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WE SAW IT COMING: Jennifer Lopez Signing MAJOR Deal To Return As "Idol" Judge, will.i.am Also Tapped To Judge?

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We saw it coming!  Jennifer Lopez is on deck to return to "American Idol" and is just a snap away from finalizing the deal, reportedly.  Check out how much that paycheck will be, plus why will.i.am may be joining the panel of judges....

Remember the rumors about J.Lo snatching back her "Idol" judges spot from Mariah Carey?  They were shot down previously, but now, a deal is in place.

According to Deadline, Jenny is perched to take a $15 million check from Fox and an announcement will likely take place in the next week or two.

Keith Urban will reportedly stay on, and will.i.am is supposedly first in line for the third judge's seat vacated by Nicki Minaj

So much for a full overhaul of the judges' panel with all new faces.  But we're not mad about seeing what J.Lo's fabulous self will once again be rocking every week.

By the way, reports state "Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson was a contender for the third judge's spot, but it's going to will instead.  No word on if there will be a fourth judge.

Will you be watching?


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I never read any of these

I never read any of these intrusive ads, but I was wondering if YBF is being payed to allow these ads are they simple unable to stop them...if you are please stop them if you are getting paid then make you money
Frankandberry's picture

Shouldn't you be able to

Shouldn't you be able to sing, right a song or play an instrument to be a judge? She picks some of the worst ppl to be contestant on the last show she judged. I will not read Will I Am's clothes and how they fit or look on him. I just want him to have a full-time barber at all times. He makes to much money to look so raggedy......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

Who cares this show has hit

Who cares this show has hit rock bottom.
MSNAY's picture



Not impressed! I haven't

Not impressed! I haven't watched idol in years...but I was looking forward to the old contestants being judges...such as Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson...another year without it doesn't make a difference.
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