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"BACK" AT IT? Tahiry & Joe Budden GET FLIRTY During Fashion Week + Gucci Mane SQUARES OFF With A Stranger AT Lenox Mall (VIDEO)!

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"LAHH NYC" stars Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose were spotted "back together" recently. Find out what brought them together inside and see video of Gucci Mane squaring off with a stranger at Lenox Mall.


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"LAHH NY" stars Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose were spotted in the front row at the Alhassan Toure's “Coming to America” fashion show in the artistic Eyebeam space in NYC recently.

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The two were seated next to each other as they filmed scenes for the upcoming season of "LAHH NY".

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Alicia Key's brother, Cole Cook, was among the models in the presentation.

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Initally, Tahiry walked the press line alone.....as she showed off her most famous body part.

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Once Joe showed up, she didn't seem pleased or thrilled to be snapped next to him.

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In fact, she pulled away and tried to avoid having her picture taken with him.

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But as usual, Joe seems to always have Tahiry within his grasp.  Obviously, this love story will continue to play out before our eyes.  

As we told you previously, Tahiry and Joe's love story will have "competition" from New Orleans, LA and Houston once the LAHH franchise expands into those cities.




And in foolywang.......

"Something in the water" ain't right with Gucci Mane.  Following his very "strange" Twitter rantthe rapper and his demons have spilled over into real life (offline).  

We're not sure what led to the confrontation, but now Gucci seems to be getting into it with average joes on the street.  A new online clip shows Gucci squaring up with a stranger at Lenox Mall in Atlanta.  There isn't much context to the "near brawl", but we have to admire a quick-tempered dude like Gucci walking around with no security.  We guess he really is gangsta....


Photos via Rodney Gibson

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