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SPEAK ON IT: Don Lemon Co-Signs Controversial Stop & Frisk Law...For A Reason

Don Lemon stirred up controversy once again during his commentary spot on the Tom Joyner morning show today.  Check out his take on Stop & Frisk inside....and speak on it....

With controversial policies like Stop & Frisk being called legal racial profiling and legal racism, it's not everyday we hear a black man endorsing such policies.  But was Mr. Lemon actually endorsing it?  Or was he offering a different perspective on it for the greater good?

He said in part today:

If they could truly believe that the officers would stop someone and say, “Sir I’m sorry but I need to check your bag and your person but they know that that’s not the reality of things on the street.

They know that officers will most likely not be that polite, if you can call that polite. They know that in reality they will probably be ordered to put their hands up, spread their legs, or lay on the ground and be handcuffed while an officer or officers have their ways with them; touching them wherever they’d like or handling them however they’d like.

So for those of us who’d like to believe in theory that we’d rather be inconvenienced by being stopped by police than shot by gun wielding criminals on the street, we deeply know that while that is true, it is highly unlikely that the police, the people holding the authority, and our fates in their own hands will treat us as citizens who deserve the same respect as any other citizen who happens not to be of color in the United States.

And ended with:

So the question is: would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive? That’s the real issue facing the citizens of New York and pretty soon, ultimately YOU.

Some say the police commissioner incorrectly credits Stop & Frisk with the decrease in crime in NYC, as crime has been on the decline for the last decade across the entire nation as a whole.  But others say the policy still heavily affects the prevention of crime in NYC.

Needless to say, Twitter was in a slight uproar.

So, you decide.  Is Don just trying to be controversial and co-signing a policy that allows cops to stop whoever they feel is "a threat" in the streets...or is he offering up a valid perspective on how to prevent crime?

Check out the full audio HERE.




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