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SO THAT EXPLAINS IT!? The Kardashian Family Staged An Intervention To Stop Lamar Odom's ALLEGED Hardcore DRUG Abuse

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Reports are now surfacing that Lamar Odom had a failed rehab stint, which led to him getting kicked out the house and may explain why he has been living at a nearby hotel (we posted picture proof of his situation this week).   Get the deets on what's really causing trouble in Lamar's marriage to Khloe Kardashian inside....


We were thinking that Lamar Odom had been looking frail (pictured above a few days ago) and thin for the past few weeks and now we have a little more insight into what may have caused that disastrous stint with the Dallas Mavericks, the lashing out at the paparazzi and those embarrassing cheating scandals.  

According to TMZ, sources close to the Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian situation attribute the bulk of their marital discord to Lamar's alleged hardcore recreational drug abuse.  It's now being reported that Lamar entered a rehab facility in San Diego last August and was so resistant to treatment that Khloe hired private investigators to stand guard outside of the facility to make sure he didn't leave. Sadly, it didn't work.  And Lamar ditched the treatment effort after three weeks.  

Though the Clippers baller and father of two was able to pull it together for his season with the LA Clippers, he apparently relapsed once the season was over.  And now things are as bad as ever, allegedly.  The Kardashian family reportedly staged an intervention two days ago but Lamar was not receptive to their efforts.  Maybe this explains why we saw Malika Haqq drop off his car just a few days ago (above) and he wasn't allowed to come back home.  

Also, sources say Khloe is convinced that Lamar did cheat on her, but, "Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar than ending her marriage."

Lamar's father, who often appeared on "Khloe & Lamar", has struggled with heroin addiction for many years.  And he and Lamar have shown & discussed their troubled relationship because of it.

If Lamar's alleged recreational drug habit is true, we hope he gets the treatment and help he needs.  Because this could end very badly....


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