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BABY FAB: Rasheeda & Kirk Frost's BABY SHOWER For "Karter Frost" With Erica Dixon (And Her NEW Man), Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Toya Wright & MORE.......

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"LAHH ATL" stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost celebrated the upcoming birth of their son Karter with their friends "RHOA" star Kandi Burruss, the show's creator Mona Scott Young, "RHOA" star Phaedra Parks and more.  See the shower pics inside....

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Despite what you've watched on "LAHH ATL" this season, Kirk and a glowing Rasheeda Frost look like they've worked through their differences and seem genuinely excited about the upcoming birth of their son Karter Frost.   SEEM may be the operative word her.

The couple recently had their baby shower in Atlanta, attended by many of their celeb friends.

 photo rki10.jpg

 photo rki12.jpg

Kandi Burruss, who's one of Rasheeda's closest friends, posed with Nivea at the party.  Is everything OK Nivea?

 photo rki22.jpg

And Rasheeda's BFF Toya Wright took a few pics rubbing Rasheeda's baby.  

 photo rki9.jpg

Mona Scott Young came out to support Rasheeda and Kirk, posing alongside fellow "LAHH ATL" star Erica Dixon (along with her super cute daughter).

 photo rki3.jpg

And Erica showed up with her new boyfriend, model Oshea Russell.  And of course, Erica and Oshea have been hit with rumors and gossip. Erica responded, "Our journey isn't over but we believe. #faith #blessed #favored and were both GAY but you thought you knew."  

Oh...we guess someone said Oshea was gay.  Maybe they should ask Nikko & MiMi Faust how they handled it all...

 photo rki23.jpg

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Rasheeda took several pics with Kirk and the family.  See tweeted, “My baby shower was so great today, I had a ball got so many pics to post.”  It looks like everyone is trying to work it out to have a family.


 photo rki20.jpg   

Even Rasheeda's mom was able to smile and pose next to Kirk!  He's probably still mad about her running over that bike though...


Photos via Rasheeda Instagram, Erica Dixon Instagram, Kandi Burruss Instagram, Freddy O



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I didnt recognize Nivea.

I didnt recognize Nivea.
Kris's picture

Ok Kirk, you could have at

Ok Kirk, you could have at least PRETENDED like you wanted to be there!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

the look on Kirk's face says

the look on Kirk's face says it all lol

Its funny but people say they

Its funny but people say they want reality but then they get reality and talk ish! Its a baby shower with real people not just celebrities...How do you want them to dress? Like its a red carpet event? Some people kill me with their BS comments...I would love to see how your families look/dress at these type of functions!!!
Money First's picture

With the exception of

With the exception of Rasheeda them other chicks look like some big azz country bamas (why come out the hose looking like that and the gym is still open in the summertime). I'm so happy For Erica and her new guy......and I love her comment to all the haters.....
Naomi's picture

Kandi and that damn Red wig

Kandi and that damn Red wig and along with those Green leggings and far too much makeup for such an event...LOL
star's picture

Kirk looks miserable. Nivea,

Kirk looks miserable. Nivea, I'm not even mad at the weight gain I am mad at that outfit. Good grief!
Suga Bear's picture

Oh my goodness what happened

Oh my goodness what happened to Nivea? She looks like somebody's old great granny. After the Gremlin(lil Wayne) spermed her up I guess that's how she was left looking. Are those all of Kirk and Rasheeda's kids? That could be why her career never got off. You need to pick one. Baby factory or music career. Didn't Kirk say on the show they had 5 or 6 kids and some are adults? 10,000 kids some where and you still haven't made it. It's time for somebody to get a real J.O.B.......allll-right
YaHeard's picture

Is Nivea pregnant AGAIN? How

Is Nivea pregnant AGAIN? How old is Erika? Because Oshea is barely 21.
PacificGirl's picture

He might still be mad about

He might still be mad about that bike but that sure was funny! Mama tore that bike up and I wasn't mad at her!

Wow, Atlantaians have their

Wow, Atlantaians have their own 'UNIQUE' style. I'll just leave it at that.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

A hot country mess.

A hot country mess.
PacificGirl's picture


Suga Bear's picture

I don’t know if she has that

I don’t know if she has that I’m at the end of my pregnancy and I’m so over this look but Rasheeda looks like she doesn’t want to be there or maybe it’s because Kirks was there. She just looks miserable to me and what the hell is going on with Nivea? It looks like she has 4 different outfits on that damn hat, that shirt, that skirt or pedal pusher, and them shoes.
Its Me's picture

Toya and that tired ass

Toya and that tired ass pose...
Missy's picture

Can someone tell that

Can someone tell that annoying Toya to find another pose? She always turns her face to the side. It could be because she realizes how ugly she is if you look at her eye to eye.
Child Please's picture

Kandi looks like a stuffed

Kandi looks like a stuffed M&M and Nivea looks like she had a double helping of the depo shot
luvles's picture

Kirk still looks like his

Kirk still looks like his life is just falling from behind this pregnancy. Rasheeda lose him and fast coz I can just tell he's going to bring her down with him. And Erica, yeas hunty! That dude right thurr is a good luck.
Peace Silas's picture

LMAO @ lifetime membership at

LMAO @ lifetime membership at Citi Trends!
in my opinion's picture

Nivea is all wrong. Who

Nivea is all wrong. Who brings children and men to a baby shower? Reginae is a squat midget. Kye has Rasheeda's old nose. Fux it everybody looks tacky. sorry
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Off subject... but, every

Off subject... but, every time I see Reginae (cute girl btw) I can't help but wonder if it bothers her that her father constantly sings/raps high praises for "red bones" and NEVER even so much as makes a remark about beautiful brown girls like her.
in my opinion's picture


Peace Silas's picture

Kirk CLEARY doesn't want to

Kirk CLEARY doesn't want to be there. And most of the guests look TACKY TACKY TACKY starting with Kandi Buruss and her lifetime membership at Citi Trends and ending with Nivea and her "ever-pregnant-looking" self. Jesus be a fixer and heal my eyes!!
tabguru's picture

LOLOLOL!!! You a damn fool

LOLOLOL!!! You a damn fool for this. #Idied@ "Jesus be a fixer and heal my eyes!!" ☺
Peace Silas's picture


afua's picture

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