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"LOST" & FOUND: Lamar Odom Makes A RUN For The BORDER....To Taco Bell, Then BACK Home To Khloe Kardashian!

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 photo LamarOdomLamarOdomMakesFastFoodRunwlg6G9fRucWl.jpg

Lamar Odom was spotted making a run for the border today (and by making a "run" we mean Taco Bell).  See pics of Lamar placing his order and get the latest updates on his recovery and marriage.....

 photo LamarOdomLamarOdomMakesFastFoodRunpXFHcsZ2Sx0l.jpg

Lamar Odom, whom we told you did not attend Clippers practice yesterday as he was no re-signed, was spotted wearing his wedding ring while making a run earlier today. 

We know when you are accused of having a drug problem that making a "run" can have several meanings, but we're happy to report that Lamar's "run" was to the local Taco Bell near the home he shares (and recently returned to) with wife Khloe Kardashian.  His agent said this week he was NEVER missing and Khloe knew the whole time where he was (reportedly in a nearby hotel working out those drug issues), but TMZ maintains he was.  Hmm.

Although tons of photographers gathered around his Mercedes Benz truck and pelted him with questions like "Are you addicted to crack cocaine?", Lamar maintained his composure and waited for his nachos and other food items.  (Watch him get harassed by the cameramen here). 

And how did a cameraman get INSIDE the Taco Bell...just in time... (top pic) to take a pic from the drive thru angle?  Staged?  Hmmmm...

 photo LamarOdomLamarOdomMakesFastFoodRunz41pqilaxpJl.jpg  

It's worth mentioning that Khloe Kardashian was spotted wearing her wedding band yesterday as well, so it looks like the couple are working through both their marital woes and addiction issues.  Good luck.  

UPDATE: Lamar's monster-in-law mother-in-law is likely getting her show "Kris" cancelled after its six-week test.  Several sources are reporting Fox has decided not to pick up the show due to abysmal ratings.  And the one day of decent ratings--Kanye's finale show--isn't a good enough indication that a whole season would perform similarly.

Photos via PacificCoastNews.com

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