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LOVE LOVE: Nicki Minaj (Flashing An Engagement Ring) & NeNe Leakes DINE OUT In Beverly Hills In LOVE Tees

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"Love" is in the air and on the bosoms of reality tv star Nene Leakes and rapper Nicki Minaj.  Find out where the ladies spread their "love" last night inside....

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Rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted leaving dinner at Crustacean in Beverly Hills yesterday rocking a "Love Dirty" shirt.

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The "High School" rapper kept puposely flashing a big rock on her left hand, which might lead some people to keep up the long time assumption that she's engaged.  And to SB.  She's been rocking a ring on this finger for over a year now.  And even though she acts all coy when asked about her & SB's relationship, she surely likes to flash that ring to get people to continue to ask her.  Go figure.

Coincidentally, DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki via a viral video on MTV a few days, and the ring he offered her looks quite "similar" to the ring she's wearing. 

Do we believe they're engaged to be married?  No.  We believe they're engaged...in a big publicity stunt to sell a few records. And we'll let you know how that goes.....


In case you missed it....watch DJ Khaled's proposal.....

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Also in Beverly Hills......

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NeNe Leakes was seen leaving dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night.

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And like Nicki M, Nene was also seen rocking a "Love" tee.

Although Nene had love sprawled across her chest, she clearly had no "love" for a disgruntled wedding planner she threw shots at on Twitter. 

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In fact, Nene's $1.8 Million wedding could end up "costing" her a great deal more if a judge doesn't toss out a lawsuit filed by Tiffany Cook, who claims Nene never paid her for her services.  Weirdly, Nene acts as though she's never worked with Tiffany, only a planner named Tony.  But we hear Tiffany was the ORIGINAL planner, so apparently things got a little dicey during the planning process.

We'll see how the "love" plays out in court.

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Im feelin the hair Nene.

Im feelin the hair Nene. Makes her look younger. I was over the short-do 2 seasons ago. Nice change up!
48DDs's picture

Lol Nicki bought her own

Lol Nicki bought her own engagement ring, because she pays her puppy Sarafree. That dude is a woman who will probably take her last name. I wouldn't cut my balls off for no amount of money. Not saying I couldn't be with a successful woman, but she can't be the one writing my checks. The death of the masculine man continues.
tmitmp's picture

Oh… Unbelievable…… My friend

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xcbrwywey357's picture

Nicki minaj is desperate for

Nicki minaj is desperate for attention. She could not be more obvious with showing that ring and getting people to talk! But hey looked it work. We are talking about it! Ol bitch
Logan_12's picture

I like NeNe's hair! It's

I like NeNe's hair! It's about time she changed that tiered short blond wig!!!!
Toy's picture

$1.8 million on a wedding.

$1.8 million on a wedding. Nene, you ain't got that much money. You gonna be very broke soon!
Fillme's picture

MMmmmm love me some

MMmmmm love me some Crustacean's. The one here in San Francisco is pretty good along with Thang Long's on Judah. Best roasted crab and garlic noodles.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

My advice to DJ Khaled is to

My advice to DJ Khaled is to take that ring back to the store(if its real)and get your money back. Take the money and help your Egyptian bros. and siss. so they win the war for democracy in Egypt. And stop trying acting like your a urban black man. I very seriously doubt Niki is looking for Heavy-D love from you.......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture


Logan_12's picture


Logan_12's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better Khaled you are not black you need to have a seat on a flight go home and help you real community and stop contributing to the destruction of ours. I been done with him since the first time n*gga fell out his mouth fool you ain't family
Mouse's picture

Are those the only jeans that

Are those the only jeans that NeNe owns? Every time she is out on the town, you will see her in those same jeans.
jmf31582's picture

I was ready to go in on the

I was ready to go in on the same thing!......LOL
star's picture

NeNe, girl that hair! No

NeNe, girl that hair! No Ma'am!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

-_- Could Nicki be anymore

-_- Could Nicki be anymore obvious with her intentions showing off the ring? Whether it's SB's or Khaled's she looking for attention.
Peace Silas's picture

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