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DO WE LOVE IT: Fabolous' Leather Shorts At The G Shock Event

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 photo gshock2_zps1534e43d.jpg

Fabolous hit the red carpet of last night's CASIO G-SHOCK event in NYC.  But it's his leather gym shorts that had us doing a double take.  Decide if we love it inside....


 photo gshock1_zps3e2a9fa1.jpg  photo gshock3_zps8c9220ab.jpg

Last night at the G-Shock Shock The World 2013 event at Basketball City in New York City, Fabolous showed up with his stylist girlfried Emily B. (not pictured but we're sure this outfit was her idea) decked out in leather athletic shorts, an army green sweater, socks and Jordans.

Fab likes to play around the fashion world a but, but it's just something about this look that has us shaking out heads.  But you decide...



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Fab ~ who knew ~ looks like

Fab ~ who knew ~ looks like you're packing a snake in those wack leather shorts (most likely a phone or wallet).
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Not bad on him and his skin

Not bad on him and his skin looks really nice for a guy!....anyone else probably could not pull it off. 4 him it's alright
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Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! For

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! For real??? I hope Emily didn't put that outfit together. She claimed to be a stylist so I'm hoping she doesn't get the credit for that monstrosity. He looks like the class clown in a junior high school class pic circa 1993. I can pull out my old yearbook and find at least 15 skinny-legged boys that look exactly like him. lol

Hell NO!!

Hell NO!!
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I was wondering what his legs

I was wondering what his legs looked like...(daniel gibson,trey songz??) love the hightop,goatee,sunglass swagg!
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