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NOT ON MY WATCH! Shaquille O'Neal SLAMS Shaunie's Attempts To Film New Reality Show With Their Kids

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Has Shaquille O'Neal shattered Shaunie's hopes for turning her family into the newest reality family on display?  Get deets on Shaq shutting down Shaunie's newest reality tv desires inside...

While Shaunie O'Neal wants to turn her life with 5 kids into a reality show empire, her ex hubby Shaq ain't having it!  Today in LA, Shaunie will appear in court where she hopes a judge will grant her an emergency order allowing her to shoot with the kids.  So what's Shaq's response? He allegedly said, "Over my dead body."

The order would allow Shaunie to move forward with her VH1 show, "The Shaunie Project", but Shaq doesn't want his kids filmed. Shaunie wants to start filming the "Cosby-style" series in January but it's all comes down to what the judge thinks is best.  

We already know where Shaq stands.

UPDATE (12.19.2013):

Thursday morning, a judge in LA rejected Shaunie's bid for an emergency order to film her kids for a reality show.

If Shaunie wants the kids on the show, she'll have to have a hearing.

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