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MAGAZINE FAB: Robin Thicke & Janelle Monae COVER VIBE's SUMMER 2013 ISSUE

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Singers Janelle Monae and Robin Thicke cover the latest 20th Anniversary issue of VIBE Magazine.  And they're only 1 of three covers to come.  Get deets on the issue inside.....

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Singer Robin Thicke, who arguably has one the biggest song of the summer with "Blurred Lines", covers the summer 2013 issue of VIBE alongside fabulous "Q.U.E.E.N." singer Janelle Monae.  Loving the sexy, vintage rat-packish feel of the shoot.

The summer issue also serves as the magazine's 20th anniversary issue (it was launched by Quincy Jones in 1993).  VIBE celebrates its anniversary with the release of three unique covers for the magazine’s highly anticipated ‘Juice’ issue featuring Robin Thicke with Janelle Monáe, Nas with J.Cole and Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams.

In the accompanying article, the singers repesent the varying degrees of R&B music with Robin from the blue-eyed soul side of things and Janelle taking the reigns with a funkier-progressive edge.  The two talked to the magazine about the new rules of music and how they both push boundaries.  Here's an excerpt:

VIBE: How do you define your music?

THICKE: I can tell she’s probably just like me—that as soon as somebody says, ‘Oh, you’re this.’ She goes, ‘Well, then let me show you what else I can do ’cause I’m not just one thing.’
MONÁE: It’s about having fun.
THICKE: Well, not just that, but when you think about Stevie Wonder, or even Michael Jackson, you don’t say, ‘They’re R&B singers.’ You say, ‘That’s Stevie Wonder music. That’s Prince music.’
MONÁE: They tried everything.
THICKE: I hope that after I make my 10, 20 albums people just go, ‘That’s Robin Thicke music. And when they hear Janelle, they know that’s Janelle Monáe music.’ That’s what we both try to accomplish. Even “Blurred Lines,” which is my greatest success…
MONÁE: That’s the jam.
THICKE: Sounds a lot like my other music. I love all kinds of music, so I can’t possibly just make one kind. I’ll make a song called “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” with Nicki Minaj, and then a song that sounds like Jimi Hendrix that’s all guitar and live music. Most of the music I’ve made is live band instrumentation, no drum machines.
MONÁE: Same with me. We just finished [recording with] the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and then came back and rocked Coachella. I get very bored with the concept of marginalizing music and saying because I’m an African-American woman I [have to] stick to this genre. My iPod [has everything] from Judy Garland to James Brown to Prince to the Talking Heads. It just needs to be great and it needs to move me.
THICKE: In the history of American music, black radio and white radio were segregated. But once everybody had rights…
MONÁE: And could be on the cover of their album…
THICKE: And white people are on the cover of VIBE and black people on the cover of Rolling Stone, there are no more rules and that’s how it should be. We shouldn’t be judged by our color or one song that we made.
MONÁE: We should be judged by the jam. Is it jammin’?
THICKE: Music is exploding right now and always will, because it’s not about the sound. It will always come down to the artist. What are they doing? What are they saying and how are they saying it?
MONÁE: And is it believable?


See photos and all the hot BTS shots below:

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  photo 21_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg  photo 20_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg  photo 9_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg  photo 8_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg  photo 17_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg  photo 7_Vibe_JM_RT_KFJ.jpg 

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Loves it.


Photo Credits: Karl Ferguson

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Not trying to be funny but he

Not trying to be funny but he really should be on the cover by himself! Being that his song was #1 in several different countries and he has or had the #1 album. Robin has worked hard and deserves all the attention he's getting. For years he's been played only by urban stations and now with the success of "Blurred Lines" he has finally crossed over. I guess "Blurred Lines" was a fluke or something because I have all his albums and "Blurred Lines" is not his best work but I guess from all the success he has from it, the song has cross over appeal. I don't know who is pushing Janelle Monae but it's not working for me. I don't like her style or music and she seems very manufactured to me! Why is she even on the cover? Does the girl even sell records?
Shay's picture

Janelle is such a dollface. I

Janelle is such a dollface. I lo♥e her, her eclectic style, and her music.
Peace Silas's picture

glad robin thicke is finally

glad robin thicke is finally on the cover. he bitched enough about not being on the cover so thanks vibe 4 finally giving him his wish
msarij85's picture

can you point me to where you

can you point me to where you read about his bitching to be on vibe or is it just some made up ish by you?
Frankandberry's picture

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