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VIDEOS: Jason Derulo Swoons Girlfriend Jordin Sparks In "Marry Me" + DMX's "Dr. Phil" Preview

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For your afternoon sweet tooth, Jason Derulo's new video featuring his fab girlfriend Jordin Sparks is full of cuteness & sweetness.  And a little sexiness.  Check out the couple's romantic journey in his new "Marry Me' video.  Plus, DMX gets help from Dr. Phil in a new preview for the daytime talk show...

Cute couple Jason Derulo & Jordin Sparks brought their real life love to a music video.  In Jason Derulo's video for his newest single "Marry Me," the shirtless dancing crooner did some fancy footwork while Jordin laid across a piano looking fabulous.  And we see the twosome having cutesy pillow fights and food fights and eventually, Jason goes to shop for a fat diamond ring since he wants to spend the next 105 years with the love of his life.

Yes, we think all of this cheesy ish is cute.  Blame the hopeless romantic in us.  Peep the vid below, complete with plenty of obvious product placement:

Awwww.  Jason's new EP Tattoos drops tomorrow.


In other videos, DMX sat down with Dr. Phil to get to the bottom of his issues.  We doubt all his drama was solved in the 1 hour time slot, but here's a preview of what we can expect to see when the "Man Behind The Crime Headlines" episode of "Dr. Phil" airs this Wednesday:


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