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EXCLUSIVE: 702 Singer MEELAH WILLIAMS Dishes On "R&B Divas Atlanta", Raising A Son With Autism, New Music And TOXIC Girl Groups

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In an exclusive interview with TheYBF.com, former 702 singer Meelah Williams is dishing it ALL for the very first time.  And she's talking about her stint on the upcoming third season of "R&B Divas Atlanta". 


We also got her to share her side of 702's toxic breakup as a group.  Plus, the fab mom opens up about being a first time parent with Musiq Soulchild as they raise their son with special needs....


Kameelah Williams, known to R&B music fans as Meelah, has joined the cast of "R&B Divas Atlanta" for its third season.  And we spoke to one of our fave fab chicks from the 90's about how she finally started to "Get It Together".

In an exclusive interview with TheYBF.com,  we asked Meelah if she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for R&B Divas.  She told us, “I am a reality show junkie…I’m really into watching people see their dreams come true on these shows.”

From our chat with Meelah, it’s clear that she’s totally committed to being transparent with the audience...and this is her shot at achieving her dreams of solo success.  And by the way, she says she's not the one to blame for 702's breakup...

On breaking free from her “toxic” 702 situation and singing all the leads:

“Our story hasn’t been told. When it comes to the demise of 702, I feel like I was the blame. I feel like the public perception is that I left to pursue a solo career but that’s not the case. We had a lot of internal issues, there was a lot of jealousy and animosity towards me….because I was brought on to give the group a “voice” lift. It was kinda like I was put in that position and it was hard for all of us. I felt bad cause I didn’t want to be the one responsible for them feeling like they were no longer worthy of singing lead. And then they felt bad cause they were like this chick coming in and taking all the vocals. It was difficult."

On why she ultimately left 702:

"I think the public needs to know that those things eventually weakened us and that’s why we had to separate. It just became a toxic and unhealthy environment. I just felt uncomfortable after a while and it got ugly by the third album. It was like…..I wasn’t happy anymore. I think people need to know that I left the group because there was just all of that shade towards me. I didn’t want to deal with it anymore."

On Motown abandoning the group's third album “Star”

"They didn’t promote it anymore and it was over after that…I was very hurt. It’s crazy because I felt like it was over once it came out. They was a lack of promotion and no one knew that 702 was back with an album. We had been off the scene for three or four years and I just felt like the setup wasn’t enough for what we deserved. But…I stuck around for a minute. Maybe another year. But it was like, dry. There was no touring.  Finally I was like, I gotta go. I had a conversation with the girls and it was all good. They knew I was unhappy and we had to part ways."


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On joining "R&B Divas"

"God put it in my lap. I'm appreciative to be on a show like "R&B Divas". I'm so happy that people will get to see what I’m working on. I’m getting in the studio with Sean Garrett and I’m excited that I’m able to work with a producer of his caliber as a solo artist."

On singing 702's hit songs as a solo artist:

"I was nervous at first (during a two-week solo run in Japan). I didn’t know how they were going to receive me (solo) at first. I didn’t know if they were gonna be like “Where My Girls At?” for real!! (Laughs) They treated me like I had just put out an album the night before. It feels so good to be doing it again."

On her and Musiq Soulchild raising a son together with Autism (and showing this on television)

"He’s very supportive. We’ve been working on music together and he’s very supportive of me doing the show. He excited for me to stop worrying his nerves chile and get my music back on track, cause he knows that’s what I really want. He’s super excited that this opportunity has come for me. We’ve just been trying to keep the balance in terms of doing music together, raising a son together and moving forward with our lives as co-parents. And just learning how to do it all. We’re both new parents and it’s the first time I’m on reality tv, it’s my first time as a solo artist. It’s the first time that I’m sharing my life. Sharing with people that “Hey I have a special needs child.” We’re going through our situation with our relationship and trying to figure that out. The transparency is definitely new but hopefully I’ll give the children (the audience) what they want."

On dealing with Zac’s special needs and support from Holly Robinson Peete:

"I’ve been fortunate to speak with Holly Robinson Pete. Keisha Epps (Omar Epps’ wife) hooked me up with Holly. She's informative, knowledgeable and wise. I’m so appreciative that I have somebody like that who I can reach out to. It is hard trying to figure out the day to day of a special needs kid. I'm just so happy I have the support of someone who has gone through this journey."

On reuniting with 702 in the wake of so many group reunions:

“It’s not really something that I’m interested in right now; however, “Never Say Never”…..that’s what Brandy told ya’ll!

Find Meelah on Twitter (@itsMeelah).  "R&B Divas Atlanta" kicks off early 2014 on TvOne.

FLASHBACK:  Watch 702's "Where My Girls At" video:



Photos via Corey Guevarra/Porsha Antalan

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