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REPORT: Dwyane Wade Fathered A Baby Boy OUTSIDE Of Relationship With Gabrielle Union, Gabby RESPONDS To Critics "Work On Yourself"

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade popped the question to Gabrielle Union last week, but now there are reports that he had a baby boy OUTSIDE of their relationship.   Get the deets on Dwyane Wade's youngest son inside...

On Monday, rumors surfaced that Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade fathered a baby boy outside of his relationship with Gabrielle Union. 

Apparently the two took a break from one another and in that time D. Wade got a chick pregnant. It's being reported that Gabby was made aware of the child BEFORE the engagement and they have worked through this issue privately. 

So who's the mother? That's a mystery for now. All we know is that the mystery woman and D. Wade have known each other "for many years."  It's important to note that Dwyane and the mother are on good terms and Entertainment Tonight News says he recently spent time with his youngest son. 

We do find it a bit odd that the new baby boy doesn't appear in the holiday photos that Gabby and D. Wade just shot with Wade's two sons Zaire & Zion and nephew Dahveon

Meanwhile......Gabrielle has addressed the news on Twitter by asking critics and haters to "work on themselves" before pointing the finger at Dwyane and their situation. 

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It's great to see that Gabby has already accepted Dwyane's new son and has moved on.  We've sure her lifestyle expert and bff AJ Johnson (who joined her on a recent girls getaway) played a part in this.  

In other Gabby/Dwyane news, they told ET that they plan to wed in September 2014.

Photo via Gabrielle Union's Instagram

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