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Hollywood Couple Cherie Johnson & Dennis White Talk Racial Brutality From South Carolina Cops

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Notorius actor Dennis White and his former child star actress girlfriend Cherie Johnson are a couple--in case you didn't know.  And after putting on their joint "actor workshop" in Dennis' hometown in North Carolina last week, they faced ugly racial brutality once they headed to South Carolina for some R&R.


Check out their story inside...

While heading south to Myrtle Beach after putting on an actor's workshop in North Carolina, actors Dennis White & Cherie Johnson encountered some major racial profiling that led to handcuffs, harassment, and being stripped of their rights by what the couple call racist police officers.

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Dennis wrote his story on iCNN.  And explained that while the two were taking pics of the scenery of the cotton fields in South Carolina--while soaking in the historical significance of it all--police officers went way too far.

On September 22nd, 2013 at approximately 3:40pm, I was reminded that at the end of the day I can be harassed by the police at their will.

Dennis explained how situation went left when a cop harassed them for being on private property.

I grew up in North Carolina so this is nothing new to me but to experience this with the Woman I love was monumental. As we walked back to the car we noticed a cop car with it’s lights on making a u-turn and parked right behind us. My Lady, proceeded to walk towards his car and state, “I just wanted to take a picture!” The Officer, S. Barfield, grabbed his gun and told her to sit in the car.

He continued:

The officer approached my side of the car and asked for license and registration. I complied and he went back to his vehicle to run my identity. Everything came back clean. He began to ask me a plethora of questions. I showed him the flyer from the Acting workshop we just held in Fayetteville the previous day. I informed him of our credentials and what we do for a living. He told me to exit the vehicle. I complied. He brought me to the back of the car and asked me more questions. He asked me my Woman’s name and I answered, “Cherie Johnson”. He left me and questioned her. I assumed to validate my answers. He returned to his car and approached me and told me that there was a warrant for her arrest. I told him he had to be mistaken. He presented that info to her and she disputed that. He returned to his vehicle and within 5 minutes he approached her and admitted that she didn’t have a warrant. By this time I am hot, confused and annoyed. He asked me several more questions and then asked if he could search the car. I am not a lawyer but I know some of my rights. I refused. He walked over to Cherie and asked her several more questions. He left her and entered his car and put gloves on.

Officer Barfield approached me and told me to turn around. I asked him if I was being arrested. He said, “No”. He proceeded to put handcuffs on me rather tight and aggressively. I inquired why was I being cuffed. He had no specific reasoning. He then proceeded to approach my Lady and tell her to get out of the car and he handcuffed her.

Dennis revealed that the cop berated them with questions about drugs and other things--none of which applied to them.  And harrassed them by not letting them out of the handcuffs until Dennis allowed them to search the car.  Police even accused them of stashing weed in a tea bag.  And only freed the couple after enduring hours of harrassment.

Check out the couple's full story HERE and how they want the racist cop, who they name as “Officer S. Barfield” in Marion County, SC, to face justice.


Photo: Cherie's IG, Dennis' IG

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