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UPDATE: Does Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Want Prenup THROWN Out....Due To Custody Clause Of Their Unborn Baby?!

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New details have surfaced in Sherri Shepherd’s divorce from her estranged husband Lamar Sally. There’s a clause in the couple’s prenup that says the unborn baby (via surrogate) would live with Sherri, giving her full physical custody of the baby.  Is THIS why Sal wants that prenup thrown out?  Get the deets inside…


Now it’s starting to make sense why Sal wants that prenup thrown out!

Though he still hasn’t given any details on why he wants out of his marriage, Lamar Sally (Sal) wants the prenup he signed before he married “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd tossed...on the basis of "fraud".

Why? He hasn't said.  But it's now being reported that there's a custody clause in the prenup, which would award Sherri full physical custody of their unborn child via surrogate.

You’ll recall Sal filed for a legal separation from his wife in California (how interesting that he chose CALI...a state where he has the most chance of being awarded all his spousal support and more) and also filed for custody of their unborn baby, who is due at the end of July.

Sherri fired back at her husband, filing her own divorce documents in New Jersey but she never filed for custody. Which makes sense being that their prenup already addressed the custody issue.

According to TMZ, there’s another reason Sal is claiming their marriage is a fraud and wants the prenup axed…more money! Under their prenup agreement, Sal would only be awarded a lump sum of $60,000. Since Sherri makes more money than him, if he’s able to get the prenup terminated, he could get a lot more money in spousal support.  Just as we figured.


Photo: Pacific Coast News


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