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Rapper DMX was arrested in South Carolina this morning.  Yep, AGAIN! Find out what sent DMX to jail inside...

Someone needs to dial up Iyanla Vanzant ASAP because there's more work to be done! You'll recall that Iyanla confronted rapper DMX about possible drug use during an explosive episode of "Fix My Life", and now it looks like the rapper is still "using".

Earlier this morning (around 3am ET), DMX (dude is going grey and still doing these antics) was pulled over and arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.  And he was also charged for driving without a license, this according to Splash News.  The ex Ruff Ryder was taken to Greenville County Detention Center and released an hour later, around 4 AM ET.

Unfortunately, this arrest and mugshot puts X clear into the double digits when it comes to arrests and jail time.  SMH.....


*UPDATE* DMX's rep, Domenick Nati, claims he was never arrested for DUI, then says he was arrested but quickly released because he passed a breathalizer in jail.  He says X was originally pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, but he doesn't know if he was given a sobriety test right then.  But he knows he was in and out of jail in under an hour.

Reuters reports:

"Allegations about DMX being arrested for drunk driving are false.  He was arrested but quickly released. X was given a breathalyzer test and easily passed it. He is back at his home in South Carolina and we are continuing our focus on his upcoming album and acting roles."

Um, OK.  I guess we're supposed to believe dude, who's driving without a license, just caught a bad break that morning...

Photo via Splash


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X, DMX- I am rooting and have

X, DMX- I am rooting and have prayed for you!!! Your true fans luv and support you and hoping you can shake the monkey off your back. You remind me of my dad, he is talented, intelligent, etc but have/had issues, please don't let the issues take you under. We luve and need you "Tha Truth" in the game!! You can do this; because you are DMX!!! Much LUV YO YA !!!!!!

I'm amazed that he is still

I'm amazed that he is still alive. He must have nine lives....
love7endures's picture

he looks Cracked out. Dang.

he looks Cracked out. Dang. Just go on and shoot yourself and get this over with DMX. why make us witness your demise
lola69's picture

Another mugshot for the

Another mugshot for the portrait collection...
SweetDivaT's picture

Nothing new here. Next

Nothing new here. Next subject. I just saw Natasha on the TV show "The Real". I see why she lets all this annoying spam ads on this web-site. It takes a LOT of money to purchase that long luxurious weave, make-up and outfit.......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

I knew it!! Thanks for

I knew it!! Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I knew Vince was financing this site. I wish he would finance gastric bypass surgery for himself so that he can see his son grow up.
love7endures's picture

Dang! Well either he's still

Dang! Well either he's still troubled by his upbringing and skeletons WE the people and FANS don't know about. Or he's going back to jail to have a companionship that he don't want the media to know about. Just throwing that out there.
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