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BODY WORK: Nicki Minaj Goes BOOBS OUT At "Ellen" + KeKe Palmer Flosses Her Abs For "Heart & Soul"

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 photo 0ae423ec257e11e3aeda22000a1f973b_7_zpsf10c5b54.jpg  

So, Nicki Minaj wore this outfit to "Ellen" yesterday.  Check out the full look inside, plus KeKe Palmer flossing her toned bod on the cover of Heart & Soul...

 photo f4611276255311e3a8fa22000ae9142a_7_zps82fb2531.jpg

Nicki Nicki Nicki...

While having your inner boob and under boob on full display could work inside the club...or even one of your raunchtastic videos, we're not sure it works for daytime tv's "Ellen".  It's possible she didn't wear this leather jogging pant with a leather barely buttoned blazer for the actual taping, but she surely wore it on her ay to the taping, and after the taping.

 photo 964925a2257b11e3aa2d22000a1f9a45_7_zps858d2b83.jpg photo 4bb53418257b11e38b9a22000a1f9d42_7_zpsbcb91ebb.jpg

We shall see....

Meanwhile, Nicki's on a Minajesty press tour to pub her new fragrance.  And we're sure she'll be mentioning her new Nicki Minaj collection at KMart.


 photo kekehas_zpsa54867f5.jpg

Speaking of bodies on display, 20-year-old KeKe Palmer is covering the new issue of Heart & Soul magazine.  And she's showing off the fruits of her workout labor.

The all-grown-up actress/singer is talking her fitness game and her new VH1 TLC biopic "Crazy Sexy Cool" (Oct. 21st). And we're so ready for that one.

Also, KeKe sat down with Yahoo Music yesterday to explain her new upper inner arm tatt, check it.  We love KeKe!



Photos: Heart & Soul/Nicki's IG

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