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ON THE SET: Wendy Williams HOSTS The "R&B DIVAS LA" REUNION SPECIAL -- Kelly Price, Michel'le, Lil' Mo, Claudette Ortiz & Chante Moore

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The cast of "R&B Divas LA" sat down with talk show host Wendy Williams for the reunion taping and we have the first pics from the set. See the ladies posing it up with Wendy before the drama goes down inside.....

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The ladies of "R&B Divas LA" -- Kelly Price, Michel'le, Lil' Mo, Claudette Ortiz and Chante Moore -- sat down with Wendy Williams in New York at Arena Event Space to discuss the catfights, custody battles, man problems and the "monolgues" that caused so much drama all season.

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Of course, Phil Thornton (and the rest of the R&B DIVAS LA producers) are keeping the exact deets of the reunion under wraps, but it's obvious that Dawn Robinson didn't show up for the taping.  Why?  

During an interview with 4umf.com, Dawn revealed that she was very unhappy with how her friend Kelly Price was portrayed and she wasn't feeling the fighting that went on during the taping.  Apparently she had enough of those fights with her own group.  She said, 

"I only have one Dawn Robinson, and I’ll be damned if somebody’s going to come in and take it all because of some reality show. That is not what I signed up for! I signed up for positivity.”

So....we assume she's never watched an actual reality show before?

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And according to S2S, Dawn and Kelly performed a one-night-only Not Your Mama’s Monologues in LA, which would lead us to believe that the actual performance the series is bulding up to.....might not have happened!  

This could have caused some tension at the reunion...but clearly it was worked out.  We see Kelly gave Lil' Mo a big hug and it didn't look like she brought any vaseline or razor blades for Chante Moore.

Part one of the "R&B Divas LA" reunion will air on Sept. 4 at 10pmET, and part two will air on Sept. 11 at 10pmET.

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Photos via Robert Milazzo






Maybe Kelly went about

Maybe Kelly went about handling the situation wrong BUT I totally understand her feelings. Chante and Mo needed to pump their brakes - the monologues wasn't their idea - it was Kelly's! It was wrong to pick a Director and start rehearsing w/o Kelly. Mo and Chante are desperate for work and don't have careers they couldn't afford to wait for Kelly. Yes, Kelly was uncool at times (being a no-show, texting during rehearsal, etc) but Mo and Chante was wrong for getting their own Director, etc. Kelly told Chante she didn't want that. That's like telling someone you're gonna have a party and they start planning and ordering *ish without you!! Team Kelly on that front.
SpecialK's picture

Chante told her BEFORE the

Chante told her BEFORE the meeting that she was meeting a director. Kelly said she wasn't happy about it but didn't offer an alternative. If you are going to prepare a performance and give people a month to do it and not make moves to get it done, what do you expect. These are accomplished professional women who deserve to have a comparable director. Ole boy from Vegas that directed the stage play that Kelly invited them to and didn't show mind you, is beneath them. He's not on their level. Kelly only wanted him because I'm sure he would do it for a plane ticket and a bucket of chicken and not ask for pay. A real director for a real production would want to get PAID as they should. Kelly is ghetto and she's the desperate one with her open mic night in INGLEWOOD. I don't even go to Inglewood and I'm not a celebrity!
PacificGirl's picture

I only wish that man Wendy

I only wish that man Wendy wasn't hosting!!! Really enjoyed R&B Divas Atl!
SpecialK's picture

Some people really shouldn't

Some people really shouldn't do reality shows. Dawn for one. She is so fking fragile and insecure it's sickening, and a turn off. She doesn't have the confidence to be a solo artist so she needs to give it up. Kelly, really Kelly? I was a huge fan until I saw you bring your ghetto ass ways to the masses. Her personality is just UGLY. I will never support her music again now that I know what she's really like. I would pay to see Chante sing anytime, anywhere. She is a true star. I like Claudette too. Lil Mo is HOOD but I like her and she can blow. Michele is forgettable. They need to replace her if they do another season.
PacificGirl's picture

Agreed Agreed Agreed

Agreed Agreed Agreed
@aggie_princess's picture

I agree with _speak on this

I agree with _speak on this one. Chante Moore and Claudette Ortiz are real classy ladies and obviously serious about their craft. Kelly Price...smh...I had no idea she was like that. I don't even want to listen to her music. She is clearly a control freak...and spoiled. Dawn...well, Dawn is just not made for this business. Even though she has a fabulous voice, she lacks the confidence to stand on her own and that is so unattractive. Michelle...well, I don't have anything to say on that one...I just want her to be quiet or sing, please don't talk. Lil Mo, you're hilarious and you can sing your butt off...just take it down a few notches
LavyshLibra's picture

Wait, where is Dawn?

Wait, where is Dawn?

Ever since I watched Funky

Ever since I watched Funky Dineva's review on R&B Divas LA, I can't look at Kelly Price without hearing Funky Dineva's voice saying....'she's built like a Buick.' LOL
love7endures's picture

Baby Ms.Moore is bomb!! i

Baby Ms.Moore is bomb!! i swear she doesn't look her age, that body and face is all on point, and i love her and ortiz realness, lil mo is my around the way hood chick, i dig her!! ugh! what can i say about that high pitch chick!! she's cool, that voice is just *Put a gun to my head* and kelly i highly dis like her, she is a lier, and i am no longer a fan!!!
_speak's picture

Lil Mo you at a 10 Ima need

Lil Mo you at a 10 Ima need you at a 5.....Ortiz you and Chante are the TRUTH. Dawn you got it going just Wo(man) up a little more damn!
afua's picture

Kelly your insecurities are

Kelly your insecurities are showing....
afua's picture


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That Ortiz chick can get that

That Ortiz chick can get that work! Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good video on there
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