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Mariah Carey Reveals She Was Victim Of Racism -- "I Was SPIT ON As A Child!"

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Mariah Carey is co-starring in the upcoming buzz worthy flick Lee Daniels' The Butler.  And during the recent press conference, she detailed a racist act she suffered from during the Civil Rights era as a child of mixed heritage.


Find out her shocking reveal inside...

The entire cast of The Weinstein Company's Lee Daniels' The Butler was present at the press conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Monday in NYC.  And TheYBF.com was on hand to participate in the momentous event.

With big wigs like co-star Oprah giving their take on their own experiences during the Civil Rights era--the time period that the movie takes place during--it was Mariah's story that surprised many in the room.

When Oprah asked fellow co-star Yaya Alafia about a scene in the film where she gets spit on in her face, Mariah chimed in about her own real life experience.

The "#Beautiful" singer revealed that her Irish American mother was active in the Civil Rights movement, and that she, a young MiMi, was spit on as a young child while on the school bus.  MiMi revealed unexpectedly:

"That scene just Oprah, when you brought it up, I really had to thank you because that actually happened to me."

Oprah asked if she was actually spit on like in the film, and Mariah (dramatically) confirmed it happened in exactly the same way. 

"I know that people would be in shock or not want to believe or accept that, but it did happen.  So it's like, that right there was almost the deepest thing to me in the movie."

Mariah also discussed her biracial upbringing and the issues her family faced.  She revealed that her mother was the one who had to physically go to purchase their home.  Since her dad is black, they believed major issues would have surfaced had he gone himself, making it impossible to purchase.

Sounds like a few stars of the film can personally relate to certain unfortunate aspects of the powerful film.  So it's no surprise Oscar buzz is surrounding Forest Whitaker & Oprah Winfrey already.

Lee Daniels' The Butler hits theaters August 16th.


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clair3's picture

It's possible that Mimi's

It's possible that Mimi's mother was involved in the Civil Rights Movement, because many whites were apart of the struggle. The Freedom Riders were Northern White and Black young people who went to the South and participated in the movement, Carly Simon who is actually Biracial mother was involved in the Civil Rights Movement, as Marlon Brando, and quit a few whites. I think people should know real history before throwing shade. Lennon and Yoko Ono was involved with the Black Panthers. Jane Fonda was involved in the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Era bought many whites to fight for the cause. But, what I find interesting is that Hollywood can openly fund a big budget film as The Butler, but Mos Def starred in a movie, about the first person ever to perform open heart surgery, that movie went straight to DVD. Hollywood for all it's "Republicans are Evil and Racist " Mantras sure keeps us niggas in place.

Audible sigh!!! I have a

Audible sigh!!! I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree sweetie, with a minor in Black American Studies. Please check yourself before making such insipid generalizations. The rest of your comment I agree with. Some people should get their feelings in order though, it's only entertainment! This is the second time I've had to respond to someone who has misconstrued my comments. I felt like Natasha was calling MIMI old by her statement, I did not mention her mother who could have very well participated. No shade no tea honey, ya'll be in ya'll's fe-fe's!
Betnotsay's picture

@Natasha you tried it with

@Natasha you tried it with that Civil Rights era comment!! I peeped the shade from a mile away hunty! Leave Mimers alone! And you know I stan for Mimers! @CoCo, you know what? You right!(Ray J voice)
Betnotsay's picture

Well damn. She lookin a

Well damn. She lookin a little thick in the face.
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