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RUMOR CONTROL: Michael Jordan's DAUGHTER Jasmine Jordan CONFIRMS She's Gay, Not Bothered By The Haters

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Jasmine Jordan(longer hair in pic above), the 20-year-old daughter of basketball legend Michael Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita has come out as a lesbian.  Get the deets inside and find out how she is responding to the feedback.....

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Last week, Jasmine Jordan, the only daughter of Michael and Juanita Jordan posted several Instagram pics of herself with her girlfriend, former Syracuse Orange basketball guard Carmen Tyson-Thomas.

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One telling caption read "That little closet is holding me back.”  

With Jasmine being the second high-profile kid of a sports icon to come "out" (remember E.J., Magic Johnson's son?), a certain site took the information and posted it in a very sensationalized manner.  In response, Jasmine went back to her Instagram account and said,

“(the other site) has struck again! Lol but just like the last time, I’m chillin and not bothered. Negativity go to the left and take a seat. No time for that! Everyone have an amazing day!”

She continued....

”Until Love, Trust, Honesty, Repost, Loyalty, Commitment, Genuine, Happiness and other characteristics or aspects I want in a relationship is defined by one gender then and only then will I discuss my sexual preference.”

Jasmine's girlfriend posts tons of pics of their skype sessions and lovey dovey notes as well.  So the twosome are indeed an item.

Congrats on doing you Jasmine....


Photos via Jasmine Jordan's Instagram

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