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FOOLYWANG: DMX Passed Out In Cop Car Following Arrest (VIDEO) -- Proof He Was Under The Influence?

 photo dmxdddd.png

Footage of DMX's arrest has been released and despite denials from his rep, he looked under the influence to us! See the rapper as he passes out in the back of the cop car inside.....


Although a rep for DMX blasted reports that he was under the influence when he was arrested a few days ago, a new video of the arrest makes his rep's comments seem foolish.   Though the audio is not great, X does admit to having one drink, and later, he possibly admits to 4 or 5! 

We're still not sure what he was "on" but it made him fall asleep in the back of the police car...minutes after the arrest!  Not a good look.  Check out the foolishness above.  This is the quickest way to make your own rep look silly.  Hopefully the folks around him will stop enabling him and hold him accountable and get him CONTINUED help....



Am I the only 1 who noticed

Am I the only 1 who noticed he's wearing a seat belt?¿ Since when do cops buckle in their arrests?¿ Where they do that at?¿ I wanna know.
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All I can think of is how bad

All I can think of is how bad i feel for his kids, particularly his older son. This is just plain ole sad. Wont be long before we'll be reading his obit.
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Come on Earl. Get it

Come on Earl. Get it together. Your kids and your family love you. Can't we learn something from losing Whitney??? A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.
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Addiction is

Addiction is real.......alllll-right
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DMX is not even gossip worthy

DMX is not even gossip worthy anymore. He's just another willful crackhead.
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