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Nicki Minaj's L'Uomo VOGUE Cover, Reveals Ultimate Goals Are Earning $500 Million Dollars In Four Years...Then Marriage & Kids

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Nicki Minaj wants half a billion dollars over the next four years.  Then, she can take a break from the game to be a wife and have some kids.  You've seen the spread, now check out Nicki's sexy L'Uomo Vogue cover and what she had to say about money, family and why it's time for a woman to run the hip hop business.

Nicki's got a tight time span to reach her $500 million goal.  The Myx Moscato owner and "Anaconda" raptress talked to L'Uomo Vogue about all things career and family.

On her professional and personal year plan

"I gave myself a time limit to reach my professional goals.  I don’t want to work my whole life without ever experiencing the joys of a family."

On earning respect

"At first no one took me seriously.  In the world of rap, women are usually relegated to the choir".

On her hiphop businessman idol Jay Z

"It’s no coincidence that we have the same Zodiac sign – Sagittarius....I want to build my empire. In my field, I have always seen men do it – from Diddy to Dr. Dre to Jay-Z. Now it’s a woman’s turn."

On her tumultuous upbringing being brought to NYC from Trinidad and living with her crack addict father

"That experience had a profound influence on my way of being a woman – never let a man cross the line or control me, especially in my career".

On starting a family

"Family has always been very important to me, and that is why I want to wait until the right moment before starting my own. Right now I am too busy, but at a certain point the situation will change....[I want] a traditional family with "an upright man, who will take care of me. The time is not yet ripe, but when I decide to get married and become a mother", she adds, speaking of her future soul mate, "I would like to take a hiatus and dedicate myself completely to my child".

On performing with Beyonce on the OTR tour

"Seeing Beyoncé with her daughter and husband was so tender, and it showed me that it is possible to be an animal on stage and a caring mother at the same time".

Get the full story over at L'Uomo Vogue.  The Trini native talks about her mother finally coming back to Trinidad to get her (after forging a life for herself in the States) after 2 years, and the nightmare that ensued once she arrived in NYC.  She opens up about Her father's violent crack habit, living in squalor, and how her tumultuous childhood lead her to creating those multiple personalities that put her on the map.


Photo: Francesco Carrozzini




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