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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Beyonce Scraps Over 50 Songs Off New Album, SEEKS New Direction + Solange CANCELS European Tour, Cites Health Precautions

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Beyonce's new direction for her fifth studio album has put an anticipated fall release at a disadvantage.  Get the deets on Bey's recording halt inside and see why Solange is cancelling her European tour.  


For the past few months, we've talked about Ne-Yo and The-Dream working with Beyonce on her fifth studio album, but now industry insiders say the singer has scraped nearly 50 songs and is seeking a new direction for her next project.  

So far, THR reports that Ryan Tedder, Sia and Diane Warren had all contributed to an anticipated fall album, but now those songs may be trashed.  Why?  Ne-Yo says the direction of the disc is something Bey is "still trying to figure out".

Insiders also cite the success of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour as one of the reasons for the recording halt. So far, only "Grown Woman" has emerged from Bey's most recent sessions.

And since a rep for Bey told THR that "there was never an album release date", Bey stans may have to keep 4 on replay until Mrs. C drops something new in 2014.


In other news about the Knowles... 

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Solange's European fans won't get to see the True singer this summer as she's recently cancelled the remainder of her European tour.  

Solange released a statement this week citing her mental and physical health as the deciding factors in her decison.

"I am completely devastated to announce that I will be canceling my international festival dates for the Summer. I wish I could put in words how much of a difficult decision this was...but between moving part time to a new city, starting my son in a new school, and writing/ recording my new record...I really had to make the best decision for my mental/physical health and provide some stability for my family. I am so so sooooo sorry if Ive disappointed...... and really hope to make it out to those special cities soon enough!"

Luckily for US fans, Solange hasn't cancelled any of her upcoming dates stateside.  


Photos via Getty Images/Beyonce's tumblr


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Beyonce should go away

Beyonce should go away forever. Everything about her is fake - from her age claims to songwriting claims to stolen stage and choreography ideas and costume concepts. We have seen too much. Goodnight, Beyonce - forever.
chigirl's picture

I Love you Bey and Thanks For

I Love you Bey and Thanks For holding you end of the bargain for the Entry Of The New Millenium of Music..But U literally went from Daddy to Jay z..You didnt have those 4yrs to rediscover who beyonce is..the love songs to jay are cool better yet the whole dangerously in love to bey day hop into album 4 were to Jay..which is cool..THE FACT you a Grown woman stuck In a LIL Girls World...I get the forever young movemenbt..but the ratchet is wearing its toll on you..enjoy ya life take 8yrs off..Real rnb divas is what this Generation is Needing..and how dare you stand by Trayvon Martin..oh Pay check..but hey..bye bye Bey..just for now..wheres LIL Mo..real music reeal songs..real shit

I think Beyonce needs to

I think Beyonce needs to reinvente herself..that same blond wig she has been wearing since the beginning, the same outfits...its boring...Madonna, Janet even Rihanna has brought something new to the table. These re true artists. Beyonce is simply a singer....there is no art to what she does,cuz she is boring, even her personality seem to be that way. Her documentary didn't shed a light of her personality. She has been repeating the same boring things since the 90's. Which is why her albums are starting to be a bit boring...she needs to be natural and embrace who she truly is....stop hiding behind all that fake hair and show us who u really are....she represent somehow what's wrong in our culture...not accepting ourselves...this why I prefer Solange. She might not as talented...so they say.,..but I applaud for going against the tabou....
mahogany24's picture

which is true..its just that

which is true..its just that real MUSIC Lovers still exist we are in the shadows of the bey stans and the ratchet generation

I read that Solange's mental

I read that Solange's mental health problem is that she's bipolar. I don't know if this is something newly discovered or something she's had and it has been leaked or if it's true at all. I wish her the best in any case.
jgraves58's picture

Beyonce can do whatever she

Beyonce can do whatever she wants to do.

Chile plz..as long as they

Chile plz..as long as they let her uncreative azz pick n' choose a new direction, fans will be playin "4flop-a-lot" the next umpteen yrs..wit her overexposed self! Smhlol..*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

How about you just scrap the

How about you just scrap the whole idea all together and sit down, sit down, sit the freak down and relax somewhere?¿?
Peace Silas's picture

BAHAHA..yes indeed!

BAHAHA..yes indeed! Smh..*passes u a mimosa
Like Really's picture

Luckily for Solangy that her

Luckily for Solangy that her 10 fans in the States are buying her tickets. she know she can't have a full time career if her job is to babysit Blue Ivy
lola69's picture

i wish she and Kim kardashian

i wish she and Kim kardashian will go away. Over exposure is never good and has backlash. if I didn't see her in the media for next 8 months, I may buy her trash
lola69's picture

Take your time and record the

Take your time and record the CD you are satified with Beyonce,a at this point in your career you do not have to release a CD every six to eight months like a certain other artist . lol!! jsut to remain popular, you area superstar. Once agian just ignore the WHINERS!! who complain about evrything you do.
sweetpea1989's picture

Are you talking about Justine

Are you talking about Justine Timberlake ?he released an album in the spring and have a next one coming in September or its not a problem when white folks do it?
xedos's picture

But you do realize that

But you do realize that Justin Timberlake hasn't released an album since September 2006, sold 980,000 copies in the first week (something B hasnt done). So HE can do it that
DW's picture

I am no fan of Bey, (rump

I am no fan of Bey, (rump shaker)...but I feel sad for her..she has always been led around what to wear and what to sing....true artist like Janelle Monáe who are true themselves and their fans and who write their own songs and have visions and not $$$ driven...Erykah-Badu., outcast, Prince, Stevie wonder to name others, seem to never get writer block
Frankandberry's picture

4 was hardly a flop. It sold

4 was hardly a flop. It sold over a million copies, and had she been able to tour, it would have had more success. She never said she'd have an album out before she toured this year, only that she was going on tour. People took it upon themselves to believe they were getting an album because she's been in the studio. I went to the Mrs. Carter Show earlier this month, and let me tell you, she KILLED it, old songs and all! When you are the performer that Beyonce is, you don't need new material to draw crowds. She sold out a world tour with no single, album release date, or anything. Artist who release albums every year can't do that. As for the rumors of scrapping the album, the label came out yesterday and said those were just that, rumors. http://www.eonline.com/news/442548/beyonce-rep-smacks-down-rumors-new-al... Bey already told y'all in that documentary that she wasn't just going to be putting out quick little singles. She's going to take her time and do it the way she wants to do it. I respect that. As for Solange, I respect her decision to cancel her overseas dates. She has a son, and he is priority #1. Good for her for putting him first.
BK's picture


LOL................hahahahahahaha. She has a son. Yelp Blue Ivy is very masculine looking and dressing, I think they better be ready to raise a Transgender Child
lola69's picture

I think Bey is nervous about

I think Bey is nervous about another flop. 4 was her lowest selling album and this one could be even lower. Still can't figure out why she went on tour just to perform all them ole ass songs tho????? OAN, Solange has fans??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
shylibra's picture

"Another" flop? That album

"Another" flop? That album went platinum in 4 different countries including the U.S. Who else is doing anything close to that?

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