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TOGETHER AGAIN: Michael K. Williams, Tristan Wilds, Wendell Pierce & "The Wire" Cast REUNITE For PaleyFest In New York

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The cast of the critical acclaimed cable series "The Wire" reunited at The PaleyFest last night to discuss the show's cultural impact.  See pics and video... 

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With five successful seasons on HBO, the continuing success of the critically-acclaimed series "The Wire" brought the cast together last night at the 2nd Annual Paleyfest. Dubbed 'The Wire Reunion' at Paley Center For Media, the cast talked about the groundbreaking show at a panel hosted by HitFix critic Alan Sepinwall. Each cast member reflected on their time on the show and even shared some never-before-revealed secrets from the set.

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The panel brought together series creator David Simon, producer Nina Noble and John Doman, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Seth Gilliam, Jim True-Frost, Sonja Sohn, Jamie Hector, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Mack Wilds (above).

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During the panel, Sonja Sohn (above) who played Detective Kima Greggs, revealed that was "supposed" to be killed off when she was shot in season one. Her gig was saved by Carolyn Strauss, an exec at HBO, who told the creator to saved the character. Sonja also revealed that the show hit close to home because her brother dealt drugs.

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Wendell Pierce, who played Det. "Bunk" Moreland, told the audience that he nearly quit the show because he felt The Wire ADDED to the problem instead of shining a light on it. He reconsidered his position once the show began to focus on the public school system and its impact on society.


Watch the panel here:



Photos via Jamie Hector's IG/Sonja Sohn's Instagram/Variety's Twitter/Paley Center's Twitter/Yahoo TV Twitter

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