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Sherri Shepherd BREAKS Her Silence! Talks Current Divorce From Lamar Sally, Custody Drama With Her Ex-Husband Jeffery & “The View” On “Wendy”

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This has been one hell of a summer for former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd. But she’s finally breaking her silence. Find out what she told Wendy about her pending divorce to Lamar Sally, the custody drama with her ex-husband Jeffrey and “The View” inside…

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Former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd sat down on the “Wendy Williams Show” for her first televised interview since ish went left in her personal life.

First her then husband Lamar Sally filed for divorce, followed by a lot of messiness involving their unborn baby via surrogate and trying to suck her dry for every dime she has. Then her nine-year-old son’s father Jeffrey Tarpley tried to have their son taken away from her, which resulted in a nasty custody battle. And to top it all off, she was released from the hit daytime TV talk show, “The View.” She has been THROUGH it.

But through it all, she has kept a positive demeanor and energy but behind closed doors, fighting like hell to receive her just due in court. Since all of this happened, Sherri has pretty much remained mum about it all but now, she’s finally breaking her silence and giving her side of everything that went down...well as much she's allowed to legally say. 

Wendy got right to it asking her if she watched the premiere episode of the new season of “The View” with new co-hosts Rosie Perez, Rosie O'Donnell and Nicolle Wallace. Yep, she watched! And here’s what she had to say about it,

“I watched ‘The View’ on Monday and I love the hot topics. I love when they get into it. I think everybody is very nervous. Rosie Perez I know you are a champion and I have been championing Rosie Perez for a long time. Go girl!”

Although Rosie O’Donnell threw a little shade at Sherri after her departure during an interview, Sherri revealed Rosie actually helped her with her negotiations when she first started “The View.” Rosie gave her tips on how much money she should request, dishing to her how much she made. Girl Power!

What’s the status between her and her ex-husband Jeffrey?

“He took me court. The paper said that I was a bad mother. And anybody who knows me knows I live for my son Jeffrey, he is everything to me. I’m a working mama. I went to court in L.A. and the judge ruled in my favor. I retained custody of my son.”

And what’s good with her first ex-husband Jeffery and her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Sally forming an alliance against her? She said,

“That’s creepy! That’s nasty. It’s like everybody is suing me, just ask me to be a reference on a job application, you don’t have to sue me. I don’t know why they’re talking, what’s going on.”

Does she talk to Sal at all? “No we don’t talk but I’m on my knees praying a lot for him.”

Wendy wanted to ask about the drama surrounding the surrogate, but since the case is still pending, Sherri wasn’t allowed to talk about it. But she did open up about how she and Sal first met and realized the error of her ways...way too late.

Is she dating now? Because apparently, there are rumors that she and Johnny Gill (from New Edition) are dating. She said, “Johnny and I are really good friends because I am a New Edition groupie.” Mmmhmm.

She also talked about her 3-month run as the evil stepmother in the Broadway musical Cinderalla, alongside Keke Palmer.

Check it:

Did she answer enough of your questions?

Photos: Wendy Show/Sherri's IG

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