sliding scale is real. Neyo was definitely gay back in the day, reference that VH-1 Special. Monyetta should run long ago! We can love these artists, but recognize that they are not 100% straight men. They just like the 'D' on the low too.
Birdfood's picture

I liked them as a couple,

I liked them as a couple, hopefully they will work it out. On a s/n, I would LOVE for someone to provide a receipt for NeYo's gayness. Video of him getting it in with a man, pictures, etc...I'll wait. You women are ridiculous with throwing that gay label on a man. That's why most of you dumb bishes are single.
Mrs_B_35's picture

girl stfu just look at his

girl stfu just look at his high school pics that's all the proof you need, his mannerisms and cattiness also reeks of gayness, apparently you don't have a good gaydar and prob married to a DL brother anyway
sonya.f.baby's picture

first of all, what's the

first of all, what's the point of logging in when this site is still full of spam??? Anyway, when were they ever really together? Never accepted the fact that Neyo wasn't gay, there is no chemistry between them, just look like best friends hanging out. I guess his bf made them breakup...Or maybe she's ready for a bf? Fake fake fake! This reminds me of Christina Millian and the Dream's relationship, never bought that one either...
Secret's picture

I never believed that they

I never believed that they were in an actually relationship to begin with. Mo got paid to give birth and keep up appearances to hide the gay rumors.

Still a fan of Ne-Yo's

Still a fan of Ne-Yo's regardless. He makes good music--period. The minute somebody in the black community doesn't make rude, obnoxious music & talk -ish about other artists he's deemed gay or corny. SMH...

And what ploy would that be

And what ploy would that be exactly? They aren't getting married because he's gay case CLOSED! The same reason why Kim and Kanye won't get married.
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jerry's picture

I Never liked ne-yo flat nose

I Never liked ne-yo flat nose gay self anyway jesus H Christ Where are u miss your funny comments please come throw some shade.
miSSyCatsss's picture

This wasn't a "real"

This wasn't a "real" relationship anyway. This was something totally manufactured by Ne-Yo because there was too much talk before that he was gay and it's very easy to find female beards in the entertainment community. Monyetta got money, a little notoriety, her picture at events...things that she wanted, Ne-Yo got a happy family picture to try and prove he's not gay (it didn't work, but congrats on getting kids out of the deal).
Coffy's picture

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