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BALLERIFIC: Savannah Brinson LETS LOOSE At Bachelorette Party In Vegas + Kevin Garnett & Wife Brandi Take The Kids To A Celeb Kid's B-Day Party

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  photo sb19_zpsa5863556.jpg

With over 2 months to go before LeBron James & Savannah Brinson tie the knot, the bride-to-be had a major Bachelorette weekend in Vegas with all her friends.  Check out the non stop fun inside, and where they're off to next. 


Plus, pics of NBA baller Kevin Garnett and his wife Brandi and kids hitting up a celebrity kid's b-day bash....

 photo lebronjamestao_zps3d441d0a.jpg

Fab chick Savannah Brinson is more than ready to become Queen James.


 photo sb6_zps94915889.jpg

Even her Vegas party signs say so.  The gorgeous fiancee of Miami Heat champ LeBron James hit up Las Vegas this weekend for luxe scavenger hunts, dancing on tables, stripper poles (in the party buses), pool parties and more.  And it all made for a ridiculously fun Bachelorette Party Weekend.

 photo sb15_zps64cb5720.jpg

 photo sb4_zpsb2aa982e.jpg

 photo sb13_zpsd846cdb5.jpg

Her good friend Jada Paul--who married L.A. Clippers star Chris Paul just a few years ago--was front and center for all the festivities.


 photo sb1_zps1435c8e6.jpg

Cute.  The mom of two showed off her bridal bootcamp bod all weekend.

And the pool party fun was all over the place:

 photo sb9_zps9b8c4bc2.jpg

 photo sb8_zps67cfe328.jpg

 photo sb3_zpsf143897d.jpg     photo sb7_zpsedd1f832.jpg   photo sb5_zpsfcc5b927.jpg  photo sb11_zps86870c63.jpg  

Oh ok.

 photo sb10_zps99627b60.jpg

And when they weren't popping bottles at pool parties:

 photo sb2_zps1a356dd2.jpg   photo sb18_zpse884871d.jpg photo sb14_zps4bba8abc.jpg 

They were out and about around the town.  And hopped a private jet today saying they were taking the party to Anguilla.  Behave ladies!


And over in Cali:

 photo kg2_zps8d8e71b5.jpg

The newest Brooklyn Net...as of last month...37-year-old Kevin Garnett was spotted in Malibu yesterday having a day out with his fam.  He and his wife, Brandi Padilla, and their cute kiddies hit up actor Matthew McConaughey's son Levi's birthday party.

And how cute is Kevin on daddy duty with his little girls:

 photo kg7_zps519dbfc5.jpg  photo kg4_zpsc303cae2.jpg 

 photo kg3_zps82af40a9.jpg


 photo kg6_zps33d0c40b.jpg

 photo kg5_zps55ce7a0b.jpg

His fab wife of almost 10 years, Brandi, rolled her Louis Vuitton bag and their 5-year-old daughter Capri into the party too.  By the way, Brandi's sister Lisa Padilla is married to super producer Jimmy Jam.

Fun times!

Photos via Fame, IG: @cherriepie82 , @teamfamilyfirst, @jada_ap, @ms_deidre, @simplyredemmed1, @melt324, @ebonyjhair, @j9_howard

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Congrats to Savannah!!!!

Congrats to Savannah!!!! Really excited for her as the big day approaches.
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Luvv it ~

Luvv it ~
GetUrLife's picture

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart
LBA1's picture

It says Kevin Hara is 37 but

It says Kevin Hara is 37 but there was just a happy birthday post that said he was 33. He damn sure looks 37 or older.
LBA1's picture

KG's daughters are gorgeous.

KG's daughters are gorgeous. True playas always end up having little girls, so they can worry about if a man will treat him the way he treated women. Karma!
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xzbxzbwrywey547's picture

Get it Savannah!...Wish I

Get it Savannah!...Wish I could join you in my home island Anguilla!
belle noire's picture

It must be nice to spend

It must be nice to spend Lebron's money and have his jet on hand. I guess what's his will soon be hers. Congrats to them! It feels like she was already married to him. But where is Adrienne and Gabrielle Savannah? I sorta feel bad for Kevin Garnett's wife Brandi after the whole Lala incident. Though they say that comment wasn't made, where there's smoke there's fire. It was disrespectful to her, especially when his teammates cosigned "the lie" of what was said.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Hmmm, its alright. If it was

Hmmm, its alright. If it was me marrying king james, i think my bachelorette party wouldve been more glamourous, luxurious, pretty and coordinated. I mean, they can afford it. Its like she just wants to hurry up and be married already. But my party wouldve been like that
Supermodel01's picture

Heffa they stayed in a hotel

Heffa they stayed in a hotel SUITE.....partied in VIP...had a LUX scavenger hunt with VIP treatment at every stop....had Tao models spell out her name at the damn pool party....left Vegas in a PRIVATE JET to Anguilla in be in a PRIVATE MANSION with BUTLERS!!! WTH is wrong with you...you must be shallow!! It was luxurious and it HAD to have been planned be a lux travel agent. Most importantly....they are having a BALL and looking FAB doing so!!!

Not to mention that the party

Not to mention that the party continued in Anguilla.

wow...so much

wow...so much funnnnnnnnn sunshinescloset
justjewelss's picture

good for Queen James, I hope

good for Queen James, I hope she is having a blast with her girls!! Congrats to them both #heatnation
IslandGyal's picture

that right black women get

that right black women get your black men and stop letting them white girls get them imjustsaying!

he couldnt have dragged this

he couldnt have dragged this out any longer. 5 kids later and her titties are practically dragging on the ground!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

It ought to be a crime for

It ought to be a crime for you to steal personal pics from Instagram and post them on your site without the permission of the owner.

everyone on Instagram knows

everyone on Instagram knows their pics are for public consumption..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

They may be on Instagram for

They may be on Instagram for public viewing but not taking and posting elsewhere.

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