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MORE PROOF? Kerry Washington Is SO Pregnant....And Still Hiding It

 photo kerryapplestore_zps5cb0124b.jpg

We were the first to call it last month when we suspected Kerry Washington is pregnant.  Between the secret (and seemingly quick) nuptials with an Idaho marriage license (can't make a marriage any more secret than making it official in IDAHO!) and a suspicious change in the type of dresses she wears...not to mention the plumper face and boobs....it seemed to us that our fave "Fixer" is expecting.


And yesterday, when Kerry showed up at the Apple Store in Soho, it became even more apparent.  Pics inside....

Are newlyweds Kerry Washington and Ezenwa Nnamdi Asomugha really expecting?  Well she's been on our Preggers Watch list for almost a month now.  Remember THIS, and THIS, and THIS

The TV star continues to wear loose fitting dresses, distracting prints, and using props (yesterday it was her puppy!) to cover that telling baby belly.

Yesterday, at an Apple Store appearance in Soho where she continued to promote the season 3 premiere of "Scandal", she rocked this coral dress that is perhaps the most telling:

 photo tumblr_mu44vkFULW1qcu4d9o1_500_zps113e1f2d.jpg

And this looks like more proof she's got a baby on the way.

 photo KerryWashingtonKerryWashingtonStopsDailyjq7iqhX2m5fl_zps5d2f310d.jpg

 photo KerryWashingtonKerryWashingtonStopsDailyBThgkLFlFnFl_zpsb2935b5c.jpg

 photo KerryWashingtonKerryWashingtonStopsDailyDSK9EVqkg9yl_zpsa019bb3d.jpg

Who is this trying to cop a feel?

 photo KerryWashingtonAppleStoreSohoPresentsuJ1xermg-XHl_zps87abb7ca.jpg

Kerry's co-stars hit the stage with her to talk to fans about the upcoming season.  And those legs and arms stayed crossed.

Later on, she rolled to the "Daily Show" with Jon Stewart in this mixed print frock which, of course, draws attention away from the midsection:

 photo KerryWashingtonKerryWashingtonStopsDailylRT5_97f5Cel_zps45a5c800.jpg

 photo puppscandal2_zps70563cb6.jpg

 photo kpre1_zpsff876adc.jpg

She even brought her doggie along.  Likely to use the big ass bag to cover up the side shots of her tummy.

We're loving the idea of Kerry as a mom.  Once she confirms this pregnancy, she'll be the go-to-girl for fashionista mommies-to-be.  Fab!

P.S.  How INSANE was last night's premiere?  Lawd....

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