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SNEAK PEEK: Tia & Tamera COVER "EBONY" Magazine + Tia Wants To Do A "Sister Sister" Movie

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We have a sneak peek at TiaTamera Mowry's brand new EBONY cover, plus Tia reveals what she'd like to see in a "Sister Sister" movie....

Finally, two of our faves nab a cover!  Tia Mowry Hardrict and Tamera Mowry Housley cover next month's EBONY.  And they're looking fabulous.

Inside the issue, the "Sister Sister" and "Tia & Tamera" stars discuss their careers in Hollywood, marriage and motherhood.

“After Sister, Sister ended, nobody was calling,” says Tia. “My sister and I were sick and tired of being sick and tired of sitting back and waiting for those phone calls.” Deciding at that point they were going to take control of their future, Tia added, “We had the mentality, ‘We’re not going to depend on anybody anymore, we’re not going to let someone else’s value of us diminish how we value ourselves, and we’re going to put action in place.’ We put our minds together and executed [our plans].”

Tamera opened up about the emotional moment she had on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? in regards to her interracial marriage with FOX news correspondent, Adam Housley.

“Honestly, growing up, I [just] knew I was going to marry a Black man,” said Tamera. “But, as I grew up, I learned to just be open,” she added. “I just wanted to be with someone who was confident around me and who I felt comfortable being myself with.”

Speaking of "Sister Sister", Tia revealed to OK! that she'd be interested in doing a movie based on the hit series and she even has a plot in mind!  She told the mag,

I would love to do Tia and Tamera go to Paris or to see where are they now. Maybe one of them’s married one’s not, one of them’s extremely successful and the other one’s struggling and she has to help the one who’s struggling. One of them has a family, the other one doesn’t. But I’m a huge fan of the Sex & The City movies and I love the way they put the girls out of their comfort zone so I would love to see that. Tia and Tamera somewhere out of their comfort zone, whether that’s traveling abroad to Morocco or Paris or Italy. Something fun like that.

Tia also told PEOPLE that her 2-year old son Cree has a favorite word -- "No" -- and he is a great negotiator. She joked,

“I’m like ‘Honey, come on, we’re gonna have to learn how to say yes!’” she jokes. “I’m like, ‘Cree, what’s your name?’ ‘No.’ ‘Cree, how old are you?’ ‘No.’ ‘Cree, can I have a kiss?’ ‘No.’ Everything is no." She added, “He’s negotiating with me. He’s not even three yet! Before he goes to bed, he likes to watch Little Einstein. I’m like,’We can’t watch too much of it because you have to go to bed.’ And he’s like, ‘Mommy, see Little Einstein. Five more minutes. [Saying no is] a problem. Then we end up watching it for 20, 30 minutes. He’s already negotiating with me — oh my God!”

Check out their full interview in the April issue of EBONY on newsstand now. 

Love these two!

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