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TAMEKA SPEAKS: Vows To Try For Custody Again In A Few Weeks, Calls Usher's Hug A Media Ploy

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Today's emergency custody hearing between Tameka & Usher Raymond ended in Usher's favor.  But Tameka had some words after her request for custody was dismissed.  Check out what she said inside....


Today's hearing was about Tameka asking to temporarily have custody of the kids until a full hearing occurs (August 27th).  At the full hearing, she will ask to modify how much time she gets with the kids and custody decisions will be made.

When asked by HLN's Ryan Smith how she felt about the outcome, Tameka said:

"I just want to get back to where my son is. I'll be back in court on the 27th. And we'll revisit all of this. It was only a very small amount of evidence that was allowed because this was an emergency and we were trying to get something changed immediately. But for the long term, I'll see on the 27th."

And about how Cinco's doing:

"He's doing OK. Getting back to normal. Soon I'll be with him."

 photo eztv_846_hd_ird_cnnc_tdc_446_downconverted_2013-08-09_16h31m24s_0_zps4b9e309c.png

But it's that hug that Usher walked over to her table to give, once the judge ruled that Usher would keep full custody, that folks were wondering about.  When asked what Usher whispered to her, Tameka laughed and said:

"That was a media ploy…."

Womp.  Her lawyer cut her off saying, "It was private".


Photos: Splash, TMZ Video

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I don't believe Tameka is a

I don't believe Tameka is a bad parent, so yall can chill with that. She's not like Dwade's ex (that lady showed signs of being crazy) Anyways.....both of these kids need their parents. I can't stress enough how effective co-parenting is. Stop blaming Usher, accidents can happen. Not to mention he was with family and was not left unattended. As for Tameka, those of you who have kids would understand her fight. I would want my kids back too! I hope these two are able to come to an agreement.
MsFiFi's picture

This thread is sad. They BOTH

This thread is sad. They BOTH should have access to their children and they both need to learn to coparent. Just because Tamekas son died doesn't make her capable and just because Usher has money doesn't mean hes capable. Those factors should mean nothing in this case. The baby is in the hospital yet she is in court.... That can wait until my son is okay IMO... If they think more about the kids than themselves it would be a win win situation. The people on here rallying for Tameka don't know her, she seems irresponsible to me because she was MARRIED while sexing Usher, doesn't seem like she was thinking about her kids then and as for Usher, he travels a lot and while he is with the kids it seems like he spends time with them but more often than not somebody else is taking care of them. Both parents need to take a step back and re-evaluate this, THINK of the kids and not your SELFISH selves DUMMIES and everything will work itself out.

These comments are ridiculous

These comments are ridiculous to say the least. As a mother if you don't have a the natural instinct to fight for your kids who the heck will. If she didn't try to get them that's when I would question her mental capacity. As a mother who would ever give up idea of raising their kids. And all the people that keep screaming about Usher's money$$$ would realize if Usher didn't have money wouldn't he be fighting so hard to keep custody?? Because that would mean Usher couldn't delegate his duties to others to raise his kids. Not to say he loves them any less but if Usher had to keep his ass home caring for them daily I'm sure he to would feel differently and probably would be open to that joint custody.
rn4137's picture

O please, it had nothing to

O please, it had nothing to do with money. If ppl really think about it, Usher had something extreme on Tameka, becuz judges RARELY take the kids from the mother.
mizdjohnson's picture

Usher you a straight up

Usher you a straight up biatch I'm never buying your music again, go straight to hell with gasoline drawers on! Jerk
TeaNicole's picture

Do you think your $20 will

Do you think your $20 will hurt him?
mizdjohnson's picture

Just because Eeek-man is a

Just because Eeek-man is a mother does not mean she is a good mother. Some of yall on here don't have no business with kids but you have them. Do you think all women are good mothers. HELL NO. If your not a nurturing and loving type of person keep your legs closed.......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

I agree

I agree
mizdjohnson's picture

I have been thru a lot with

I have been thru a lot with my kids father yet I still don't see nothing wrong with father's raising their children. Men have been denied these rights for years..but if wasn't anywhere to be found he would be a deadbeat dad..Tameka hold steadfast and be there for your children..stop this courtroom drama, children never a true love parent in the house or not..but this animosity will only poison your relationship with them and they'll only remember the bitterness ..
rozzy's picture

Your so right

Your so right
mizdjohnson's picture

Some people on this thread

Some people on this thread sound dumb as hell! While unfortunate that any child has an accident, this can happen under anyone's watch (mother, father, aunt, cousin) etc....Does that make them irresponsible or the manufacturers of the pools irresponsible? The overreaction on the part of the mother was classic BS to get the "money" in her favor. If you are really concerned with your son you are at his bedside being an adult with the other parent in not in a damn courtroom! Grow up people...Its time to GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!
Money First's picture

The body language is very

The body language is very telling. She is not even hugging him back. But I think she needs to just give it up. Usher has money to get what ever he wants. I don't think the child was being neglected. Those type of pool accidents are common with children. She needs to just go on one of those reality shows on VH1 Hollywood Exes and call it a day. Nobody is even really checking for Usher anymore.
Naomi's picture


mizdjohnson's picture

The hug does look little

The hug does look little suspect especially the way the hospital bracelet is on full display like that....
Peace Silas's picture

She is hugging him back like

She is hugging him back like she wanted to take her clothes off again.
EmeraldCity's picture

This Bitch is fake ass hell.

This Bitch is fake ass hell. I would be on her side if she had her other kids. Why didn't she take the first father to court when her son died last year? She didn't go after him and say he wasn't supervised after being killed. Let me have my other son so I can supervise him. Know she wants only Usher's boy's. If I was the son from the 1st father I would wonder why mommy didn't want me. But she wants my half brothers from Usher. What about me? I need love too mommy. Kids don't stay kids forever. They will read between the lines when they grow up. MMMmmmm No more big mansion or shopping spreees at Saks with unlimited amounts. What does the other father do for a living? Does anybody know? It seems like a mystery. We see you Eeek-man. Some of us are not fooled by your low down conniving ways. You just a big old shyster.......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

Exactly! Tameka has been

Exactly! Tameka has been diagnosed with mental issues and has a criminal past. She's also had anger filled outbursts in front of her children. She is not thinking about those kids well being. She only wants to use them to get revenge on Usher for moving on with his life. Iyanla please come help this woman!
PacificGirl's picture

Ya Heard.... Your facts

Ya Heard.... Your facts aren't even straight. Tameka and Ryan Glover have always had joint custody and equal rights to their children. That is a misconception from the jump. Secondly, these kids are so young and Usher is on the road, doing The Voice, movies, music stuff, he can not, I repeat can not physically be at home in Atlanta where the kids live. Remember Tameka's other son with Ryan is much much older than these babies are. Her babies are. Usher is a bitch type man, I know few like him. He is doing all of this to spite her and his day will come. You can continue being a pom in his antic but we real fans will see.
Birdfood's picture

The ex-husband, Ryan Glover,

The ex-husband, Ryan Glover, is a television executive in Atlanta.
love7endures's picture

Well he has a view coins in

Well he has a view coins in his pockets. I guess they not deeeep enough. Thanks for the info. Love7.
YaHeard's picture

Tameke please STOP! You

Tameke please STOP! You posting picture of Kyle on the internet, crocodile tears in court and then accuse Usher of not being genuine? Pot meet kettle! Your entire energy has be negative ever since before you married Usher and his mother knew it and tried to protect him but like most men when it comes to women and love they do dumb ish. Kids are a blessing but dealing with this nut job for the rest of his life is really going to interesting. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Instead of being in the

Instead of being in the courtroom, they should both be in the hospital room with their son. This just don't make no sense! Jesus take the wheel!
TheReal's picture

I'm sorry I would have surely

I'm sorry I would have surely been in Court if my kids father nearly drowned my son, a year after my other son got hit with his father! I would have been trying to get them out of that house the same damn day! Don't say what you wouldn't do if your kids if you felt ur kids were in danger or almost got killed. Im not Team Tameka or Team Usher but I am a mother and would kill for mine. She better fight for her kids, if she doesn't who will?
Birdfood's picture

Exactly! What kills me about

Exactly! What kills me about these Usher stans is that they feel Tameka shouldn't fight for custody because Usher has money! Those are her kids! If she didn't fight, they would be saying that she never gave a f&^% about the kids in the first place. When she does fight, they still say that she doesn't give a f^%$ and she is looking for money. She is the mother of those boys and has rights! These stans worrying about Usher's pockets when he hasn't donated a dollar to them. They need to get real!! Usher' career does not allow him to be a full-time dad, point blank period. Give them boys back to their mama!!
laydeegirl's picture

Usher would have been there

Usher would have been there if it wasn't for this time wasting act by Tameka. She just wants custody cause she wants those big support checks!
shanny's picture

So what if she does! That

So what if she does! That would just mean that they want the kids for the same reason! He only wants to keep the kids so he doesn't have to pay support. Why take the kids from her to let everyone else raise the boys?? Why are you worrying about Usher's pockets? Are you listed as a beneficiary in his will??
laydeegirl's picture

Usher has primary custody

Usher has primary custody with his monkey azz, I would have filed an emergency action too. They almost killed him at Usher house and they were lying about everything.
Birdfood's picture

This woman has such a

This woman has such a negative spirit, everything with her is just negative, negative, negative, he reached out and olive branch and even that is a problem for her, women like Tameka is exactly why a lot of men stop trying, they just can't win for losing, so sad that she felt the need to waste hours away from her son for this foolishness.
kayla1010's picture

Tameka doesn't have custody

Tameka doesn't have custody of ANY of her minor children. Why wasn't she trying to get custody from her other ex-husband (i.e. Ryan Foster) in the same way that she is trying to get custody of her children with Usher? Oh yeah, I remember....Usher's pockets are deeper and the child support checks are BIGGER. Girl please.
love7endures's picture

A girl please is in order for

A girl please is in order for you.. The two she has with Usher are age 5 and under. They need their mama. Who cares how deep Usher's pockets are?? Only you do! Usher having money means nothing! He picked her to mother his kids!
laydeegirl's picture

She has joint legal and

She has joint legal and physical custody of her other sons. Do your research before commenting. Don't just spread random rumors about a woman who lost her child while with their father you praise and almost lost another with the next careless father. Id be mad too, if i were her. He's not even in Georgia since he's out doing his famous life, my friends say they never see Usher in Atlanta. He lives in New York mostly- right by my mans uncles restaurant. Usher is not present with his kids.
Birdfood's picture

CORRECTION. Her ex-husband's

CORRECTION. Her ex-husband's name is Ryan Glover.
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