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RUMOR CONTROL: Waka Flocka CONFIRMS He And Baby Momma Tammy Rivera Are BOOKED For "LAHH ATL", Says Gucci Mane Needs "Medical Attention"

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Waka Flocka confirmed to "The Breakfast Club" that he and his baby momma Tammy Rivera will be on the next season on "LAHH ATL".  Listen to the interview inside and see what he said about Gucci Mane having a mental illness.

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Waka Flocka stopped by Power 105 recently where he confirmed to The Breakfast Club that he and his fiancee Tammy Rivera will be featured on the next season of LAHH ATL and that he thinks Gucci Man has "lost his noodles".  Here are the highlights:

On Tammy:

I been with Tammy...till this day she ain't never asked me for a dollar.  Only thing she like is clothes.  She's obsessed with fashion....she'd trade in fashion for me.  


I'm not doing LAHH, my fiancee doing LAHH.  I'll be on an episode or two.  

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On Tammy's rumored $500K salary:

That's cool....I won't have to buy anymore purses.


Once Tammy got wind of Flocka's interview, she tweeted a confirmation saying, "Cats Out The Bag".

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Waka (shown above with Tammy and her daughter) also discussed Gucci Mane, saying he needs medical help.

On Gucci Mane:

He talk crazy. On Waka disloyal?  How?  I'm not even trying to talk bad.  I met this guy he had clay Jordans, cowboy boots and he was sleeping in an old school Chevy.  He lived at my mom's house for two years rent free.  When you not bigger than somebody...its like Bruce Lee and your sensei.  Your sensei loves you, but when you whip their ass...it's a different story.  

When I started going on tours, buying cars, buying jewelry....your conversation changed with me.  It messed with his ego.

On still being signed to Waka:

Man I been trying to buy that contract.  He's surviving off that money.  But I don't blame him.  Them ASCAP checks coming.  

On if he thinks Gucci will ever let him out of his contract:  

He ain't trying to get rid of that contract.  I want him to eat though.  I don't want him out like a bum.  But Gucci lost his noodles.  He really  needs medical attention.  

Listen to the interview here:




Photos via Tammy Rivera's Instagram





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