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OH? Evelyn Lozada's BABY'S DADDY Carl Crawford Has A 5-Month Old Daughter...& He Told THAT Baby's Mama To STAY AWAY From LA!

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A new custody lawsuit has revealed that Evelyn Lozada's baby daddy has a 5-month old daughter and a 9-year-old son.  Get lawsuit deets inside and do the math regarding a possible "overlap."


A few weeks ago, we revealed that Evelyn Lozada is 6-months pregnant by LA Dodgers star Carl Crawford, whom she quietly dated for a year. Now, a new lawsuit reveals that Carl has both a 9-year-old son and a 5-month-old daughter with Amy Freeman in Arizona (where he also mantains a residence)!  Yep, the same state of Arizona where Evelyn has randomly moved to.  Is this where Carl stashes his chicks or something?

If you do the math, it may appear that Carl MIGHT have been double dipping with both Evelyn and Amy at the same time.  Or just knocked them up within a very close time period.  While that question lingers, the issue at hand is Carl taking Amy to court to block her from relocating their family to LA.  

If you're wondering why Carl wants to prevent Amy from moving to LA, some speculate that California's more favorable child support laws would produce a substantial increase for Amy.  In the legal docs, Carl says Amy has been living in AZ for 12 years and things were fine until she decided to move to LA in October.  Hmm....maybe Amy heard about Evelyn's baby and began thinking about ways to increase her standing??

By the way...Carl's contract with the Dodgers is for $142M.


Photos via Evelyn Lozada's Instagram/Carl Crawford's Facebook

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